Constitutional Emergency


December 5, 2015

As I write this article it has been a little more than 72 hours since Islamic terrorists launched a horrific and bloody attack in San Bernardino, CA that left 14 innocent Americans dead and 21 more wounded. The two perpetrators of the attack were fortunately killed by police before they could carry out additional attacks. Although anyone with any common sense could see within a few hours that this was a jihadist operation, political correctness prevented the FBI from confirming for over 48 hours that it was in fact treating this as an act of terrorism.

Up to this point Barack Hussein Obama has still not decided if this was terrorism or workplace violence, and at his Friday morning press briefing, Josh Earnest, the highly paid Obamabot who has apparently not had an original thought in years, referred to the jihadist attack only as extreme violence. On the other hand, Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch seemed almost giddy over the attack.

          She said: “We’re at the point where these issues have come together really like never before in law enforcement thought and in our nation’s history and it gives us a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful moment to really make significant change.” Of course, she’s referring to gun control and that is what Obama demanded immediately the attack and is planning to go forward with it by using illegal and unconstitutional executive orders.

          Obama is ignoring the Second Amendment to the Constitution the states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” He is also ignoring the fact, that the so called “common sense gun control measures” he is calling for are already in place in the state of California and did nothing to prevent the jihadist attack.

          The leftist journalists have also joined into the chorus of idiots trying to blame law abiding Americans for the actions of Muslim terrorists. Several of these bottom feeders blamed the NRA, several others blame the Republican Party, and one blamed the pro-life movement. However, the ultimate insult to the intelligence of the American people came from CNN that has sunk to a new low, even for them.

          A CNN reporter interviewed the grieving widow of one of the victims, a Messianic Jew and father of six who had professed his belief in Jesus Christ to his co-workers, including his ultimate murderer Syed Farook. He also had argued with Syed about the philosophy of Islam. Unbelievably, by the wording of his questions the reporter seemed to be suggesting that this was the cause of the attack and that the woman’s husband somehow had it coming. Apparently, an act of terrorism like this is justified or at least understandable, if someone has hurt the feelings of a Muslim.  

          The bottom line is that the Obama administration has no apparent interest in protecting the American people from ISIS or any other Islamic Jihadists. The FBI is looking for any group or individuals who may have encouraged or participated in the attack on Americans in San Bernardino. I suggest they start at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and branch out from there.

          Is the reaction of the left insane? No, because Obama and his minions know exactly what they are doing. They do not care about defending Americans from Islamic Jihadists as long as they can use such attacks to advance their agenda of destroying our Constitutional Republic. What they are doing is providing aid and comfort to our enemies and that is the definition of treason as stated in the Constitution.

          We can no longer rely on the leaders of our Federal government to protect us from terrorism. Unfortunately, the opposite seems to be true since the Attorney General told a group of Muslims that her primary concern was protecting the Islamic community in the U.S.  It is time for those of us who want to protect our families, our homes, and our freedom to lock and load. It is time we recognize that we are going to have to exercise our right to keep and bear arms.

Michael Connelly,
Constitutional Lawyer
Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation. (
Personal website and blog: Michael Connelly blog
CLA site: Constitutional Law Alliance

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You will not get 100 miles before the entire group is dead.

We have to be smarter than that.

Robert, I completely agree so as you said, let's Roll!

Yes, I agree it has to be accomplished with Witt, but typing notes will not get us anywhere.

Treason is insanity but insanity does not qualify as treason.

Tying the two together diminishes the seriousness of treason.


I tkeep trying to make it clear that Obama is a fraud. His real name is Barry Soetor and he was raised in Indonesia as a Muslim. Later in Hawaii he was introduced to Frank Marsall Davis, a registered communist. Moved to Chicago and then went to Columbia college (probably paid for by some one else) He was known as a homosexual in high school by people who knew him.

Why do you suppose he has tried to protect this information about his past when he was vetted for office. The treasonist Nancy Pelosi had her hand in protecting his background and it has been from the very beginning a setup to further the One World Government takeover of the US.

He is trying to do every thing he can to take America apart because we are not worthy of what have, or had.

Great point Gregory.

The time has come to take Our Republic back. The ISIL leadership in Our White House & the minions that supprt the TRAITOR in Chief need to be REMOVED from AMERICA! Our borders need to be sealed for at least 24 months, no visas from any country! All known radical mosques in the US need to be shut down & their followers need to be send to some desert in the middle east. All known people that have illegally overstayed their visas need to be rounded up & send to some desert in the middle east. The Federal Government needs to have all of its powers relinquished back to the states, all monies will be controlled by the States. All foreign aid to countries that hate America & support islam needs to stop! States need to convien local Militias to ensure protection for each state. If washington DC doesnot want to support AMERICA constitutionally. Then we should lock down DC, remove all of sustainment support for DC and let the UN-AMERICAN expire inplace. We AMERICANS will support Our Repulic into the future! TIRED OF THE TREASON!

It seems to me the gun control mob has escalated the incidences of "terror" attacks because the response is always the “common sense gun control measures”.  We have seen several false flags for years to attack the 2nd Amendment. It becomes very apparent that these attacks are all staged because we know they are capable of bringing them on.

Drills were being conducted during the San Bernardino attack.

When this is all over and done and we have a new administration, a stable Constitutional government, and reduction of big government, there will be a need to round up all the traitors both in government and on the street (eg certain college professors) and hold trials. Not Nazi Germany by any means. These people have committed crimes beyond pale. They need to go to prison and or be deported to the socialist country of their choice. A few may need to put a strain on a rope. Enough is enough. Time to take our Nation back.

George N Crawford LTC Ret. 

talking / voting / filings will accomplish Nothing...proven by historical data available to all with the ability

to understand U.S. policy the previous few improvement , more failure...

All present in D.C. must be removed and detained.

Long time ago I did point out, that Obama is not stupid and he is directed most likely by Saudis what to do. If you take that he is Muslim by himself (and by Egypt  documents he is even member of Brotherhood, his brother being responsible of the Brotherhood finances) than everything he does makes sense. Muslims are at war, only our stupid politicians they do not want to admit it. As the 1st WW was nothing like Napoleonic wars and the 2nd WW was again nothing like the 1st WW, than 3rd WW which already started is completely different as the 2nd WW, Only than when war will be declared by our Congress, it could be something done. Until than it is only with the people.



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