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Is there Any Evidence That The UN Is Going After Israel And America?

 2017- Look what I found, the complete votes, and why am I not surprise that the EU and the UK voted yes. 2019 UN states Israel's Wall violates International Law, and if America builds a wall.

 Yes, there is a lot of evidence that they are going after America and Israel. I do not recommend going into facebook, they are tracking conservatives.

2.9 million views on Facebook:


* En Francais:

(UN Human Rights Council, March 20, 2017) #whereareyourjews



"Algeria, where are your Jews?" — Hillel Neuer silences the U.N.

 A total of 128 countries, including Malaysia, on Dec 21 voted in favour of a United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for the United States to withdraw its decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital. However, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said America will go on and move its embassy to Jerusalem. Read more at:



128 UN member states call for USA to withdraw Jerusalem move- YouTube

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Only 9 UN member states voted WITH Israel and the USA, Pretty good reason for the US to tell the UN to go F___ k themselves as far as I am concerned.
Get the hell out of the UN and get the UN OUT of America.
Good find on that one Tif.

have pissed them off so much, I really do not give a @#%$ anymore, same for the current crop of resident legislators in Congress and the House. They can't get impeachment out of their heads and do any work required by "WE THE PEOPLE" who elected their asses to Congress. WHY ??? TIME FOR DJT to execute the "INSURRECTION ACT", Get the 100K sealed indictment executed, those people rounded up and sent to GITMO for disposition, and finally get the Military into arrest mode in this country to collect all the illegal immigrants picked up and removed from this country, ASAP !!!!

I am right with there Old Rooster, hook, line and sinker....I would like to see, if the UN thinks they are going to say you can't build the wall, so I can tell them to "Kiss my ass" and to move their ass out of New York and Off of the United States soil permanently.

The FED is tyrannical and against our Constitution but it's not all that Jewish, the ones there are crypto-Jews, in other words people that say they are Jews but are not Jews. There are two kinds of Jews, Israelites from the tribe of Judah and other people that adopt the religion of Judaism. And modern Judaism is as twisted as modern Christianity is.

The king of Khazar converted his entire kingdom to Judaism circa 8-9 A.D., thus the term Ashkenazi Jew, which are not descended from Judah, Abraham's 4th grandson, who became the first Jew. Yes, the majority of Jewish people in Y'israel are not genetic Jews, nor were they in the Land at the time Yeshua (Jesus) was with His people, therefore they are not the money changers Yeshua referred to in Scriptures. Originally Judaism was formed to deny that Yeshua was the promised Messiah and Redeemer of all mankind. Mrs. Tif, may I suggest you do more study on this before you post anymore info about these British Jews. The FED was brought to us by tyrants that want to destroy America, regardless of any race, creed or religion. Woodrow Wilson, from what I have found was not Jewish yet he was the President that force the FED on our once great Republic.

Mrs. Tif, I'm gonna be as nice about this as I possibly can. You have very little knowledge of the Bible, Genesis through Revelation. Moses was of the Tribe of Levi, Levi was the third grandson of Abraham. When Moses led the Children of Y'israel out of Egypt and "mixed multitude" went out with them, so yes there were a number of "gentiles" that joined themselves to the God of Y'israel, who is YHVH, but they were expected to obey the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or be put out of the nation of Y'israel.

Many Americans are descended from the British people, Welsh, Scot and Irish included, as well as other European nations from the mid 1600's through the 1800's, and I'm sure there were many Jews among them as history reflects.

Islamic Jews? Mrs. Tif, have you been nipping at the moonshine?

Our Constitution was based on the Judeo Christian ethic of the era. That is both sound Jewish and Christian moral ethics, which most New Testament only Christians fail to recognize.

Again, may I suggest you refresh you history knowledge before future postings here? Your anti-Semitic leanings are showing, whether you are aware of it or not.

What "some say" about you appears to be absolutely correct.

Every Morgan I ever met was of British descent of the Church of England.

The Palestinian people is a politically correct term and many people all over the world share the same DNA characteristics due to emigration among the nations of the world, the entire world has become a mixed multitude but there is one true God fully in control, He is YHVH and His Redeemer is returning soon. That is what we all ultimately need to be prepared for.

I don't think it's my computer mouse that is screwing up, I think its my internet connections or perhaps NING network itself.
I've been trying to reply to Lee's post on Tif's thread about the Queen and the jews.
But this ning site wont let me reply or edit my own damn posts.
Something is wrong here and it's not just my computer or the mouse.
I'm going to contact NING networks and find out. They better not be following FacistBook's policies of blocking people.

OK, Back to the thread issue; Lee, As usual - good to hear from you again.
Tif, I know you don't know Lee Vail yet, but please listen to what this man has to say. He is as close to being an ordained Rabbi as you can get.
Lee - Sorry if I got any of that wrong, No offense intended my friend.

As usual I enjoy reading what you have to say. Especially liked some of those conversations between you and Michael Regan.

Minister of the Hebraic Perspective is the correct description.

I sure miss the many conversations I had with Michael Regan on this ning.

And always wonderful to be on here with you Old Rooster.

Thank you for keeping this forum going.

The Holy Bible is my source of knowledge of the true Israeli's, beginning with the 12th chapter of Genesis. You are aware that Yeshua (Jesus) was Jewish? He was a descendant of King David through His father Joseph and His mother Mary. He also had an uncle of the priestly order, Zacharias, a Levite (as Moses was) that performed priestly duties in the Temple before the birth of Yeshua. Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth had a son, John the Baptist, first cousin (earthly speaking) of Yeshua.

Do you know who the first Israeli was? Waiting for your answer Mrs. Tif.

Any Bible version has the correct answer to the question so you have proven your Scriptural illiteracy. The Tyndale Bible was the basis for the KJV. I prefer the New American Standard Bible, 1995 update but I have over 30 other translations to consult if necessary.

Ya'akov, Jacob was renamed Israel, thus the first Israeli.

The Roman Catholic Church killed more Jews than King James ever contemplated killing and were fully aware of what Hitler was doing with the Holocaust. complicit even.



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