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Pass it on to those who argue with you about the need for Obama's REMOVAL from our White House.
Yup, I'm a birther and damn proud of it !!! 
Click on Link for Investigative Report:


Obama Birth Certificate on White House Servers is a Forgery

- by Christopher Monckton


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Thank you for this post.  Paragraphs 10-14 explain why it came in layers which I never understood.  They explain someone tried to mask those layers but failed.  Paragraphs 25-26 go to my favorite argument for forgery, that there was kerning.  Paragraph 32 shows definitive proof of forgery – a pasted comma.  And paragraph 35 shows the forger misaligned the upper and lower case As.

Reading this report makes me offer this suggestion while we remain barred from seeing the original document:  We just need to see some of the documents typed after the purported birth certificate.  Among those will be ones completed by the same typist who did the President’s birth certificate.  That lets you compare the report you post to characteristics of the typewriter used to complete the actual birth certificate.  I will try to send that suggestion to the author if I can, although he likely already thought of it.  Doesn’t hurt to ask.

Below is what I just emailed to the author.  Thank you for enabling me to do so.

To Lord Monckton using the email address his column provides

March 21, 2015

affidavit white house requested follow up

Thank you for your perfect report.  Please do a follow up story on what you could accomplish if you now had in hand several birth certificates typed soon after the one you analyzed.  I assume more than one typist completed them.  If you had several, would you not be able to identify those done by the typist who did the President’s?  If so, would you not be able to confirm all of them show identical characteristics of the typewriter used, which should be present in the document you analyzed?  Please consider doing that as a follow up story.  

 I went to send a friend request, but realized I already did.  Hopefully you will consider it.  I believe you can help me.  



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