Constitutional Emergency

Read here what Obama is doing to America

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              Time is running out for us here in America

Can anyone explained to me what happen to OAS on May 16, 2014, What did OAS expect to happen.  ????

WE that are God People, and WE the People have failed our responsible to follow God Word and our Constitution.

Now it's the time to reap the harvest we have planted.   Gal 6:7-8  The New World Order Is Now In Place. 

Did you take time to view that Video?  




As long as the Doctor in the house is Obama, I fear we will be on life support until he pulls the plug !

Terry,IMO,people like beck & others put a screeching halt on OAS. I fear it was our last chance to do it right.

I don't want bho impeached,it is to good for him. I want charges of Treason & anything that can be stacked upon him. Impeachment allows him to live the rest of his life in luxury. He needs to suffer greatly for what he has done along with the rest of his minions. I especially want to see holder and jerrot suffer with him. All need to be tried and when found guilty given the death penalty. Anything less is unacceptable!!!

A Prayer to St.Michael the Archangel..Defend us in our day,protect us against the deceit and wickedness of the devil..May God rebuke him ,we humbly pray..And you O prince of the heavenly host ,by the power of God banish in to hell Satan and all of the evil spirits who roam the world seeking the ruin of souls..Amen..    We certainly need St.Michael right now..

Let history show that the impeachment of president Barack Hussein Obama, and the removal of corruption, began on December 15th, 2013 when the Patriots For America lead by Colonel Harry Riley began to organize the resistance and efforts to save America.

Obama's Transparent administration

Many people in America today are mocking and making fun of Obama's statements when he said they will have the most “Transparent” administration in American history. They all want to accuse him of lying and going behind the backs of Congress and the news media with things like the Benghazi attack, The IRS scandals, and just about every other scandal coming out of the White House these days. People on the right like to claim Obama is the most incompetent president we have ever had.

The truth is I wish he was incompetent, I wish he was just half as incompetent as people like to claim that he is. The truth is Barack Hussein Obama and his administration are anything but incompetent and yes – this administration is absolutely transparent.

How much more transparent can they possibly get? Obama stood up there on Television and on stage, in front of thousands of media cameras and microphones and told the entire world precisely what they were going to do; “We are five days away from Fundamentally Transforming America”; Remember that? Then there was another time when he said they were nearly finished with the Transformation.

Have you all forgotten when he said America needs a civilian Army, just as well funded and armed, and just as strong, as the US Military? People on the right mocked him and referred to this as Obama's brown shirt Army. (A reference to Hitler's Gestapo SS). But guess what; he's fully Transformed the Department of Homeland Security into America's own Gestapo style civilian National Police force. He has armed local city police department with full Military type SWAT teams complete with what ever types and styles of Military armament they want. There are now over 120 Federal agencies in the US Government that are fully loaded with SWAT teams just waiting and ready to put down any civil unrest or any kind of opposition tot this regime'.

Yes, This Administration has been absolutely transparent, they told the entire world exactly what they were going to do, and they have been very successful at what they had planned.

All America had to do was LISTEN.

Al-Qeida, Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and even Vladimir Putin listened to him. Even the world banking conglomerates, and even the Mexican drug cartel, (MS-13) all listened to Obama, and everyone knew exactly what he was going to do. Everyone that is except the American people.

We are not pushing for his impeachment because of the IRS scandal, or even for the Benghazi embassy attack. We are not pushing for impeachment because of the lack of verification of this mans eligibility to hold that office, (the birther's issue).

The administration of Barack Hussein Obama has been absolutely transparent, they ARE and have Fundamentally Transforming America. And THAT is the reason we MUST impeach Obama and ALL of this administration. They MUST be removed from control of this Government, and every single member of our Government who is either complacent or an accomplice to this transformation must also be removed before it's too late.

All you have to do is listen, and WAKE UP AMERICA.

The guns are pointed right straight at YOU.



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