Constitutional Emergency

Have the likes of Obama and a betraying Congress finally destroyed America?  Even in light of imminent disaster, America is still observation last year that blood would flood the streets of America by this past July was a bit could very well be July 2015...........

The above link is a powerful argument of reality................

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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Dr. Vieira's response is beyond rebuttal for he dissects then destroys the arguments for impeachment in such detail as to make a continued argument for impeachment seem childish at best, and utterly foolish at worst.  In the end, he argues that rather than waste time and energy trying to impeach someone who does not even hold office lawfully, we should be putting all our efforts into securing the safety of our nation by actually following the Constitution where it speaks for the necessity of fully enforcing the 2nd Amendment as written.  Not simply to protect our right to keep and bear arms but our DUTY to provide for the security of a free state, OUR state, that being the United States of America.

Putting political "reality" aside for a moment, I ask is it not time for ALL Americans to do their DUTY to take such steps as will finally provide for the security of our state?  Those steps include the full implementation of the 2nd Amendment as it was written and intended, that being to have militias in every state, and that those militias be well armed and well trained.  Once fully implemented, would we not be well within our rights to use those militias, peacefully, not as a force of arms other than to demonstrate our willingness to do so should it become absolutely necessary, to compel the arrest of Mr Soetoro, aka Mr Obama, for his multiple crimes and offenses against America and against We the People?  Of course we retain the right to use our arms in force should the government, in all its capacities and offices, refuse to cooperate with our peaceful pleas for redress of grievances.

That then is in fact our real solution, one that our Founders recognized might become necessary given the fallen nature of man.  Since it seems clear to many that we have reached, or better said passed that point in time where compulsion has been mandated by the commissions of crimes and omissions of duty to arrest those guilty of such crimes, will we now awaken to our duty and do what is necessary regardless of the cost to each of us individually? Or will we simply continue to follow the pointless pleas to congress and government in general to correct their own failings and to right their own crimes?

To me, it is worse than ludicrous to believe that one criminal will take any action to arrest another criminal.  For that reason and more, we must do whatever is necessary, within the boundaries of the Constitution, to either compel some in government to act against others in government, or to justly and lawfully depose all those in government who have proven themselves to be criminals, therefore deserving justice.  Unlike Dr. Vieira, I am no scholar so I leave it to more knowledgeable people than I to discern the course of action we should take.  What I know with certainty in my head and in my heart is that if we do NOT act, we WILL lose America, and that will be OUR fault for which we cannot blame government but will be forced to blame ourselves for failing to act as the true sovereigns we are.  I pray we will not allow the former to occur, for not even God will compel us to act as He has generously given us a free will which we must now act upon. If not, can we be worthy of the title American?

Your observations are strong and on point Mike............some of us have attempted to raise up a peaceful army of constitutional focused patriots to force the action, only to be left with a handful of boots on the ground. 

What the catalyst will be to raise that army to effect the change before violence erupts in unstoppable and irreversible levels is unknown to me.........God help us.

Harry Riley ; "    only to be left with a handful of boots on the ground " ; sir I do understand your point , indeed ; a trip of that magnitude requires $$$ ; not we all can afford it ; at 73 and being cut up to pieces and can`t walk but 50 meters and stop to rest my legs ; what is it expected of me and many like me ????
I have been at  many " Overpass rallies " and all you see is about 30 old beat up people  and illegals driving by our location saying " fu#$ you " and so called " americans , man and women , screaming and insulting us .  

It goes without saying Raffaele but I'll say it as I've said it over and over is understandable that many, like yourself can't get back in the fox-hole so to speak, but what about, as someone said, 10% of the other 330 million Americans.......or even 3% which would be nearly 10 million of able bodied patriots that could stand the sacrifice in mind, body, spirit, financial, etc?...........we just do not have the "natural, nationally recognized leader willing to stand up and sacrifice themselves to call for the national assembly necessary to shut Washington down............create the peaceful chaos needed to bring the corrupt government to a halt.... as the wedge to orderly remove the trash and install new leadership.

Representative John Carter
U.S. House of Representatives, 409 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Carter:

Your vote for the 2015 CRomnibus not only usurped the will of the American people, but hurt American workers by voting for the bill that will fund President Obama's executive amnesty. I am disappointed that you are choosing to help illegal aliens over struggling American families.

Currently there are 18 million Americans who want a full time job, but cannot find one. By funding President Obama's executive amnesty, an estimated 5 million illegal aliens will be able to receive a work permit and compete for nearly every job. Adding millions more people to an already fragile job market adds unnecessary pressure on the American workers trying to find a good job and support their family.

Adding millions of more workers will also continue to stagnate wages. According to federal data, middle-class wages, when adjusted for inflation, are lower now than in 1979.

The will of the American voters is also against executive amnesty. According to "The Polling Company/WomanTrend", 74% of midterm voters want the president to work with Congress on immigration.

I am disappointed that you are choosing to help illegal aliens over struggling American families.

Unable to comprehend your actions,


Raffaele Cafagna

P.S. John Carter , you prefer Illegals to Americans ; John Carter , you support Illegals and do not care about Americans . John Carter , do you know who pays your FAT paycheck , retirement , benefits , medicals , your reserved parking space . ???? DO YOU KNOW ???? You John Carter , you are another RINO ( Republican In Name Only ) ; translated is : you are a kiss ass to illegals . Thank you John Carter

  Thank Rallaele for responding to my personnel email account, I have forward your email on this matter to my Rep Tom Rice, so far I don't hear from representatives in my state on these major issues that are facing out nation so far. I would like to share information with you from your personal email account if you like to?  It center on the intimate love of the Masters for his servant.  Thank Joe    

I still believe in the oath I took in 1976, " uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic...".  My observance of support to defend this great country, while attending Operation American Spring, May 2014 in DC was disappointing.  We have thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of "verbal" support.  When it comes to the physical support we will be lucky if we have 10%.  However, I AM ready to do the physical support, "...the tree of Liberty must be nourished with the blood of patriots..."!

No , it is not to late ; if only 10% of Americans ( that is +/-  30 million) will unite and united we stand .
No one on the planet will face or stand up to this 10% of pissed Americans .
Use your imagination , think and reason , put it all together and my point will come very clear .
I Believe in God and He`s my friend ; God said : you have to  Help yourself ..... First    and I will help you ...  

Sadly, the clincher in your argument is: "if only." As the Col. says above, what will be the catalyst? God only knows!

Judith M. Green : Please read my reply to the Col. Thank you . 
I could tell 100 stories similar to that one on  the " reply " ; O.C.T ; Come and take it Temple , San Antonio , Austin , 4th of July parade O.C.T in Temple  ; Illegals in Austin almost got beat up to a pulp at the Capital ;
and the infamous acevedo  arresting my friends for doing nothing .
So here we are : If only .....................................................
What about the " young Generation " ; are they anywhere to be found ??????
Hell no : sex , drugs and rap , that is it . 

3 percent was all they had 237 years ago. If we had 3% with us last May,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh well, water over the dam now.

3 percent !? ____  Or 300 or 3.

No clawing needed, just designate the right candidate in the voting booth. Clawing is reserved for the small number of communists, liberals, progressives, and psyops media...Semper Fi Nam 66-67



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