Constitutional Emergency

There seems to be an increasing level of frustration, arguing, and backbiting appearing on the Constitutional Emergency Discussions. I am very concerned that we are allowing our enthusiasm to wane; that we are taking our frustrations out on each other.

There is no question but what the initial turnout was disappointing. We must make an even greater effort! Try, if you will, to put yourself in Col. Riley’s shoes. This man spent years in honorable service to his country; now, at 76 years of age, when he should be able to enjoy his "golden years," he has once more had to offer up his life for this nation. Think about how disappointed he must have been on May 16, when the 1.8 million who had committed to attending had shrunk to 1000. Yet he never wavered. He marched on with the small army he had.

To those who have suggested we need new leadership, I say: Col. Riley has never deviated from Operation American Spring’s purpose:

1) Oust the "Dirty Seven" - Obama, Biden, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, and McConnell;

2) Restore our Constitutional Republic to what the Founders intended it to be.

That, Patriots, is what we need to be focusing on. Not on issues such as the environment, birther argument, or the legitimacy of the Iraq war. These other issues, while they may very well be important, WILL NOT FURTHER OUR CAUSE. We must stay focused. We must put forth even greater effort. We must not allow ourselves to bicker and fight amongst ourselves, for a house divided cannot stand. WE MUST UNITE, AND STAY UNITED BEHIND OUR CAUSE.

Ask yourself: What can I do? Can I find a way to go to Washington, D.C., even for just a few days? Can I do more in my local area? Most of us are already calling and/or emailing our representatives and senators, talking to family and friends, and printing up flyers to pass out. Think: What else can I do? If you can get together with other Patriots, do it. We all can do better with the sharing of ideas. For example, another Patriot came up with a simple way to spread the word that I had totally overlooked: Leaving a flyer with your tip in restaurants (thank you, Maria!).

We are in a battle against evil forces that would destroy our beautiful country. The damage is already very grave; we have no time to waste.

I will leave you to ponder some quotes that illustrate the great change that has come upon our nation over the last fifty years:

Then:                                                               Now:

"Ask not what your country can do for you;         "The Constitution is a charter of negative

ask what you can do for your country."        doesn't say what the federal

                                                                         government must do on your behalf."


"A rising tide lifts all boats."                                "The rich must pay their fair share!"

-John F. Kennedy                                               -Barack H. Obama

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I read that our own intelligence agents (CIA?) translated the video so that the middle east Muslims would be infuriated at a preset time. Now, I don't believe the Benghazi attack had anything to do with the video, but it did affect some of the other riots- surely it didn't help. Had you heard of this convenient translation by our own agents? I think that news has since been scrubbed from the internet. Also, many are not aware that the bandwidth required to watch internet videos in Libya is not readily saying it caused riots is not plausible, since the masses didn't physically have access to watch it.

rep john fleming (LA) told me a couple of years ago (on FB) that they would NOT bring articles of impeachment against obama becuz it would be DOA in the senate, and they weren't going to have another clinton incident.  it remains to be seen whether the house will change it's tune when the GOP takes over the senate...   i think neither house has the guts to do it!

additionally, after sending the redress of grievances to obama, my senators & my representative, i've only heard back from my congressman (bradley byrne); and, it sounds like they've been given "talking points."  my senators always respond by mail, rather than email, but i suspect they're responses will be the same.  i've attached byrne's BS response... 


for the record:  byrne is a former democrat (clinton delegate); and a career politician, who switched parties (& moved into the district )to get into the federal level.  he used a smear campaign against the conservative he was running against in the 2013 special election (after jo bonner quit), to win.  in 2010, he ran against bentley & roy moore for governor...   i've told him (in letters) that i think he's a career politician, and that he's a pretend conservative; AND, that i'm watching his votes!    he claimed to be conservative in the election (& so far has voted pretty conservatively); but the smear campaign he ran (which was a lie) reflects that he's either still a democrat (running as a republican), or a RINO, at best.  anyhow, read his email response to me; and IF anyone else has a similar response, then u know they've been given "talking points."


The AC will look like a lamb but talk like a dragon! ;)

The winning of the Nobel Peace Prize did it for me.


We have a huge patriotic holiday coming up.  Why not focus on 4 July for a big push on OAS?

Not just in DC, but with protests around the country. 


People rose up not that far from DC and pulled off a huge election victory in removing Eric Cantor.


All the people that have been disheartened by the length of the struggle and the constant assaults by the enemy within just might take some encouragement from that election victory and rise again to fight to take OUR COUNTRY BACK.

It seems that the only Constitutional path forward is through the ballot box, not the streets of DC.  While protesting even with millions of people might help, it all comes down to the voting process and not the protesting process.  We should get all the (millions of?) voters to support only those candidates who understand and are fluent in espousing high standards of statesmanship.  It is unfortunate that we tend to vote against people more than we vote for people.  I can faithfully report that no candidates are out there who rise to my standards of excellence such that I would really get excited about them.  I do like Dan Bongino (a former Secret Service agent running for Congress in MD), since he is an honorable and capable man, but he has a long way to go to become proficient in the complexities of Government, even though he would shine more than most.  I actually have been searching for any candidate who is proficient in using the 12 elements of Technidigm, but there are none, so we really have not raised the bar high enough to get where we want to go. 

Unfortunately as they dumb down our children, there will be few and far between standouts that can rise to that level.  These are the children of parents who refuse to let the government tell them what is good and what is bad for their children, what they should and shouldn't do.  As long as these people exist, then the possibility for higher standards will as well.

Seems you've answered your own point. Voting is an illusion of choice. Corporate backers select the candidates that we are then suppose to choose from. That process insures the corporations win with whomever is elected and we lose.

You are right. Everybody now-a-days seem to vote for the lesser of the evils. But...they are still voting in evil.

Correct. And at this point their level of evil would be to back FAKE conservative candidates, who walk and talk like a conservative patriot, but on the priority issues they mysteriously will vote for the opposition. Then knowing we have short memories, they'll vote conservatively on the next few issues and redeem their cover....and like clockwork, for the next top issue, they'll abstain or vote against us again. It will take either divine spiritual discernment to know they're a fake, OR someone trained in spotting psyops. Either way, if the fake is trained in charm, you won't be able to convince the masses to desert them.

If I were the enemy (Sun Tzu), I would raise and submit many fake candidates. Beware.

I marched in DC on 9/12/2009 and 9/12/2010.  I am committed to doing everything that I can to bring an end to this administration.  I will be coming to DC toward the end of this month or July to be a part of OAS 2014.  I have bought the limited edition tshirt to wear while I am there.  My problems are these:

Lack of connectivity with the staff.  I would love to talk to someone on the ground in DC to discuss arrangements for remaining in DC for an extended period.  I have several Vietnam vet buddies in the DC area with whom I am conversing but I do not want to become a burden upon them.

I have become marginalized.  I have been forced onto Social Security due to the current immigration policy of this country.  With more than 30 years experience in IT (computers), I have not been able to work full time since 2001.  Don't think there is a problem?  Please note that the 2nd largest outsourcing company in India has been fined $34,000,000 by USCIS for visa abuse.  I saw none of that money come my way.

For all the people in DC, please continue to stand strong knowing that there those of us out here that support you and will be coming.

I am thinking about driving up in my own car.  What I am considering is someplace where I can pitch a tent (with air mattress :)) and have it be secure while I get back and forth to DC each day.  Thanks for the reply.



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