Constitutional Emergency

Get ready, TSHTF is about to happen.

Benghazi Libya, US Consulate terrorist attack and the call for help;

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she sent the request for additional support to both the Pentagon and to the White House.

Obama first tried to say he never knew anything about a call to send additional support.

CIA Administrator General David Petraeus released a statement saying that no one in the CIA denied support for the embassy.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta first tried to claim that he never got any requests for additional support. But now Secretary Panetta claims they did not have enough intelligence to send additional forces into harms way, Panetta claims he was the one that made the decision NOT to send in support.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both still running around the country trying to sell the claim that the whole thing was due to some dumb slob making a video that “offended” the Muslims.

But now we’ve learned that Obama watched the whole thing on a monitor in the Situation room of the White House. Secretary Clinton is trying to cover her ass by releasing her email messages that were sent from her office.

Either Panetta himself dropped the ball or the Buck stops at Obama’s desk. Either way Congress and the American people are calling for a full disclosure immediately.

I think Hillary’s call for support was intercepted by Vallery Jarrett, either before Obama ever saw it, or when Obama asked Panetta to send that support. But Vallery Jarrett does NOT have any authority. If the White House or Panetta allowed Jarrett to make that decision, then there will be hell to pay for it.

We’ve learned that one of the Navy Seals killed in the attack had one of the terrorists mortar posts targeted with a LASER guidance beam. He would not have done that unless he was sure there was going to be somebody in the skies above to use that laser beam to take out that mortar position. Because that laser beam also exposed his own position to the enemy. He was expecting support – very soon.

In the middle of all this there is a lot of speculation about why ambassador Stevens and his staff were even in Benghazi in the first place. Why were two Navy Seals there? They were not part of the embassy security staff.  It turns out that the Obama administration had supplied a massive amount of guns and arms to the Libyan rebels during the revolution to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Ambassador Stevens may have played a roll in that arms deal, and the Navy Seals may have been there trying to locate some of those weapons. The Obama administration is now doing the same thing in Syria. Reports say that they are supplying the Syrian rebels with millions of dollars worth of arms and munitions, an estimated 40 tons worth of weapons just within the past month.

Obama is arming the enemy and sending them aid both in terms money and in massive amounts of weapons that will later be turned against Americans.

The whole country is calling for full disclosure, Congress is calling for a full investigation, and they want the White House to release the videos of the attack on Sept 11th, 2012.

The entire White House and Pentagon handling of the attack on our U.S. consulate and the deaths of an American ambassador, one of his staff, and two Navy Seals reveals a measure of complete and total disregard for our people and incompetence not seen since the “Black-Hawk Down” incident in the Clinton administration. Clinton administration also refused to send in reinforcements.

Obama says they will NOT release the reports of the investigation until AFTER the elections. Congress (and I suspect parts of the Military and possibly the CIA), are not going to settle for this administration delaying release of those reports until after the elections.

Now at the same time we have a massive storm hammering the East coast. Hurricane Sandy is reported to be the largest and most dangerous storm in the past 100 years.

Remember the Democrat motto; never let a good crisis go to waste.

Conclusion:  TS--t is about to hit the fan.

Be ready.

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Hey Lee, we think alike, and if enough people will send this info, to everyone on their e-mail list, then ask them to forward it, it would appear the Networks might just up and take notice of their phones ringing off the walls, and their switchboards all tied up. This is the NEWS and they are covering up for all of them, not right.

Good Job Lee!! I copied those numbers and sent them out to everyone on our thread, I also put all the numbers into my phone, and will start calling them  tomorrow.........48 hours of "Sandy" is enough for me!

Thanks Lee!

I have something in my memory about "They can run, but they can't hide......................................IT IS OUT THERE FOLKS!!   The first Liar doesn't have a chance!!  Again, I repeat "Who is on First?"  These people, are so tangled into their weave of lies, and so many of them are lying, they are all getting their stories mixed up, it is beginning to look like a Comedy, yes a "Comedy of Errors" but the sad thing is, four Americans were killed.  These Heartless Bastards could care less, they are only interested in covering their butts. I would like for each person, on this site to call and demand coverage from the MSM.

