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Is a war between Israel and Iran what Obama is hoping for ?

Is a war between Israel and Iran what Obama is hoping for ?

A war between the two Middle East nations could happen before our November 2012 elections. And that could give Obama all the reason he needs to declare martial law here in the US. If that’s the case, I would bet Obama is doing everything he can to prod and push Ahmadinejad and Iran into getting it started sometime in mid to late October.

Obama has said if it comes to a conflict between Israel and the Muslims he will side with the Muslims. So he will do nothing to help defend Israel.

The Saber rattling has intensified greatly over the past two weeks. Trouble is brewing and my bet is that Obama has his fingers involved some how. 



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And the bad part is that he supports the brotherhood and Iran.... He wants Israel to fall...

He is absolutely hoping for war.  A war between Israel and Iran serves two purposes.  First, as good as the Israeli military is, this is one they will be hard pressed to win simply because they will be overwhelmed.  They have never faced such overwhelming odds nor have their opponents in the past been as fanatical, well armed and well trained.  The Israeli's do, however, have an ace in the hole.  They have never admitted it, but they have nukes.  And, unlike previous wars, this time they will be forced to use them if they want to survive.  And survive they will.  If they were to lose the slaughter would make the holocaust look like child's play.  To put things in perspective, imagine the state of New Jersey taking on Germany.  That's the equivalent of Israel taking on Egypt.  Now added to Egypt Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq - you get the picture.  Secondly, obozo will make it appear that the US has been dragged in but he won't really do anything to help Israel but that will be the excuse he is looking for to postpone (read that as cancel) the election.  Also, remember that one of the few true statements in his book is that he will always side with the muslimes.  Between him and his idiot secretary of state they are doing everything they can to start a war in the middle east.

I fear you are right. The bastard will do whatever it takes to push Israel over the edge into being slaughtered, and I do believe he will call for martial law - no elections - and we will be destroyed as a free country.  The day he calls for martial law is when we need to stand up and say "enough is enough" and do whatever is necessary to regain our freedom and our country.  He will have to be arrested as a traitor and dealt with accordingly.

This is something I've been thinking for some time now.  Even if he doesn't declare martial law, our country very often will reelect the incumbent during a time of war, regardless of how bad he is.

 However, he could have every reason, as far as he is concerned, to declare a state of emergency, because there could well be repercussions here carried out by jihadists.  That would give him an excuse.

This administration is keeping their options open, many options. How many reasons have we already discussed on this very site that he may use to declare martial law? In the end is it going to matter much either way which reason he uses? We can see it coming in so many different ways but what can we do to stop it? The one solution to this that I can think of is to ensure that our military, especially the senior NCOs, are made aware of what we suspect is coming down the pike. The question is how do we do that? Anyone with any contacts that are active duty need to ensure that this happens. Make sure that they understand that it will be a war of propaganda against the citizens of the U.S. in an attempt to paint us as domestic terrorists or radicals of some other sort. It is obvious that the administration has already been spreading the notion that anyone who shows their support to the constitution and states rights fall into that category. Pass the word, and show the evidence that we have all seen.

Johnny, if the NCO corps has not been compromised as the flag rank officer corps has I don't think we need to worry.  But I would add the caveat that the most senior NCOs, that is E8 and E9, have probably been compromised.  But it's the E7 on down who are the boots on the ground guys and they are the ones that will make the difference.

Good grief. Does EVERYTHING have to happen just the way we have been saying it would happen?

I have always heard that the devil doesn't have any original ideas.  

He just does whatever has worked best or most often in the past.

It is not a coincidence that at the same time Ahmadinejad said that Israel would be annihilated America will also be done with. Just as in the 2007-08 campaign Obama is telling us exactly what he intends to do. He does it through innuendoes and discrete little words, short sentences, and messages cleverly incorporated into speeches that most people don’t even pick up on. But just as in that political campaign anyone that is listening, and knows anything about the history of this Washington bunch from the ‘60’s, can easily hear what the plan is. We know what their plan is, it’s been written all over this forum board for months. The only thing left is to watch to see if they actually try it, and then decide if they will be allowed to complete their mission. Johnny Smith here is right, we need to inform our active military about what is happening, and we need to do it quickly.

Let us not forget-  Doug Hangman’s DHS Insider - “We’re talking about something taking place to make sure that Obama stays in office. I’ve been privy to ‘contingency plans’ ordered by Jarrett for one that defines the protocol for DHS response to the ‘temporary suspension of U.S. elections due to international and domestic crisis.’ It’s a real document, ordered by Jarrett and contains plans for travel restrictions, gun possession ban by citizens, and in general, ‘martial law.’”

I have a different, perhaps incorrect, take on what may happen here.  Obama knows he needs a strong diversion to sway a number of voters back to his side and what would do that better than if he "came to the aid of our friends in Israel" if they instituted action against Iran JUST BEFORE our election.  He wouldn't have to declare martial law to stifle American voters, he'd mesmerize them with his humanity by coming to the aid of our Israeli "friends".  Just a thought.

You present a scenario that I hadn't thought of and you could very well be right.  He would certainly lock up the Jewish vote which he has been very slowly losing.  He would also garner a great many "sympathy" voters for protecting Israel.  The frightening thing about this scenario is the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of lives that will be sacrificed.  Of course I doubt that obozo would lose so much as one minute's sleep over the lives lost.

He might say he is supporting Israel but he will not do anything to really help the Jews..  Unless its for him he will not do anything for Israel or the USA....



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