Muslims are winning the war of political correctness in America.  On June 4, 2013, an event will be held in Tennessee called “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society.” Bill Killian, a U.S. Attorney from Eastern Tennessee will be accompanied by special agent Kenneth Moore from the FBI to inform citizens that their right to free speech involving Muslims might be a violation of federal law. 

Brian Justice of the The Tullahoma News describes the event’s purpose as “increasing awareness and understanding that American Muslims are not the terrorists some have made them out to be in social media and other circles.” 

The social media that Mr. Justice is referring to is a Facebook post showing a man pointing a gun which was captioned, “How to wink at a Muslim.”  While most do not condone this, American citizens do have First Amendment rights protected by the Constitution.

Muslims are clearly a favored class of the Obama administration.  Glenn Beck’s documentary “The Project” proves that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated American government at the highest levels, including The Department of Homeland Security.

With this in mind, law-abiding citizens may wonder why this type of event never transpired after the Black Panthers threatened to kill “cracker baby” and intimidated voters during the election of 2008. They might ask why there is no conference with the FBI to explain tolerance of white Americans to the Black Panthers.  Why are groups like the Black Panthers and Muslims always singled out for “tolerance” while other groups are stifled from speaking out against violence? 

The article in the Tullahoma News tries to downplay Muslim terrorism and focuses instead on Timothy McVeigh, stating that he was a supposed “Christian.”  The article continues by taking on an elitist attitude assuming that the average American does not know the difference between a Muslim and a Hindu.  It goes on to explain that the event will serve to “educate” the public on such issues.  Mr. Justice further states that there have been several groups of Muslims speaking out against terrorism, it’s just that their articles are not being published.  While this might have been a great opportunity for such proponents of Islam to post links to the above, none are attached.

Further, in a strangely worded comment, Mr. Justice writes, “Sponsor of the event is the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee — a 15-member board formed two years ago when the General Assembly was considering passing legislation that would restrict those who worship Sharia Law, which is followed by Muslims. (Italics added) Was this a typo that should have read “…legislation that would restrict those who worship under Sharia Law?  One might conclude that this is an attempt to combine the political system of Sharia Law with the religion of Islam.  Where is the separation of church and state here?

It is clear that the Muslim community will try to implement Sharia Law in America incrementally, starting with the suppression of free speech.  They will do this by using intimidation and scare tactics.  The Muslims are inching ahead in the war on free speech using the tool of “political correctness” as their weapon of choice. What is most shocking is the following statement made by U.S. Attorney Killian in that same article: “Killian said Internet postings that violate civil rights are subject to federal jurisdiction. “That’s what everybody needs to understand,” he (Killian) said.”

This is clearly intimidation of our own free speech, supposedly protected under our First Amendment.  It is saying that Muslims will be protected unlike any other group and must be handled with kid gloves.  It is stifling the rights of American citizens to exercise their God given right to free speech.  Further, one wonders why this is being held in a small town in Tennessee. 

With the recent opening of the Murfreesboro mosque and the massive influx of Muslim Somalian refugees to Tennessee, Shelbyville seems to be the model for the next Dearborn.

The event goes from 6:30 to 8:30 PM and will take place at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center, 147 Hospitality Blvd., Manchester, Tennessee.

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YES Shane, TREASON in Deed!!!  America is rapidly plunging into CIVIL WAR!!  There will be no place to hide!! Fense sitter will not be tolerated!!  Never surrender your firearms!! Semper FI!!  Molon Labe!!!! 

Triple  YES,  men..!!  Salute  Ron


Civil War is just waiting for a spark to set it off.

Twana's readers are among the most informed.  Do any of you really not know why Muslims are so protected and catered to?   Obama and his family are Muslims with the possible exception of his mother who was a devout socialist and possibly had no real religion.  Obama is following the Quran in assisting the infiltration of America exactly as described and directed by the Quran.  It is a slow methodical form of invasion/conquest of countries that are too strong to be conquered by the sword.  The infiltration process is most effective in places that practice Poliical Correctness, like us.


Killian is a Traitor to Our Nation. The Muslims are doing the same thing here in America as they are doing in Europe. They are destroying every thing they touch. How blind has the Legal System in America gotten. How many more Americans have to die here in America before the American people wake up to the reality of what is happening in OUR Country. This is not a Muslim Country and our Political Leaders and these worthless Lawyers have become Traitors. We as Americans need to file suit and arrest and prosecute those that are trying to destroy America. Who the Hell do they think they are dictating to We The People about what we can or can say about these murdering thugs. Look what they do to women and children and these Lawyers want to kiss their asses. This is going to cause all hell in America because of the ignorance and stupidity of these idiot Lawyers in Tenn. This President is tearing America apart. How much more is he going to keep destroying the individuals rights. He is not Legal  my fellow Americans . What has happened to our Judicial System and our Law Enforcement today. Where are our Military Leaders ? All Hell is coming to our Country because of this stupidity of so few that think they are above our Laws telling us we can't speak out or own a gun. Wake Up My Fellow Americans before it is to late. God Help us when all hell comes to our shores.

Dave,  one way to stop these "animals" is to make it very uncomfortable for them.  Without shooting any guns so the lefties can have more reason to try to turn the 2nd Amendment off is to use pigs.  Follow the example of the pig farmer in Texas.  He started pig racing on Friday nights next the muslims property be cause they told him to move.  If the muslims get too close, we can do something like this:,2933,241897,00.html

The cost of some pieces of pig is a lot cheaper than what the muslims will do to the Americans in this country if we let them.  I have no problem with defending this country and our Constitution.  Farrakan wanted a million-man show in Washington.  It did not work.  But, what do you think would happen if a million-man army of Americans showed up locked and loaded?  Semper Fi!  Gunny

Back in the Philippines General John J Pershing was fighting with the Muslims some 100 yrs. ago , as the fight had ended Pershing wrapped some Muslims  in Pug Skin  and the didn't have any problems over there for over 50 yrs. They do not want to be near them. I have seen this story as I did live close to that Pig Farm back in the 80's as I got married in my home in Katy 30 yrs ago. I say start doing the same as Pershing and see how quick things might change here in America. A Million Man Army would take care of all our problems right here in America. Our Law Enforcement and Our Military would have to be part of the Million man Army to get things done right as they in Washington know that the American People will stick together one way or the other. Americans will not fight each other again except for the  New Hitler's Brown Shirts as we all know who they are.. God Help Us from such stupidity by so few !

Dave, there are additional references to this Muslim aversion to pigs. See the following from Wikipedia, referencing the Indian rebellion of 1857;

Refusing to "bite the cartridge" was a turn of phrase used by the British in India of Native Indian soldiers (sepoys) who had mutinied in 1857.

It derives from the act of biting open a paper cartridge containing gunpowder in order to load contemporary rifles.

One of the alleged causes of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 were rumours that the grease on these cartridges designed to keep them dry was, variously, pork or beef fat (pork being abhorrent to Muslims, cows being sacred to Hindus), thus their refusal to bite them.

I heard the story of Pershing and the muslims.  It sure sounded good, but, not true:

Here are some quotes from Retired General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis:

If we follow the rules set by Generals Puller and Mattis, working together, we will not know what defeat is, because we can stop them as General Mattis stated.

Based on the Marines and the others I get in my office, plus, what is happening with the County Sheriffs in most states, we will be supported.  Remember what happened in Athens, TN in 1946 when the government people tried to take over the citizens.  The governemnt people lost,,,

Gunny got this from John just above this about India and the Brits



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