Constitutional Emergency


Year after year the situation in America deteriorates...immorality, corrupt government, constitutional abandonment, and God only know what the sub aspects of these three categories consist of.......I have watched, listened, made phone calls, faxed politicians over the years, gone to rallies in Washington, D.C., all in hopes there would be some small political coalition, some news media, that would rebel against the betrayal of just is not going to happen without a "peoples revolt".

Obama has already increased the abortion playing field exponentially, he talks transparency but hides his "second oath" without a Bible, rants about lobbyist and then places one as Deputy Secretary of Defense, will ask Congress to allow open homosexuality in the military, nominates a Secretary of Treasury that purposefully refused to pay IRS some $34K, but he sails through approval in Senate Committee, trillions of dollars willing to be spent on God knows what, no plan...just throw money...our money and our debt...the courts are out of control...the three branches of government no longer pay any attention to Constitutional role they should perform.

The people in America must rise up......and I mean physically...not violent but in large numbers in every town, city, State Capitol, and the Nations Capitol...there must be a signal given now in anticipation of the 2010 elections..we need to shut down cities.....marches, demonstrations, even to the point of arrests.......I'm not talking about violence, I'm talking about 25 or 50 people in small cities blocking major streets during rush hour, and at some point shutting Washington, DC down for a few hours with intent of gaining media attention.....this is the only way we will get the attention of leadership and the media while building a voter base to throw the scum bags out in 2010.......

We're not ready for this yet but can be in a matter of months...this will not cost much at local and State, gets more costly at national level with huge crowds (regulations).

We can lead these type actions and spreading the plan to other groups will find fertile ground of participation......our sole theme for these activist events must be "Constitutional Principles" that lead our nation back to a Republic form of governing with integrity, truth and honor.

Someone convince me there is another way, near term because I don't think we have much time to save our nation with emails and web sites......I'm open to thoughts.........Bo Threadgill introduced me to Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party......he called me today but the bottom line is he does not know what or how to fix the mess we're in.......Mr. Phillips rattled off numerous organizations that are doing good things but none are connected as a "massed force" ready for the attack....just hundreds of patriotic groups in isolation, fragmented, feeding the choir........sorta like we're doing at this stage.......

There comes a time when action can no longer be ignored........we are at that stage in my opinion and I ask all of you to put your thinking hats on, teams/groups working together, brain-storm, come up with ideas, solutions, and a recommended plan of attack.......

I'm sending this out to all subscribers as well as putting it on Patriots For America site, so all your thoughts should be directed at the forum entry.

A Republic if We can keep it

Isaiah 40:31 - But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Take a few minutes, watch

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Here's the problem wrapped up in an analogy.

Let's say I'm a father, nothing weird or abnormal, just a regular father trying to raise a son. In the beginning, my size and my position garner respect and words are enough. My boy listens to me, learns from me and grows. As he gets older and bigger himself, however, he starts getting a dose of testosterone and starts thinking more about himself. He starts challenging my words alone and actions are sometimes necessary. These actions can be many different things but are designed to remind him that, yes, you are growing up but you're still nowhere ready to make the decisions. I had a friend who's father used boxing - they would strap the gloves on and go at it. The son, my friend, invariably realized that the Father was still THE MAN. However, had he not done that, his dad would simply say no and, upon being challenged, would move on to "Don't do it or else". Right there, if the ordered actions are not taken and NOTHING follows, the son has realized what an empty threat is. This may continue for some time and in order for the Father to gain control back, more severe actions are necessary than would have been before.

That is where we, as a Nation, are at right now. We have been full of empty threats and B.S. for so long threats don't mean a damn thing. Don't do it or we'll vote you out - sure, some come and go but, as a whole, the same lot remains both in Congress and in the unelected offices in the White House (Such as the Senior Executive Service) that truly hold more power than we will ever know. It is going to take a MASSIVE action to bring this back under control. It is going to take far more drastic measures than would have been necessary a century ago. It is going to take a strong, full power, closed fist punch to the face to get the power back in order to get rid of the Federal Reserve and the criminals in control of our elected criminals...I'm sorry, I mean "Representatives".

That's the problem I see - we can organize all kinds of things but the infrastructure has been set up to detain, arrest and permanently DISAPPEAR nearly unlimited numbers of Citizens.

If anyone can think of reasons why I'm wrong here, of solutions that don't involve the people rising up in a Shot Heard Round the World - please, let me know. I don't see it though. For me, I am starting to prepare.

Seriously, honestly and as directly as possible - TELL ME if there's something I'm missing. A war with our own Government is not what I want. I just want FREEDOM and to be LEFT THE HELL ALONE. If there are no other options and a rising is what's necessary to restore the ability to live in the manner I described then SO BE IT!
I have been arrested and risked arrest many times for defending freedom. It might be time to do it again. It might be, but let's draw a breath. We are mad as hell, but we need to think clearly.

I will plan to write more about this in the near future. But for the moment, let me say that my initial impression is that a fledgling organization like this one ought to grow a little before it plans demonstrations. Let's get some size - add a little mass - then (maybe) flex our muscles.

Before I quote Abraham Lincoln, let me admit that I despise him as a tyrant. But he was smart enough to say something like this, "Public sentiment is everything. With it nothing can fail. Without it nothing can succeed."

