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In Storm, Admiral's Faith Firmly Anchored

Most military strategies have exit strategies--but that seems to be sorely lacking in the Pentagon's latest fight over faith. For five days, the media has tried to untangle the Pentagon's statements over the new policy to court-martial troops for sharing the Gospel. On the one hand, the Defense Department says it will handle religious "proselytizing" on a "case by case" basis, and on the other, it seemed to retreat, suggesting that service members can share their faith--as long as it's not "unwanted" or "intrusive."

Neither side of the debate seems to know how to interpret this latest "clarification"--the fourth in four days. To many, yesterday's statement only confuses the real issue: which is how the military will distinguish between evangelizing and proselytizing (which have the same definition). Right now, the Pentagon is advocating a position of total ambiguity--with loopholes big enough to drive a tank through. By Mikey Weinstein's definition, even the act of talking about faith is "treason," whereas other servicemen might have a much higher tolerance for evangelism.

As our own Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin told WORLD magazine yesterday, "Coercing people to believe what we believe is not part of the Christian faith." Either way, the policy is incoherent, and the DOD's attempt to clarify it only muddled matters more. One thing we do know for certain: the Pentagon is flustered that it got caught. Some of the military's most senior officials were "contemplating policies that violate the rights of American service members," FRC's Ken Klukowski writes, "and they are literally attempting to rewrite the dictionary through a press release to offer a disingenuous explanation of why things are not as disturbing as they appear."

While the rest of the country tries to parse the Pentagon's words, one admiral is willing to put his career on the line to fight for the right of military members to share their faith. In an emotional moment at yesterday's National Day of Prayer service, Coast Guard Rear Adm. William D. Lee stood at the microphone and said that he had 10 minutes of carefully prepared remarks ready but decided to "speak from the heart" instead. He told the story of so many servicemen searching for reasons to live, and talked about one 24-year-old who had tried to commit suicide and failed. Despite the protocol, Lee said he felt strongly that he should give the soldier a Bible. "The lawyers tell me that if I do that, I'm crossing the line," he told the crowd. "I'm so glad I've crossed that line so many times." To a standing ovation, Admiral Lee promised not to back down from "my right under the Constitution to tell a young man that there is hope."

If you want to know what courage is, this is it. It's not a basketball player fielding flattering calls from the President and admiring tweets from Hollywood. It's standing in the fire and fighting for truth when 30 years of service hang in the balance. For now, Admiral Lee asks people to please "pray that we will be able to weather the storm that I am almost certain will come." And in many cases, is already here.

Lee will have plenty of company in the foxhole, as Congressmen Doug Collins (R-Ga.) and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) both vowed to stop the stranglehold on faith. For Collins, the policy is personal. An Air Force Reservist and Chaplain, he was appalled that the military "of the freest nation in the world has labeled people of faith as religious extremists and continues this hostile attitude even after offering a half-hearted, public apology... Our country's religious liberties are founding principles to its unique history, and after over two centuries of safeguarding and protecting these inalienable rights, I refuse to let it fall through on my watch."

Neither, it seems, will our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) who announced Thursday that they were going on the offensive, filing a Freedom of Information Act request for any records that might shed light on the "assurances" our top brass gave Mikey Weinstein. Until then, it seems these Pentagon pushovers would apparently court-martial the likes of George Washington, who admonished his men, "While we are zealously performing the duties of good Citizens and soldiers we certainly ought not to be inattentive to the higher duties of Religion. To the distinguished Character of Patriot, it should be our highest Glory to add the more distinguished Character of Christian."

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The Obama is moving at a fast pace to remove our faith.

Yes he is. But little does he know GOD, IS IN CONTROL. AND PRAISE GOD THAT HE IS

Again, that there are so many who abuse their position of authority, and have the guts to think that there is no penalty.

The reporter approached the captured Japanese Officer at the end of WWII, He asked him, "What was the most horible

encounter that he had?", the Oficer responded, "An angry American".  There are some who to this day do not realize what the cost in American lives it has taken to maintain the position of freedom on this planet for this country. Ignorance is curable, but stupidity is like the rabies, terminal.  The horrible incident in Oklahoma came about because of a stupid act

from someone in that Federal Building, and it caused 160+ lives to be lost.  Excessive stress, when it is escalated,

results in people making choices thy should never have to make.  Of course of you are stupid, you think you cna do anything without paying for it. 



the federal government has now discriminated against its citizens.

it is time to sue the writers, editors, and senior staff that have taken part in this discrimination.

this includes everyone up the chain including the Commander in Chief who has not declared this to be against the Constitution.

patriots must demand that all those responsible for this discrimination be removed from their current rank and dishonorably discharged for their discriminating actions.


Joshua 24:15  "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"  Thank you Admiral William Lee!!!  Kudos and a humongous  BRAVO ZULU, Sir!!!!!  Stand your course!!! Flank speed ahead!!  Dame the torpedos!!! Lord give me a stout ship for I am going in HARMS WAY!!!



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