I have many people on my confidential email list that are notified when I post a new article on my blog involving Constitutional issues. No one else has access to the list and I don’t do forwards. However, several years ago I began having problems with some of my emails being blocked. It started with members of the U.S. Army who had subscribed to my blog using their military email addresses had my emails blocked.

          When this occurred I received the following notifications: “The message that you sent to an user with subject "The Politics of Fear" was not accepted for delivery since it contained URLs that Army Cyber Command has disallowed.” Apparently someone in Obama’s Pentagon has decided that American soldiers should not be allowed to read articles about the Constitution they have taken an oath to defend. My inquiries to Army Cyber Command about the reason for this were ignored.

          A few months later similar inquiries made to AOL were ignored when my emails to subscribers with AOL email accounts were being blocked. I experimented with these emails and finally determined that it was my signature on my emails that included links to my blog, the United States Justice Foundation, the Constitutional Law Alliance, and even to my books were triggering the blocks. We changed the URLS to those links and that seemed to solve the problem, at least temporarily.

          However, recently I have been getting additional indications that my emails are again being blocked. This is occurring with Comcast emails, and now with some Verizon emails. In the case of Verizon some of my subscribers have reported they receive my emails on their Verizon account, but they are blocked when they try to forward them to their contacts.

          Also, I have noticed that in the past when I made a new post to my blog, I would usually receive email comments from scores of people on my list. That has recently fallen off to just a hand full. Now I have been getting info that my emails are being blocked to addresses that do not appear to be connected to Google addresses and even addresses that are not connected to the large servers. I suspect that I have not received notifications of all of the emails I have sent that have been blocked.  

          I have received confirmation today that his problem is being experienced by other conservative blogs, websites, and newsletters. This is clearly an all-out effort by internet companies to censor the Internet and try to eliminate the free speech of those of us who dare to disagree with the leftist agenda.

           The purpose of this article is to inform Americans of what is happening and to ask for the help of my subscribers. Please acknowledge that you have received the email informing you of the posting of this article. That way I can isolate the emails that are being blocked. I am also sending out the emails without my signature containing URLS so I can try to determine if it is those or my email address that is triggering the blocking of my emails.

          I will inform you of the results. I am far from being an Internet expert, so I would also appreciate any suggestions about how to protect my emails and blog from these attacks.

Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly blog



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I have wondered about some of the service providers myself. I run my own email server but when the emails cross into gmail and others there are times when they get blocked.

Thank  you for the information. It gives me alot to think about. 

Typical BS...they were censoring before they passed the law to censor. Twitter and FB are Getting to the point of censoring themselves out of product usefulness to The Patriots! When they no longer meet the basic needs of passing on helpful information, they will no longer be used. We VOTE with our TIME & MONEY, remember that.

Every day, I watch as more information is being censored. Every day, I watch as this out of control government body goes on full and naked display of tyranny...I just say to myself, keep it up, because THEY in their greed for power and money, are so openly defying the people, are waking up more than we ever could! They are moving exceptionally fast now, and that will help us more than it will help them, in the end....

God Bless You All, and God Bless the united states (real government, before it all became a corporation) of America!


Any Conservative Activists who has not had this happen isn't doing much. Seems there is a muzzle on some things, funny how FaceBook can allow the vilest part of humanity, yet, here, in the "Freedom of Speech" Nation, certain things relating to Political Information seem "Out of Bounds".  Certain websites screwed up, lots of Conservative Videos "Unavailable" due to "Errors" etc.  Big Brother is real, and among us. Technological control.

I have noticed that I do not get nearly the blogs I used to receive.  I am also experiencing the removal of FB posts if they talk about Hiotel Inda Lima Lima Alpha Romeo Yankee or Bravo Hotel Oscar. And I have noticed forwards being rejected by some of my addressees, but not all of them.   Finally, I have noted a bombardment with viruses that have exceeded anything I ever received in prior to 2015. 

Same here---censorship in the Modern Age of Technology, by hook or crook.

I recieved your email. Have had this problem since I emailed info on the Constitution, or was receiving it.

Fb doesn't mind allowing atrocities, yet the Constitution, and other helps, have been blocked.

FYI, 20,000 Israeli's and New York City has filed a class action against facebook for incitement from terrorists.

Enough is enough, and their taking a stand. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, AND AMERICA.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they will prosper that love thee. Psalm 122:6

Michael - sympathies & encouragements to you for what you experience.  Thus far, I've not even tried to send to active duty military. Multiple levels of filters, scanners, 'key' finders, blocks, ISP screeners, and much of the like is so prevalent that any communication is no longer 'free' by any rights or freedoms. On infrequent occasions, a "friendly" at the '.mil' server might be directly contacted to look for a 'code' & then clear the message for unedited relay - without! your IP address or server SMTP. This is especially true for any personnel with higher than 'classified' duty status - for over two decades now. Some suggestions to you for very select testing / trial attempts can be made. However, this site is monitored, scanned, surveyed by select third parties, primary servers, digital operations systems for content, key words, 'red-flags', very large screener-blockers for lists of 'suspect' email addresses. Forget any encryption >not only would that be blocked - it's get immediate decryption by random number/ code translators.
I would definitely !! change your email server for any! messages you attempt to send to any chosen recipients. MSN  reviews any ! email - esp. those with 'red-flags', key words / phrases. Too, MSN does use lists of specific email address lists for screening, blocking, tracking, etc. These lists conveyed by [?Gov.] to MSN & other major system corp.s for Gov. monitoring.

   If you want any of my suggestions >send to my email.



Hmmmmm, Maybe it is time to go back to carrier pigeons!

Or, has Obama liberalized the pigeons also?

James Lucian,   Knoxville, Tennessee

Hi Jim - Not to be too facetious - but ! - "carrier pigeons" ?? Don't underestimate the efforts & influence & controls of PETA; of DEA; of BLM; of DNRs; and ALL! the leftist-liberal 'non-gov.' agencies >>> CARRIER PIGEONS ARE A PROTECTED SPECIES !!! - despite the guano !!

Small motorized drones have a working distance up to about 1 mile. 'Course, in the 1700's through 1800's, a very long relay line of 'bow-senders' [or any of several other names] were used. Native Americans - then Army scouts after imitating them - used arrows banded with small coded pictographs or notes were shot from one to another down the line to finally reach the intended receiver. Yeahhhhh.... smoke signals worked - but too many others read the same signals.


All good here
I received this message.
Thank you,



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