Get ready, TSHTF is about to happen.

Benghazi Libya, US Consulate terrorist attack and the call for help;

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she sent the request for additional support to both the Pentagon and to the White House.

Obama first tried to say he never knew anything about a call to send additional support.

CIA Administrator General David Petraeus released a statement saying that no one in the CIA denied support for the embassy.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta first tried to claim that he never got any requests for additional support. But now Secretary Panetta claims they did not have enough intelligence to send additional forces into harms way, Panetta claims he was the one that made the decision NOT to send in support.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both still running around the country trying to sell the claim that the whole thing was due to some dumb slob making a video that “offended” the Muslims.

But now we’ve learned that Obama watched the whole thing on a monitor in the Situation room of the White House. Secretary Clinton is trying to cover her ass by releasing her email messages that were sent from her office.

Either Panetta himself dropped the ball or the Buck stops at Obama’s desk. Either way Congress and the American people are calling for a full disclosure immediately.

I think Hillary’s call for support was intercepted by Vallery Jarrett, either before Obama ever saw it, or when Obama asked Panetta to send that support. But Vallery Jarrett does NOT have any authority. If the White House or Panetta allowed Jarrett to make that decision, then there will be hell to pay for it.

We’ve learned that one of the Navy Seals killed in the attack had one of the terrorists mortar posts targeted with a LASER guidance beam. He would not have done that unless he was sure there was going to be somebody in the skies above to use that laser beam to take out that mortar position. Because that laser beam also exposed his own position to the enemy. He was expecting support – very soon.

In the middle of all this there is a lot of speculation about why ambassador Stevens and his staff were even in Benghazi in the first place. Why were two Navy Seals there? They were not part of the embassy security staff.  It turns out that the Obama administration had supplied a massive amount of guns and arms to the Libyan rebels during the revolution to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Ambassador Stevens may have played a roll in that arms deal, and the Navy Seals may have been there trying to locate some of those weapons. The Obama administration is now doing the same thing in Syria. Reports say that they are supplying the Syrian rebels with millions of dollars worth of arms and munitions, an estimated 40 tons worth of weapons just within the past month.

Obama is arming the enemy and sending them aid both in terms money and in massive amounts of weapons that will later be turned against Americans.

The whole country is calling for full disclosure, Congress is calling for a full investigation, and they want the White House to release the videos of the attack on Sept 11th, 2012.

The entire White House and Pentagon handling of the attack on our U.S. consulate and the deaths of an American ambassador, one of his staff, and two Navy Seals reveals a measure of complete and total disregard for our people and incompetence not seen since the “Black-Hawk Down” incident in the Clinton administration. Clinton administration also refused to send in reinforcements.

Obama says they will NOT release the reports of the investigation until AFTER the elections. Congress (and I suspect parts of the Military and possibly the CIA), are not going to settle for this administration delaying release of those reports until after the elections.

Now at the same time we have a massive storm hammering the East coast. Hurricane Sandy is reported to be the largest and most dangerous storm in the past 100 years.

Remember the Democrat motto; never let a good crisis go to waste.

Conclusion:  TS--t is about to hit the fan.

Be ready.

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The S--- won't hit the fan unless the Mainstream Media get's on board, and the odds of that happening are very very thin. They will protect him until after the election.

Somehow we must make the media pay for their being complicit in covering-up the murders of 4 Americans by Obama's decisions. How do we get them to sweat blood?

Rush read several reports of media speculation of whether the President would have to cancel the elections do to Hurricane Sandy. I look for a State of Emergency to be declared, That must be the reason they've been building the whole thing up so much. Anything to keep the subject off Treason, they're definitely complicit in the whole thing.

Obama is arming the enemy and sending them aid both in terms money and in massive amounts of weapons that will later be turned against Americans.
We have been sending Congress people this for month's but only get stupid replies of denial !!! And ask them where all the money has went from the 'green' energy companies gone bankrupt - well guess where ?!!!

The mainstream media is not going to report on this story - especially now with the storm Sandra taking up all the news time.  Also, I posted on several media FB pages today and in many cases, they removed my post within minutes.  A friend who also posted on the same sights was turned in as a spammer.  They are pulling out all the stops to see this story get buried.  Also, I heard that Congressional hearings will not be until AFTER the election.  Congress is letting him get away with this.  The Republicans aren't much better than the Democrats.  Resolving the evil that has taken over this country will probably not be resolved in the political arena.  America is in for some very rough times.

I wonder how or if the MSM will report it if a passenger plane gets taken down by some of these weapons in the future causing an international incident that has American made arms being used ?

20,000 Stinger missles missing..........shoulder held.  2-3 per passenger plane should do it, or one per chopper, train, or bus.  Direlection of duty or Treason, by arming the enemy, which is it?

Complicit isn't what they are guilty of, It is a position of being an accomplice in support of acts of Treason.  Journalists have

a Creed.  That supposedly does't allow the convolution of the facts, they can have opinions, but not those that they have knowledge of.specific acts.  If I'm not mistaken, USC, Title 18 and the amemdments therein acknowledge the knowledge of the act is the assumption of guilt.

Picky ain't we?

It is about time that this bastard coward muslim marxist gets flushed with all the feces in the white house!!!

Yes, James, ditto here.

The S**t will not hit the fan until someone pushes Obama into it.

Here's some media #'s you can call to raise hell: ABC  (212)456-7777     NBC  (212)6643720    CNN  (404)827-1500



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