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Monday, December 27

MANY COMMENTATORS have pointed out that in the Western world there is a growing "anti-Muslim sentiment." Often this observation is accompanied by the implication that, "this intolerance will lead to internment camps like those created during WWII for Japanese-American citizens."

This implication is alarmist. It is fear-mongering. Nothing even close to that is happening, and nobody is even recommending it.

But some things are already happening that are much more frightening and actually real: 270 million non-Muslims have died in the name of Islam. This is more deaths than has been caused by any other political system in history.

The number of Muslim countries is increasing. Their degree of Islamization is increasing. Muslim influence in Western democracies is increasing. Muslim violence is increasing. The weak-kneed appeasement by non-Muslim politicians is increasing. The influence of Muslim countries at the U.N. is increasing. Muslim control of the world's economy is increasing. The number of mosques and madrassas being built and attended around the world is increasing. The overt display of Islamic supremacism worldwide is increasing.

This is all happening now. It is not an alarmist creed about what might happen or where something might lead. It's already happening.

So when you hear someone imply that criticism of Islamic doctrine will lead to internment camps, take a deep breath and begin setting the record straight.



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No I have heard the same thing from other sources. Also talked to a person who helped build one, all he would say is that it is somewhere in Texas he also told me they have them in almost every state just since this fake and phony person stole the W/H guess they are death camps or something.
That is one place I heard about on the radio, One of the ham operators lives not too far from that place she told me that is can be a scary place to live guess that's why she is moving.

It is very difficult to say or do any thing in defence of your self or your family and or friends, or just someone just in need of help. The political correctness has gone to too many peoples heads.

There is a conspiracy out there, and the islamic community (radical islamic extremists) are in fast forward to implement as much of their plan before we just say to hell with our home land security and take matters into our own hands.

If this sounds barbaric it is but why should we see this radical bunch of zealots run ruff shod over the bureaucrats that are supposed to be protecting us.

The only protection you may get is that of what you provide for your self.

God Bless

You need to be able to protect your self in any way possible with anything possible.


When the fighting does start even those of us who are disabled will be out there fighting also.

That's good all too soon I fear we may all need to use them.

As it goes "FEAR THE GOVERNMENT THAT FEARS YOUR GUNS" This statement has never been truer than it is today. All of use should be very proficient in the use of our given firearm and also how too take it down for cleaning and putting it back together again.



Have to refresh.  There is no longer anything called Political Correctness. There is if you want to bow down to others and listen to their chimes.


Stand straight, stand tall, look them in the eye, and tell them - bullshit.

when nobama was appointed president.

didnt you all get your notices. i got mine it said. to all white nonjews... please report to the nearest cotton fields for orientation.please no shorts or short sleeeve shirts as we dont want you to burn you will be doing long hours of cotton picking


thank you your new owner

pres. nobama


I have yet to get my papers but they nay be on the way or maybe it's because I am in an out of the way place.

Because left wing "Jews" in name only ARE CERTIFIABLE.

They make Messiancs like me and my hubby feel like sh*t.

These Marxist pigs need to be stopped ASAP.  "Jews" are supposed to 'pray for the PEACE of the city in which they dwell" as it is written in Jeremiah.

But they are stiff necked jackasses.

Which is why people like Savage, Horowitz, Levin, Malzberg, Geller, etc  "The Mad Jewess" need to stand up to these aholes, because they are FAR from being a 'chosen people', in fact, God has rejected these people.


Billy is good people.. NYC is a monstrocity of left wing "Jews" and now majority Chinese, where billy has lived as well as me and my husband.

"Jews" do wrong that are in power, totally WRONG. We have ONE good Jew in the house- Eric Cantor- and that is IT.

 Pray for Eric, he could become a David and slay these evil "Jews" that have been given WAY too much power- 3 LEFT WING "Jews" in name only on the SCOTUS that hate America!!! and how can this be possible!! America has been a SAFE haven for Jews!!!

 We have a right to criticize people, be it Jew OR Non Jew like Jim Wallace when they are far away from the graces of God.


Anyway, thats all.  I dont want to go after my WHOLE people, cuz there are some fine patriotic Jews, but they are stopped and shut up because of their left wing counterparts who stifle them, stalk them, persecute them, etc.. You all have NO idea how left wing "Jews" can totally persecute little Jews that are patriots.

And they cause this Jew hatred as well- 'gay' marriage, 'gay' rights, etc.

Time for the "Jew" in name only to REPENT, asap.

Well, this is why Jesus says:

"To judge a tree by the fruit that it bears"


So, you cant judge a WHOLE people for the actions and evil deeds of a sum of the part. We have to be really careful, because it is EASY to point a finger at the Jews only, usually because many of them have super big mouths. Unfortunately :)


But look at the current Traitor in chief, he aint a jew, he is a MUSLIM, so there ya have it.


Judge a TREE, not a whole forrest!



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