Constitutional Emergency

The stunning things about this is we know this is going on, parents claim their kids won't be affected by it, we pay for this indoctrination............But the most stunning is - We haven't stopped it. How long will we throw our kids to the wolves?


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So now, in all fairness, I suppose there will be a "required" class reflecting the thinking of someone like Thomas Sowell?

HA !  And I'll say it again: "Don't trust anyone under 30"!    Illegitmus non carborumdum

It is hard to believe.

This is why we have a bunch of stupid graduates.

No education only intimidation and indoctrination.

Loyola should hang their head in shame.

It's infiltrated with socialists disguised as Catholics.

I'm not a Rove fan but this points out just what they are doing: (from 2010 and continuing)


Chicago School Refuses to Host Rove, Welcomes Obama Appointee

Read more:


We need to drop the 'socialist' name when talking about these people, for it is NOT Socialism they promote, it is Marxism plain and simple!

I would quit.


The beginning of nearly every answer.  Years ago, this would have been written as "Duhh..."

WAKE UP PARENTS! This is the beginning of the Gov't raising your children! Next they will be taken at birth for the Gov't to raise! SPEAK UP

There is only one reason that the University would make this speech by a known Communist, mandatory for all students... the school wants to promote Communism ideology and/or the Communist Party. Either one should be enough for Americans to go to that school and tear it apart brick by colonial brick. Any parents that send their child to this school should be treated like enemies of our Country. Eventually they will figure it out!

In case some Americans have forgotten... COMMUNISM IS EVIL.

They're beginning to behave as the Nazi's did.  Obama wanted people to tell on their friends and neighbors if they disagreed with his (BOs) policies.  ....posted on his website a couple of years back.  Gore and many teachers are telling the children that they are smarter than their parents and not to believe them - rather believe in him, in their teachers.  Anyone but their parents.  Now doctors and schools are asking children to tell on their parents with questions like do they have guns at home.  etc.

I never believed this could happen in America.  But what is worse is the complicity by so many Republicans in Congress.  Control, money and power.  They've all sold their souls to the devil.  God will notice and He will not be pleased.



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