There seems to be an increasing level of frustration, arguing, and backbiting appearing on the Constitutional Emergency Discussions. I am very concerned that we are allowing our enthusiasm to wane; that we are taking our frustrations out on each other.

There is no question but what the initial turnout was disappointing. We must make an even greater effort! Try, if you will, to put yourself in Col. Riley’s shoes. This man spent years in honorable service to his country; now, at 76 years of age, when he should be able to enjoy his "golden years," he has once more had to offer up his life for this nation. Think about how disappointed he must have been on May 16, when the 1.8 million who had committed to attending had shrunk to 1000. Yet he never wavered. He marched on with the small army he had.

To those who have suggested we need new leadership, I say: Col. Riley has never deviated from Operation American Spring’s purpose:

1) Oust the "Dirty Seven" - Obama, Biden, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, and McConnell;

2) Restore our Constitutional Republic to what the Founders intended it to be.

That, Patriots, is what we need to be focusing on. Not on issues such as the environment, birther argument, or the legitimacy of the Iraq war. These other issues, while they may very well be important, WILL NOT FURTHER OUR CAUSE. We must stay focused. We must put forth even greater effort. We must not allow ourselves to bicker and fight amongst ourselves, for a house divided cannot stand. WE MUST UNITE, AND STAY UNITED BEHIND OUR CAUSE.

Ask yourself: What can I do? Can I find a way to go to Washington, D.C., even for just a few days? Can I do more in my local area? Most of us are already calling and/or emailing our representatives and senators, talking to family and friends, and printing up flyers to pass out. Think: What else can I do? If you can get together with other Patriots, do it. We all can do better with the sharing of ideas. For example, another Patriot came up with a simple way to spread the word that I had totally overlooked: Leaving a flyer with your tip in restaurants (thank you, Maria!).

We are in a battle against evil forces that would destroy our beautiful country. The damage is already very grave; we have no time to waste.

I will leave you to ponder some quotes that illustrate the great change that has come upon our nation over the last fifty years:

Then:                                                               Now:

"Ask not what your country can do for you;         "The Constitution is a charter of negative

ask what you can do for your country."        doesn't say what the federal

                                                                         government must do on your behalf."


"A rising tide lifts all boats."                                "The rich must pay their fair share!"

-John F. Kennedy                                               -Barack H. Obama

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I appreciate Colonel Riley because he "stepped up to the plate"  when nobody else would!!!

I think the reason the media is not covering OAS is because NEGATIVE NEWS SELLS.  If we clean out the WH and fix it up they probably think that would be rosey stories that would NOT sell.

Just in case anyone is wondering, YES, I was there. 5/15/2014 - 05/24/2014.

I was one of many that helped deliver the folders to all Congressmen 's offices. Tried to speak with several but non would take the time, including my own Texas Rep. tried to speak with Ted Cruz,,,,,,,,, no luck.

The people that were there were ALL very good. The park PD was very nice to everyone. We got several statements about how they agreed and supported us but could not say so publicly. With the relatively low turn out numbers it was discouraging, but even with that it was still worth the effort and the expense.
Is our Movement Falling Apart? NO, it definitely is NOT. We regroup, fall back, and figure out the next steps. But we cannot give up. Failure cannot be an option. And I can tell you all one thing, Washington has heard us, they have heard YOU. And so has the rest of the world.

Do you all know that Snowden tried to whistle blow to two different Congressmen at their offices. They treated him as radioactive and wouldn't help him.
I can't find any mention of it now on the inet. But by memory I remember Snowden himself saying defensively during an interview that he DID try to get Congressional shielding. I vaguely remember saying he met one by appointment late at night, only to be turned away outside in the hall. I don't think he named them...on purpose. I think part of their pre-meeting agreement would be that if they chose not to back him, he couldn't reveal the fact that they even entertained the idea.

