Constitutional Emergency

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but the Armed Forces are intended to be politically detached This being said, it is acceptable for a service member to have a personal political affiliation, religious belief or opinion; but it is not acceptable for them to sponsor any of those while in uniform (meaning on duty and using their affiliation with a particular service in order to influence the outcome of an election, the opinions of other or any other means. People can say what they want about others questioning government's intentions, but when the military is being inundated with briefs about hate groups, there is only one reason... to motivate them in one direction. It is no different than the briefs received before we deployed to places like Iraq, Kosovo or Afghanistan... get them thinking in one direction, preparing for A-symmetrical warfare.
    Articles: Is Obama Creating a Martial-law-ready Military?
    These are two questions to ponder when considering the strange happenings in the armed forces since Barack Obama took office.

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 I concur! A perceived battle plan would be one thing that would almost instantly bring any battalion  thinking alike, and focusing on anything else perceived or otherwise would not happen, or simply put if i understand you correctly it would call to lock/load without discussion.

 All of the ass kissing joint chiefs of staff are afraid to go against Obama,but someone has to take a stand against this traitor

Obama is getting ready for something.

This will all come to a bad end for US andthey will not let US save face or remove the coming treat, so whats left? It is coming and there is nothing right now to stop it, unless the congress stands up for the constitution and tells the Admin -no more and enough is enough already. I feel there will be a grid shut down, martial law being inacted, which will let him stay in office until the cows come home and we know what that means. So get ready for whats coming and may almighty God have mercy on US all, amen.

YES he is. Be ready, stay alert, be safe and pray.

Yep.....we need to stay alert and PRAY PRAY!

Deb,  &  Steven  Amen,  as  for  the  smelling -  something - Michelle's  1,500  feet  of  Garden  is  rotted  and  Died..!

You are right.  If you have noticed, since BO took office, there have been direct changes in our military, school sytems and dividing the public against each other... just like Hitler did in Germany.  In the past 50 years there has been a slow controlled way of making sure that the USA would no longer be a democratic society.  After the assassination of the Kennedy's the hidden powers took over. We were even prepped by a TV program that had an African-American President.  People do not realize how easy it is to be controlled just by watching tv programs.  We would like to believe that our military personnel have a mind of their own.  But lets get realistic, look at the government jobs.  They only hire people that they can control or take advantage of...they do not want people that are smart and will speak up when something is wrong.  Why do you suppose they are after Snowden, he spoke up when he saw the government doing wrong to the citizens. There are more citizens that understand that our government want total control over all of us.  I hope we have learned from the past and will not allow people like BO and the career politicians to force us in a war situation.

As I said before, we must UNITE and not allow our government to become another Germany.  Hitler may be dead, but his followers continue to live.

I am a Christian and I believe in prayer ? But when the other side is Anti-Christ we will have to do a lot more than pray we will have to be agressive and take action unless you choose to be like the Christians of of 2000 years ago and die praying in the lions den ? You pray for me , please I choose to be a Christian soildier ! I would just as soon you pick up a rifle and follow me and pray along the way ! The day is at hand to do much more than pray ! How has that worked for you so far ?

I haven't seen Congress moved or the Senate or the President ? Not to mention no mountains have been moved so you prayer warriors need to jack up you faith a few knotches or prepare for a swift and as painless of  a death as possible ! Sorry but  . . . . . JUST SAY:IN !

Very good point with regards to the Govt only wanting people they can control and need the Govt. ! My son Graduated from High school in May of 2013 . He went to a USMC recruiter just last Friday and the word right of the recruiter mouth were they were really only recruiting young men (boys) right out of high school ? I asked him why and he replied the new Marine Corp has found younger men easier to train to do things the Marine Corp way ?

I did not catch it right away ? But after some thought it made perfect sense ? The Marine Corp trains boys / men to be Marines not independent thinking individuials ? The Marine Corp training breaks down single minded thinkers and makes all bodies equal and the reason for this is so that the young grunt will do as ordered and not stop to think if the order is a good one or not but to obey with out thought ? The Marine Corp make Marine Robots ? that is what 80% of the Corp is made of and they die 1st and they are trained to even  . . . . . and I have been told these very words die like a Marine and make the brothers before you proud ? Yes the older we get the wiser we become and the natural progression of life is to become more mature with age ! So you get more resistance from say an E-3 , E - 4 , and E - 5 is where the worm starts to turn and you figure out that you have learned about the Mean Green Machine and you are still a good Marine and I am not stating other wise but the young Marines are the ones that receive and are expected to take orders and follow with out question ? Just be a Marine because you are not paid to think you are paid to DIE ! I am not sure how long it will take for these young Marines to wise up as to what they are ordered to do and you don't know what they have been told to make them fire on US Citizens ? But you can bet they have been trained to take orders and not hesitate !

I am sure there are other Marines out ther that will read this and please I ask you to weight in on this thought ? That young Marines are trained to follow orders not think about them and it will take a few riots before they will wake up and see what they are  doing and they can do a lot in 2 engaugements !

Sgt, as a retired USAF Flight RN, I have to say that your words are true and spot on. I have seen the "DIE" on the battle fields of VN and the face of the devil himself savoring the bloodshed as only he wants. We the American poeple must come to this reality and not fall into this trap they are setting up, by placing these young men into harms way. You as a senior NCO duty is to wisen them to these critical facts they will be called on to commit against the American people in the coming days, amen. However, I would ask all who read this post, that WE outnumber them in the Millions and WE will not loose our freedom for some paper tiger, horah! Lord, please bless our efforts as WE go forth in to the fray.

Is it wrong of me to hope that Obama just openly starts dictating and arresting patriots? A clear line crossed would bring us to a quicker response to dethrone him.



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