Incompetence of Barack H. Obama and his administration, or was it treason and murder?

Incompetence of Barack H. Obama and his administration, or was it treason and murder?


Remember back in the 2008 presidential campaign when Hillary Clinton said “When that phone rings at 3:00 AM about some crisis going on in the world, who do you want answering it? An inexperienced person with only 14 months in the congress, or a person who has been working and active in government for more than 20 years?”. 


Well that phone call did come, but it was not at 3:00AM as Hillary predicted, it was more like around 5:00 PM Eastern Washington DC time. And we now know how Berry handled it, (He didn’t). In fact he didn’t even try, instead he handed it over to someone else. That someone else was probably Ms. Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s number one advisor and consultant who occupies the office directly adjacent to Berry’s office.


And we now know exactly how they handle things when American’s lives are at stake. They issued an order to “Stand Down” Do NOT send support, and do NOT attempt a rescue operation. The result we all know is that a US Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered in the Benghazi embassy attack on September 11th, 2012.


The handling of this (3:00AM) crisis phone call is either a monumental gross incompetence on the part of the Obama administration or it was a preplanned operation.

And we must also remember who the person was that was in charge of the State Department at the time, The person making that initial accusation back in 2008, Non-other than Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton herself.


Either way, no matter which one of them is in the White House, is this really how we want our Government to handle a crisis? IS this how we really want our Government to operate when American’s lives are at stake?


The way they handled the Benghazi incident was either complete gross incompetence on the part of all of them or it was preplanned and premeditated murder by aiding and abiding the enemy. So which was it Barry? Which was it Hillary? Or was it actually Valerie Jarrett?

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