Constitutional Emergency

There seems to be an increasing level of frustration, arguing, and backbiting appearing on the Constitutional Emergency Discussions. I am very concerned that we are allowing our enthusiasm to wane; that we are taking our frustrations out on each other.

There is no question but what the initial turnout was disappointing. We must make an even greater effort! Try, if you will, to put yourself in Col. Riley’s shoes. This man spent years in honorable service to his country; now, at 76 years of age, when he should be able to enjoy his "golden years," he has once more had to offer up his life for this nation. Think about how disappointed he must have been on May 16, when the 1.8 million who had committed to attending had shrunk to 1000. Yet he never wavered. He marched on with the small army he had.

To those who have suggested we need new leadership, I say: Col. Riley has never deviated from Operation American Spring’s purpose:

1) Oust the "Dirty Seven" - Obama, Biden, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, and McConnell;

2) Restore our Constitutional Republic to what the Founders intended it to be.

That, Patriots, is what we need to be focusing on. Not on issues such as the environment, birther argument, or the legitimacy of the Iraq war. These other issues, while they may very well be important, WILL NOT FURTHER OUR CAUSE. We must stay focused. We must put forth even greater effort. We must not allow ourselves to bicker and fight amongst ourselves, for a house divided cannot stand. WE MUST UNITE, AND STAY UNITED BEHIND OUR CAUSE.

Ask yourself: What can I do? Can I find a way to go to Washington, D.C., even for just a few days? Can I do more in my local area? Most of us are already calling and/or emailing our representatives and senators, talking to family and friends, and printing up flyers to pass out. Think: What else can I do? If you can get together with other Patriots, do it. We all can do better with the sharing of ideas. For example, another Patriot came up with a simple way to spread the word that I had totally overlooked: Leaving a flyer with your tip in restaurants (thank you, Maria!).

We are in a battle against evil forces that would destroy our beautiful country. The damage is already very grave; we have no time to waste.

I will leave you to ponder some quotes that illustrate the great change that has come upon our nation over the last fifty years:

Then:                                                               Now:

"Ask not what your country can do for you;         "The Constitution is a charter of negative

ask what you can do for your country."        doesn't say what the federal

                                                                         government must do on your behalf."


"A rising tide lifts all boats."                                "The rich must pay their fair share!"

-John F. Kennedy                                               -Barack H. Obama

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...and yes Betsy, Congress has only a few days left to answer what their intentions are with regard to our formal Demands and Grievances as well as the Articles of Impeachment.  They will not be allowed their usual "ignore them" they will go away responses. 

Harry, Have you had time to watch Trevor Loudon?

He says we are making a bigger impact than we realize. His logic is sound.

However, he says we have little time to finish the job.

Your efforts and many others you do not see are terribly important.

Everyone, take heart.  And kick it up even more.

You bet John.......just like they will be on record as to whether they respond as to where they stand on the US more space for the establishment of all parties..........


I an my wife have lost our home an business, as our folks now live in gov. projects bldgs,

( reverse morgaged) the middle class is rapidly declining, 1000s more to lose there jobs next mo.

Jobs lost are not coming back imediately, 3 letter FED gangs are arming up, why?

100 yrs of devious planning is about to come to a head.

Former boy scout an i say we better get ready for these clowns to make a break for it. NOW.

even the USPS is being armed
Just search on 'USPS buying ammo, arming' and there are multiple sources. WND had it, for example:

I do not remember where i heard it but yes the USPS .Is being armed within the postal offices..That is the truth...

I think it will end up in the hands of Islamists when the SHTF.

Hey, that is what happened in Libya.

Greg, They are definitely clowns. Like Satan, their father.

The people who fashioned WWII were very bad.

These people are even lower scum.

David Reed, you're exactly right!

Well i have to say that I am an American who lives in Egypt, and I lived here through both revolutions. I think the OAS was well advertised and many people know about it. Even people in Egypt know about it. American people are not Egyptian. It's a different culture, and a different mentality. I had a feeling the American people wouldn't have the intestinal do it.

They did not start out in Egypt with millions in Tahrir square, and they did not complain, but started working that much harder to make the movement grow. And it was not just a few leaders who carried the weight on their shoulders, it was ALL of the citizens. People who are calling for new leadership are a shame in my opinion, and represent what is wrong with America. It is not just the President, and the Congress, it is the people as well. They are spoiled, and have taken too much for granted the blessings God granted to America. It is not the leadership, it is the heart, mind and spirit of the populace as a whole body. Perhaps they do not realize how far gone the country is as well. To each person complaining and griping, I have a question, How many hours per day do you watch television? 

Hats off to Col Riley who at 75 years old has such wisdom and courage to organize such an event. I can imagine he can relate to Moses murmuring a griping of his people while bringing his people to the promised land. LOL 

In Egypt, even after the 1st revolution was hijacked by the MB, they rallied a second time for a bigger and better do-over. I can't tell you how inspiring the Egyptian people are to me. The second time they had 33 million people on June 30th, and 40 million on July 26th to protest against the terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood. that is 46% of the population, and 74% of registered voters. And now they are suffering terrorist attacks, and stand up to it without complaining.  These crowds were not all in Tahrir Square because that only holds about 350,000 people, maybe up to half million. These crowds included every major city, such as Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Suez Ismalia, other towns, and multiple places in Cairo. 

I suggested that there be many places organized, since DC might be too far to go for some people, and I am not complaining, I am saying it can be done now. It is never to late. What about calling for people to gather every weekend at a place near their home, and then as the crowd builds and gains momentum, then there can be a plan to stay. 

I say keep going, re-group, and reorganize. But if people are going to be a bunch of spoiled babies, and not take any responsibility, then God Bless Col Riley. EVERYONE JOIN NOW! TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION AND GET THIS PARTY STARTED! GET INVOLVED NOW! 

Inspirational Rhonda.  Are you in the military? Yeah, I keep saying that "we" are like fat babies sucking on our bottles!



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