Constitutional Emergency

There seems to be an increasing level of frustration, arguing, and backbiting appearing on the Constitutional Emergency Discussions. I am very concerned that we are allowing our enthusiasm to wane; that we are taking our frustrations out on each other.

There is no question but what the initial turnout was disappointing. We must make an even greater effort! Try, if you will, to put yourself in Col. Riley’s shoes. This man spent years in honorable service to his country; now, at 76 years of age, when he should be able to enjoy his "golden years," he has once more had to offer up his life for this nation. Think about how disappointed he must have been on May 16, when the 1.8 million who had committed to attending had shrunk to 1000. Yet he never wavered. He marched on with the small army he had.

To those who have suggested we need new leadership, I say: Col. Riley has never deviated from Operation American Spring’s purpose:

1) Oust the "Dirty Seven" - Obama, Biden, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, and McConnell;

2) Restore our Constitutional Republic to what the Founders intended it to be.

That, Patriots, is what we need to be focusing on. Not on issues such as the environment, birther argument, or the legitimacy of the Iraq war. These other issues, while they may very well be important, WILL NOT FURTHER OUR CAUSE. We must stay focused. We must put forth even greater effort. We must not allow ourselves to bicker and fight amongst ourselves, for a house divided cannot stand. WE MUST UNITE, AND STAY UNITED BEHIND OUR CAUSE.

Ask yourself: What can I do? Can I find a way to go to Washington, D.C., even for just a few days? Can I do more in my local area? Most of us are already calling and/or emailing our representatives and senators, talking to family and friends, and printing up flyers to pass out. Think: What else can I do? If you can get together with other Patriots, do it. We all can do better with the sharing of ideas. For example, another Patriot came up with a simple way to spread the word that I had totally overlooked: Leaving a flyer with your tip in restaurants (thank you, Maria!).

We are in a battle against evil forces that would destroy our beautiful country. The damage is already very grave; we have no time to waste.

I will leave you to ponder some quotes that illustrate the great change that has come upon our nation over the last fifty years:

Then:                                                               Now:

"Ask not what your country can do for you;         "The Constitution is a charter of negative

ask what you can do for your country."        doesn't say what the federal

                                                                         government must do on your behalf."


"A rising tide lifts all boats."                                "The rich must pay their fair share!"

-John F. Kennedy                                               -Barack H. Obama

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Also, people are kept poor on purpose, so that they cannot do anything!  The other ones just aren't hurting enough yet!!!

Make that 4,000 Tammy because i have 3200 people on my mailing list ..I sent out som much information about this event that they kept flagging me for SPAM..So i totally agree with you..How is it that between us we had a mailing list that large and we did not even have half of that show up..We were not the only ones who were sending out mails iam sure there were a lot more people doing the same..So that leaves us with a few conclusions..1 People do not give a RATS ASS ..2 A lot of our mails were not getting through ..3 People like Glen Beck and the Tea Party and Bobby Powell and a few former OAS members who were digruntled tried to ruin it..What does that say about those people ? I was there for the first week and like you i was forced to come home..I was fortunate enough to be invited to stay with the staff of OAS ..I got to know the Colonel and he is a genuine PATRIOT..Unlike Glen Beck and the rest of them.. 

Perfectly stated, Tammy.

That is one awesome quote! Shame on me for not finding it myself :)  And I will be using it before the day is over.  Thanks!

I know satin is getting a kick out of the division. But I stand in agreement with you on staying focused and I continue to support the OSA and Col. O'REILLY. All of you are doing a great deal to further the restoration of our government to its original constitutional state. God bless all of you and may He help us get His will accomplished above all. Our God is for us not against us. Praise God!