For the Colonel, You are brave, intelligent and assume that Americans are as well. Colonel, most Americans just want to bs on chats and make comments on media articles, they all have decided it is someone elses responsibilty to fix this. You know, I know, a few others know, this will only get fixed if we "the people" fix it. Unfortunatley, we "the people" will not act until the suffering has affected each and every one of us. You Colonel are not a failure, we "the people" are. Colonel, personally, I know longer believe in we "the people" and if I were you , I would turn my back on we "the people". We "the people" don't deserve the privelage of your leadership or the sacrafices you made, we "The people" are not worthy to wash your feet Colonel. Colonel, I am guessing you can turn your back on the pathetic we "The people" and live out the remainder of your life in peace and contentment, personally, if I were you, this is what I would do. I have been part of various grassroots movements, a member of orgs such as Oath Keepers, the story is always the same, undisciplined , spoiled, arrogant , we "the people", thinking that running our mouths or fingers will make a difference, that somehow we are important as individuals , while those who know what to do, those who are worthy of respect , those who could lead us to victory , are slandered, questioned and ignored. Colonel, you have earned respect and trust, the weakness lies not with you but with we "the people" who think you should change our diaper for us. It's not worth it Colonel.

For those who remain eager to make a difference, as the voting season progresses, please help me spread the notion that all debates among candidates for office and all news media interviewers should confine themselves to the 12 Technidigm elements.  The Facebook Group is at:

and the much more detailed $3 book on what it all means and how to apply the 12 elements is at:

The 12 Technidigm elements were developed by an MIT and, also, Johns Hopkins graduate (with 3 masters degrees) who also happens to be a retired naval officer who served in Tonkin Gulf on USS Enterprise, his first tour of duty after graduating from the US Naval Academy with the class of 1966.  The 12 Technidigm elements are a simplified (to allow understanding by at least most people) paradigm that draws in the honor of public service envisioned by the Founding Fathers, the integrity required of public servants envisioned by the Founding Fathers, and the systematic approach to public expenditures expected by each of us now and in the future.  Google Technidigm and politics if you like.

The author currently goes to work daily to teach federal employees from across the US Government highly classified (Secret) nuclear weapon technologies and non-proliferation (classification) requirements.  By the way, if you live near a nuclear power plant, you might like to know that he spent a dozen years inspecting them to ensure their safety.  Google Technidigm and nuclear safety if you like.

So, if you don't mind, please spread the word that you will vote first for those candidates who at least try to understand and use the 12 Technidigm elements.  Join the Facebook Group.  Read the book.  Share.  Vote.

Best regards to all patriots across the US!

Charlie Jones

Germantown, MD



USS Enterprise CVN65
USS Bainbridge CGN25

Nuclear Energy Manager and Consultant since 1966

I believe the older vets showed up but not the younger ones. Also, where were the bikers, they were in DC but refused to participate in OAS. Where were the truckers?? They didn't have to come in their trucks but they could have come without their trucks, which are expensive to run, to be there. Where were the bloggers who can yadda yadda all day long but when it comes down to getting off their lazy butts it is too much work. I am an 80 year old woman and wanted to go but I had no way to get there. My person taking me backed out because she read all the negative blogs etc. Also, I was blocked by someone, who felt the need for power in the Connecticut group was important to him or her, so I could not communicate with anyone from Ct to see if I could get a ride. This was doomed because of State groups having too much input. It should have been under one umbrella. The blogging back and forth serves no purpose. Would have been better off to have had a central office where people reported, got info, got flyers etc. This was all over th e map and the Colonel trusted too many people.Many had good intentions but then they just got  into a back and forth conversation with no purpose. Lost track of the entire operation, My humble opinion.

I haven't read all of these posts but I've read enough to see many of us feel beaten. No way should we be discouraged! Yes we had small numbers and still have small numbers in D.C. but it's only just begun. We have to make it a goal to keep the group in Washington and to keep showing up for events such as the flag day picnic. If we keep the numbers growing we can make this work. I'm issuing a challenge to the surrounding states to really beat the bushes and make this our goal because we can get to D.C. for a fraction of the cost of these patriots who live farther away. I was so inspired by all the people I met in Washington..... I used to love America.. then I became disgruntled with her. I found OAS and met the people involved- realized my country NEEDS ME.... now I'm IN LOVE with America! Put the rally caps on my friends we're just getting started! And for all of you who have groups we need to reach out to...Please do! What are you waiting for? Spread the word...lock arms and join the fight!

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

I recommend we multiply ourselves by mobilizing the American People, by telling them the horrible truth.

The President is a Communist infecting us with Socialism and shortly to kill us with Communism.

In response to the need to rally the American people, they must see the "Dreams from My REAL Father" video.

The videos website is

The President has been exposed in this video, "Dreams from My REAL Father" for his Communist heritage, intentions, experiences, connections and behavior.