           Here are their numbers:     NBC---212-664-3720




Yes, I do realize we are in the middle of a horrific storm, and am praying for the safety of the People in the East, but the Storm will pass, and we could still be stuck with Obama, if the Public doesn't get the truth. 





The media won't affect  whether things go bad fast.  Six states are under a state of emergency thanks to the super storm, Sandy, one tiny step away from Marshall Law.  Obama has written another Executive Order that he plans to use soon.  Taking Federal control of all the state police.  Gving Obama total control, and governors none!!!  Something has to break loose soon or we will find ourselves under a far worse condition than Germany had under Hitler.  Hard to believe it could be any worse, but Hitler actually wanted to build up Germany.  Obama wants to destroy the U.S. and every legal U.S. citizen that is not an Obama backer.  Every check and balance has been removed so that there is nothing to legally stop those Executive Orders from becoming Law the minute Marshall Law is declared . Except for the FACT! that Obama is not even a legal citizen of this nation and someone needs to remove him from office for that reason.... It is the only thing that makes any sense! 

"I think Hillary’s call for support was intercepted by Vallery Jarrett, either before Obama ever saw it, or when Obama asked Panetta to send that support. But Vallery Jarrett does NOT have any authority. If the White House or Panetta allowed Jarrett to make that decision, then there will be hell to pay for it."

If there is hell to pay it will not be the right people you can bet on it. If Jarrett stopped this she should be charged with Murder and Obummer needs to pay a heavy price as well and Panetta should be run out of the country at this point. He is useless and should have NEVER been made Sec of Defense. What the hell were they thinking? Oh WAIT they were NOT thinking. They don't give a crap about our Military people nor the CIA operators they have put in harms way. This makes me sick and I KNOW nothing will be done to the right people. They will find someone down the food chain and hang them out to dry and that will be the end of it.

When in hell did we become a Country that abandons our people and allow them to be killed without trying to save them? WHEN? WOW!

  obama should have been impeached long ago and there have been grounds to do it, before this incident.  I can't get over the amount of thing Obama has done against all of us, and is still doing it, and he continues to get away with it.  I have never seen anything like this in my intire life.    And if Obama is reelected our livelyhoods are finished and destroyed completely.

It is up to we the people to do something for ourselves and vote this intire administration out of office. Obama has already completed most of what his intentions have been all along by ruining our lives and our country and God help us all, if the ignorant voters do this again to us putting this Muslim back in office and his coherts.

There is going to be nobody investigating anything he does. He has circumvented the Congress and the Senate to the point that all they do now is collect their paycheck and benefits He has told them to shut up and do as they are told and like "good little puppy's" they listen.What has any of them done to stop him. Absolutely "NOTHING" .He does as he pleases and they let him do it.He and his appointed people have taken America over. We have been hearing about his hate of America for the last 4 years and our leaders could care less about what he does.They harp about Romney not releasing enough of his tax records and they do not even know where obama was born. In fact most of obamas appointments are people that have already been investigated for tax evasion. That is one of the requirements to be on his team. Congressman Carnahan and Senator McCaskill of Missouri were both caught cheating. McCaskill did say she felt "awful" when she remembered that she forgot for 3 years to claim an aircraft that her husband was partners in.(She had to write a check for $350,000.00 in back taxes.) Carnahan (who is a law maker making laws that "WE" must live by) just did not know that if you own a boat and live in Missouri you must pay personell property tax on it. He thought that if you dock it in Il. you just paid no tax on it at all. Kind of like if you and your wife park your cars across the bridge in Il then have some one drive you back to Mo you would owe no personell property tax on the vehicles. In fact he had no idea that when you buy a boat you are suppose to put it in your name. He had to be caught cheating before he understood the law. Of course sometimes when you make laws for "others to live by" it may be easy to forget that you should also live by them.No I just do not see any investigation into obama or any other politician.Those people are well above the law of the "COMMON PEOPLE".

Where is the Congress?

Lost in Space!!!!!

Good...let it RIP!

This Is Treason And It Is Of The Highest Order! Impeach This Fraud!



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