I believe OAS is on the right track and was a great idea and that Col Riley absolutely has been going in the right direction and even though my friend from NC and I were only there on 5/16 it was extremely inspirational.  I met people from all over the Country who felt the same way as I do-not over the internet but real folks.  For me it wasn't about "millions" but a decision by each individual to show up-that's why in my view-it was always a success and will always be-its a seed in the ground-the soil is fertile. Realize-DC is a hard place to get to for a large segment of the population-especially those who think like us and even harder to stay.  That area of the Country is Communist central.  The whole point is that each individual has to decide for themselves that it is the right thing to do-doesn't matter if millions showed up or not-when you go home-in many parts of the Country-you will probably feel as though youre alone-you have to be resolute and do what you can when you can-OAS is a symbol and an ideal-keep it going

I HAVE AN IDEA!!!  I've been trying like hell to spread it around.  I know Col. Riley, he and I were doing Tea Party events in Crestview before the Tea Party even had a name.  I've gone my different directions but I haven't left the movement and I write occasionally for Joe the Plumber.  But enough of that, the idea is what matters -- here it is, and it expounds on Col. Riley's attempt in Washington.  I wanted to go to Washington, too.  So no doubt did millions of us.  But under the current economic system we are BROKE -- no funds to travel!

So how about THIS -- (1) Set a Date (2) Anyone that can get to DC, go (3) If you can't afford to get to DC, go to your state capital on that same day/time (4) If you can't afford to go to your state capital, go to your local courthouse or city hall.  THEN here's the catch (5) That is just he beginning of what I call "tag team protesting" --  instead of everyone just going home after the initial rally, everyone keeps to that venue and goes there to protest whenever they can.  The protests will go on and on and people will go there when they can, around their schedule, day or night.  Great way to meet and network other local patriots.  With any luck (6) Local news will report it and perhaps if it goes on, it will get local or even international news.  We need something that is going to last and last -- people have short memories about mass marches in far away cities. 

WELL?  Set the date and I WILL be at my City Hall and I will social network with my local patriots peeps about going there as often as possible.  I just need someone in leadership to set the date!!

Col Harry Riley is OUR leader. he has worked hard and so have a lot of other individuals in this organization. I am telling you that I am focused and that I will do what it takes as a member of OAS and a Veteran to support my country, Col Harry Riley and our organization. My wife and I have been very busy sending out messages across this nation to news media and individuals to get the word out about OAS. We have seen one victory so far with the Tea Party over the past few days. Also NONE of THE ABOVE won in the race for Nevada for Governor..if that isn't a message i don't know what is. It is easy to get defeated and quit...but...we are winners..not losers and we won't quit..none of us! Make flyers, hats, t shirts, bumber stickers, napkins whatever you have to do to help save this country and get the word out there. We are still growing and we WILL get bigger. Sometimes we may lose little battles, but we will win the war! That is a fact!!  thank you. John H

Exposure is part of  the problem. I have spoken to everyone I can on the street, must be at least 1000 people, and not one, knew or even cared about OAS. Of all the people I talked with only a handful would even admit to a problem in this country. Most don't even realize what is happening right in front of there faces. I agree with you Grey Owl, people are not going to care until they have lost everything, and the idea of speaking to group leaders is a great idea.

Everyone seems tpo forget the cost of our freedoms, and seems to forget the methods of the enemy.  If you never had the oportunity to se the enemy in action, it is understandable.  They will use any method to create dissention in the ranks.  Some of the gripes you see and hear come from 2 groups, those that are the enemy, and those that never had to fight for what we have.  Col Riley has been the main cog in this machine we have, and if you can find a better leader, you will be hard pressed.  I am sorry that I could not join you in your endeavors.  COPD, and a few other factors, took me out of the participating file.  I remember saying, if butt hole and elbows were cement, we would find we are surronded by ststues, they stand and do nothing.

Don't be disappointed; there was a mighty army fighting peacefully, out of danger's way, using social media and news comments to say why we were are against President Obama's anti-God and anti-Constitution polices.  We did it God's way so we would not be manipulated by those who want to stir up the crowd so government will have to step in with police and or military.  WE WON.  DON'T BE ASHAMED.  God saved us through His guidance.  Continue the effort God's way.



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