The President must be EXPOSED, as the COMMUNIST he is.

In addition to exposing the President as a Communist, in the " Dreams of My REAL Father", the video " The Soviet Story " describes the Communist's  history in the Soviet Union.

The website for this video is -

Between the two historical videos, "Dreams from My REAL Father" and " The Soviet Story' " the American people will see where we are going, and the consequences of allowing our Communist President to remain in office.

I recommend each of you view the video and assess the effect of its distribution.

It should be shown in local theaters, distributed to Christian churches, VFW's, American Legions, all other fraternal and or patriotic organizations.

The video is available at Video Distribution retailers, Amazon, Target, etc..


                        Charles Lukens

I was in DC from the 15th to the 20th. Was also one of those that hand delivered the packets to our reps. I also spent over $2000.00 for beds for people that were suppose to be there and for others that might just show up and couldn't afford a bed. And no, I don't have that kind of money. I went into debt. Not so bad that I won't be able to pay it off...eventually.

So I can say I was committed to this movement.

And Kim, my gosh. We came to DC together and she walked from the hostel where we were, to the WW2 memorial on the 16th, a distance of a couple miles, at 6:00 am, in a torrential downpour, to be the very first feet on the ground. She spent a good portion of the day drying out because even with the poncho, the rain was blowing sideways at times she was drenched. She sat probably 2 hours, shivering wet, til the first other people began to show.

And this doesn't include the huge backpack she had on and the cart with chairs, water and cups so people could sit and drink, that she pushed pulled, picked up every time it tipped over, through gigantic puddles. Now that's commitment! I can only imagine that trek. I toted that cart back to the hostel, on a cool, sunny day, and it kicked my butt.

I believe everyone that showed up should be commended for their commitment, strength, sacrifice and bravery. We all did quite a bit of marching and walking. I lost 12 pounds those days I was there. Nathan's hotdog and a lemonade every day for lunch at Camp Liberty.

I met and talked with dozens of other patriots from around the country. That was an awesome experience in itself. The Sunday service at the Lincoln memorial was very inspiring by Pastor Bland and a few others whose names I don't recall.

One thing is stunningly clear from this. We may be small numbers right now, but we are a bad-ass bunch and growing.

Seriously! There was a man there from central Pennsylvania that was a Korean war vet. I had the pleasure of meeting him at an OAS organizational meeting in the Pittsburgh area. His attitude was this: If he was willing to lay his life down for his country back then, why would he not do it now for the sake of his children and grandchildren? I found his reasoning inspiring.

When I took my oath going in to the service, it didn't mean anything to me. It was join up or wait to see if I got drafted. Here I am, 40 years later, still fighting for my country, but this time on the inside. Here in the good old USA.

This movement isn't falling apart. It's gotten stronger. I've seen my allies across the country, I don't feel like I'm fighting this alone. I now can talk to others about the experience in DC. Anybody on this forum can tell someone about our experiences, our sacrifices.

I had people over that the hostel that traveled hundreds of miles to be there. We carried a handicapped gentleman, a vet and a pastor all wrapped up in one, up a flight of stairs so he could sleep on a bed, another from somewhere decided he needed to be there but had no place to stay.

These are the committed. They sacrificed much!

The word is spreading and all across America patriots are rising up against tyranny. A couple hundred in Nevada, in Utah more patriots standing up. And Texas with their open carry demonstration against the federal government. The 1000 we had in DC of people that just thought that maybe they'll be waiting for us...??? We didn't know what to expect upon arrival. Rumors flew. But we did what we thought needed done, in spite of what would happen to us in a worst case situation.

I won't say how disappointed I was in the numbers that actually showed up. I couldn't fathom the small turnout.

But I came away, after the 5 days I was there, feeling energized by what we did and what I see occurring across the country. We just need to look at the big picture. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of splinter groups out there that think and feel the same way we do but just have a different focal point.

Lets make it part of our mission to reach out to them and get ourselves united. Maybe we need to involve ourselves in them too, so they will see a united front. This is a national event. The very core ideals of OAS is regaining our constitutional rights, which will fix half of what's wrong with this country.

This will only fall apart if anyone chooses to join the dejected population and sit on their hands at home and pray for the best when TSHIF. OAS isn't a failure, it isn't falling apart. It's in it's infancy and will grow if you feed it.

Make patriotism contagious!


Right on Al!



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