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Monday, December 27

MANY COMMENTATORS have pointed out that in the Western world there is a growing "anti-Muslim sentiment." Often this observation is accompanied by the implication that, "this intolerance will lead to internment camps like those created during WWII for Japanese-American citizens."

This implication is alarmist. It is fear-mongering. Nothing even close to that is happening, and nobody is even recommending it.

But some things are already happening that are much more frightening and actually real: 270 million non-Muslims have died in the name of Islam. This is more deaths than has been caused by any other political system in history.

The number of Muslim countries is increasing. Their degree of Islamization is increasing. Muslim influence in Western democracies is increasing. Muslim violence is increasing. The weak-kneed appeasement by non-Muslim politicians is increasing. The influence of Muslim countries at the U.N. is increasing. Muslim control of the world's economy is increasing. The number of mosques and madrassas being built and attended around the world is increasing. The overt display of Islamic supremacism worldwide is increasing.

This is all happening now. It is not an alarmist creed about what might happen or where something might lead. It's already happening.

So when you hear someone imply that criticism of Islamic doctrine will lead to internment camps, take a deep breath and begin setting the record straight.



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I happen to agree with you.  All media is corrupt and only out for ratings.


Haven heard any HONEST News in a long long time.


Maybe, if someone's dog gets run over by a rampant policeman trying to catch thugs and thieves.  But the slant is that the Policeman is the criminal.



Billy your right on that point.


a friend of mine was out looking at one of the camps that was used for the Japanese he informed me that there was a lot of work being done on that one camp new buildings and new fencing all going up he did not tell me which camp it was some saw him and his wife and took their cameras from them. But he did tell me it was in Nevada some where. And that's harry reids area so you never know what this government is doing from one day to the other.

My friend had pics but when he was spotted by the uniforms took not only his still camera but also his video cam. I spook with him and his wife this morning. they are still trying to get their equipment back To the sum of $20,000.




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