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Is a war between Israel and Iran what Obama is hoping for ?

Is a war between Israel and Iran what Obama is hoping for ?

A war between the two Middle East nations could happen before our November 2012 elections. And that could give Obama all the reason he needs to declare martial law here in the US. If that’s the case, I would bet Obama is doing everything he can to prod and push Ahmadinejad and Iran into getting it started sometime in mid to late October.

Obama has said if it comes to a conflict between Israel and the Muslims he will side with the Muslims. So he will do nothing to help defend Israel.

The Saber rattling has intensified greatly over the past two weeks. Trouble is brewing and my bet is that Obama has his fingers involved some how. 



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Now we have all expected things like this to be in the future but this is  special.
I say Special for the simple reason of who is doing the reporting. When I  say "Who" I mean the News Channel.
The Video was recorded by none other then MSNBC and if you care to turn to  Channel 19 and spend a sew seconds listening, you will see that they still want  Obama to win again.
Watch the Show and then forward it to any and all people that you know that  supports Obama's Second 4 Years.

Men who have no leadership will use the sword.  Many believe our president is operating under Satanic manipulation and think he is wholly given over to a "killing America agenda"  At any rate, don't be surprised if America afflicted with deadly killing wounds before the end of the year.  Will he be known as the president who put America in the pit.  I note that both political parties seem to be biding time, remaining mute on the most critical developments as the world is being economically leveled for the principal crowning of a world dictator who, it will be supposed, will heal the nations of their malaise.  Just study to show yourself approved an able workman.



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