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Iran already has atomic weapon, making nuke deal 'moot,' says US military expert

Iran already has atomic weapon, making nuke deal 'moot,' says US military expert

Iranian workers stand in front of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, about 1,200 km south of Tehran, on Oct. 26, 2010.

Iran already possesses a nuclear weapon, thus making the deal to stop it from acquiring atomic firepower a "moot point," a retired US Army major general and a senior military analyst revealed.

Speaking on Newsmax TV on Thursday, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely said intelligence reports indicate that Tehran has "gotten the support from Russia,from North Korea and from China" in building its first atomic weapon.

"It's a cabal that's been set up to support the Iranian nuclear programme. They have the launch systems. They have the guidance-control system. They have the detonation system. They have the warhead. And guess what? Russia and North Korea's tested everything for them," he said.

"All they have to do is put it together like a tinker toy — and that's why they have the nuclear capability now," Vallely said.

He said Iran only agreed on the nuclear deal to be able to get back its $150 billion worth of assets that were frozen as part of the Western sanctions slapped on it for its sponsorship of terrorism and plans to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Vallely's assertion that Tehran is already armed with a nuclear weapon was supported by retired Army Col. Derek Harvey, former adviser to Gen. David Petraeus.

"It's very credible," he said of Vallely's statement, adding that "we need to treat Iran much differently with greater level of suspicion and doubt."

Vallely joined nearly 200 retired military generals and admirals who sent a joint letter to the US Congress earlier this week urging them not to pass the Iran deal.

While polls have shown that Americans opposed the deal, President Barack Obama's campaign among Congress members appears to be paying off.

CBN reported that to date, 29 Senate Democrats are backing the deal with two against it and 15 others still undecided. That's close to the 34 votes needed to uphold a presidential veto of an agreement rejecting the deal.

Meanwhile, Iran renewed its pledge to wipe Israel off the map. Hussein Sheikholeslam, an Iran foreign affairs adviser, said he "rejects the existence of any Israeli on this earth. Our positions against the usurper Zionist regime have not changed at all; Israel should be annihilated and this is our ultimate slogan."

As the Iran nuclear deal continues to be debated in Washington, Russia and Iran have announced agreements including two Russian space companies forming a joint venture with an Iranian corporation to build a satellite observation system.

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"What does anyone think can reasonably be done to restore our nation?"

March on Washington D.C. with loaded weapons?

Massive civil disobedience?

Assemble at your city/ town hall on a set date at a specific time and protest the state of our federal gov't?

"Nothing would help the US government more than having some two-bit yahoos launch a violent attack on the government prematurely... The public’s opinion would swing in the favor of the government even when they’re doing this kind of stuff because they would perceive you as dangerous, unhinged wing nuts because that’s how the mainstream media would sell it...
“When the people are ready to pick up arms and take down the government, you won’t need to convince them, you won’t need to tell them to do it.  It will be obvious, the rage will be palpable, and the event that will set off the actual revolt will probably happen on its own.

Give it time.  The NWO needs another big provocation or false flag, and turning their event against them is the best shot at getting enough people to push back.  Just imagine if in 1963 there was an easy way to show people that the "monolithic and ruthless conspiracy" was even bigger than Communism.  Or how about showing people in 2001 that two airplanes cannot cause three buildings to collapse at near-free fall velocities.

The fact that not enough people fell for the Syrian chemical attacks or MH17 shows this is possible.

Good video and worth the view, thanks.

You all better listen. In 1944 the USA built the Atomic bomb from scratch using just a theory in less then 18 months. They built all the equipment needed, tested and then delivered 2 bombs in that short period of time. Iran has been working on their's for over 10 years with all the plans for a bomb at hand. Anyone who thinks they don't already have one is a fool. Our Country is being lead by TRAITORS! 

So the only thing we would get IF congress votes against the "deal" is for the 150 billion $ to remain frozen - we should still push congress to vote against it anyway. because at least we the taxpayers won't be financing Iran's terrorist campaign.

This is Big: Trump, Cruz to Hold Joint Event to Defeat Iran Deal
By George Rasley, CHQ Editor
The great -- and most important -- message of a Trump – Cruz media event on the Iran nuclear weapons deal isn’t that two Republican presidential candidates are against it; it is that the two populist conservative message carriers are going to get together to let the American people know that we have been betrayed by Obama and the Capitol Hill Republican leadership.

After the 2016 elections you will see many Democrats and Republicans who have ignored what We The People want to see done leaving Washington.  It  happened in 2014 and will happen in 2016. Hopefully,voters will put people in Congress, in State races and the presidencey who will start a new beginning fior our Country.  There are several persons who are seeking the job of the President who have the will, the background and where with all to get the job done. A message has to be sent loud and clear to the RINO's and DINO in Congress that business and politics as usual will not be tolerated.  The good ole guys and gals need to be sent home!  There is alot of time for WE THE PEOPLE to get our messages out that we want new faces in Washington.  If we don't do our job, the STATUS QUO WILL CONTINUE. lETS MAKE 2016 THE NEW BEGINNING FOR AMERICA.

Paul your ABSOLUTLY correct. The discussion this morning on the Glen Beck show was how the Republican Party is dying. The Rinos are all but done. I do think they are getting the message because those leading on the polls on the right are Washington outsiders. Wheather they listen to us is yet to be seen. I agree there is time to get the message out. We need to get organized and make our voices heard.

Michael, I don't believe enough people are smart enough to know that the GOP is dying or even care about the conditions in our country. That's my observation from where I am living here in SE VA. The local Tea Party here believes the GOP can be made to behave and act conservative. My personal opinion, which you are probably aware of, is the GOP is just the right wing faction of the NWO.

If Iran does have nuclear weapons then we are in the beginning of the Great Tribulation, which brings us closer to the Messiah's return.

Leee, and Michael, I think you're right. Also according to all the other signs and articles by General Valeley Iran already has everything they need to assemble a few weapons. Read the post I entered about the Iranian Uranium deal that Hillary made with Putin. We are headed for much more than just a few bad years of economic growth. Not even a second American civil war would be as bad as what it appears may be headed our way.

On the bright side, there are many new attempts by some high ranking officials now picking up the cause to impeach this administration. We can only hope they are successful.

Old Rooster, I can't find that post you refer to, could you give me the link as I would like to read it.

Hope everyone is having a great afternoon, the weather here is great, hope you all have the same, wherever you are.



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