Anything we plan should be planned to improve public sentiment. We can come across as true patriots, or kooks. Part of that will be the MSM trying to portray all freedom-lovers as backward hicks (clinging to our guns and religion). But part of public sentiment will be determined by what we do, how we do it, what we say, and what we don't say. A little growing as an organization, and a lot of thought should precede any plans for a demonstration.

After planning, we might decide to start shouting that we are mad as hell and won't take it anymore. Or we might decide to burn a copy of the Constitution on the steps of the Capitol. Or we might decide to give away a million copies of the Constitution to a target group. Or buy air time and read it verse by verse. Or march on the Capitol and risk arrest.

You can count me in as long as careful thought has been given, and a plan made, to further the cause of freedom. Arrest is not that bad, and a small price to pay, IF it helps rather than hurts our cause. I am NOT afraid of arrest; I AM afraid of not doing our best. Let's keep up the dialogue with a view to taking action. Careful, deliberate, meaningful action. President Bush said in one of his finer moments, "They will hear from us, at a time of our choosing."
I actually like that idea. Go through certain portions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights with some history and examples of past and current Government actions contrary to it. Some airtime with that message, say 1 - 2 minutes might be a damn good idea. Anybody have any idea what that would cost on a Radio Station - I think A.M. would be good but might be preaching to the choir - at least in Houston as almost all of A.M. radio is "Conservative" talk.
There are always alternatives. I was involved with the Minuteman group in southern Ariz. Those agents that were on the ground did the best they could with what they where given. Many good agents were restricted by their bosses. That is how deep those in power have gotten. We could just watch our enemy and hope they go away. We could ask them to relinguish their power back to the people

And that's the point isn't it? Like I said before, I've marched, protested, called, wrote and yelled. And it's done nothing. Preparations need to be made, I am closer than I've ever been, and part of those preparations include numbers. Mass of force.
Not hard when the members of your group don't work, get Government money and are free, oh, ALWAYS!

I jest but it's true to a large part. Our movement, Liberty and Freedom, we believe in working and earning what we have and most of us just can't take a day off to go protest, march etc. etc. etc. When the media shows 4 million people in D.C. for a coronation, they never ask "How'd all these people get off work"? Why wasn't there a huge production slowdown that day? Hmm, interesting.

I'm with this all the way - no matter what the end. My girl is as well, she just has gotten past the point where she's willing to write and talk, she's all preparation. If we can get groups together, let me know if there's anything I can do and I'm on it. I've already been discussing this idea with a few of the groups I'm involved with - unfortunately, I get the response "What's their stance on [insert whatever here]". If it doesn't fit in completely with their stance, regardless that we all have the same goal, LIBERTY AND CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT so that we can once again decide things ourselves, then they lose interest.
They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. The thing is - it has to get to a point where we're willing to risk that. Question is, where's that point for you?

Sorry to say it but we are in what seems to be a lose-lose or a lose-win, not a lot of choice....if things keep going like they are we lose our government, our fortunes, our futures.....if we go the other way, there may be a loss of fortune, but we win with the regaining of the government and the future....Jobs are going to come and go....mostly go for the moment.
Part of that is, whenever marches are made against Government Control (Instead of the marches for immigrants, gays etc.), the Government brings out their shock troops and puts undercover officers in the group and provokes the cops to start the "Riot Control" (Read: Gassing, beating, rubber bullets etc.). So what to do - when the enemy brings violence, how much can be done before violence must be matched?
Misnomer, ever so slight

"I think we should plan for peace but prepare for violence"

Yes.....Sa vis pacem, parabellum.....If you desire peace prepare for war!

So we plan for war with the desire for peace...

Folks you have to read the books.....knowledge is power.....and spread the books around

Get used to the fact, we will be declared criminal, they will hunt us and it is up to us to react one in jail does us much does create a burden on the powers that be by being forced to feed us....but that is easy enough to cure......
We want non violence....but the same principles apply.

Okay, we see where decades of us just wanting to be left alone Has brought us, remember the one article i wrote Guard with jealous attention.....well we let our collective guard down and our state reps have become lackeys of the federal B-HO has his millions of supporters.....let us not fool could turn into a brown shirt type movement at a moments notice.

Now we discover that freedom is not free.....we must guard against usurpation at every turn....but the constitution has already been usurped

This cannot be a passing fancy and people must start planning now for safe houses, start creating a network of trusted like minded friends......ones who will appear aloof and inactive but will support the cause.....

THE PRINCIPLES IN DA PAM 550-104 MUST BE IMPLEMENTED....we need press....we need media somehow....and I think we have some of that in the internet....but we have to reach out to everyone.....

We didn't get here overnight, getting back will not happen overnight, all of the steps below must be planned in a disjointed fashion, we need a master plan from which local area leaders can then implement plans for their area. the books....invaluable....these are tried and true techniques that must happen in order for us to regain the will not be easy

Where we are!


Creating popular support for the recovery of the constitution movement

Developing support of the populace to allow the activists to avoid detection and move freely.

Promoting the recruitment of others into the resistance movement.

Discrediting the existing government and its programs.

(Introducing or delineating a shadow government or government in exile) we don't want new government we want public servants who obey the constitution

Maintaining support of the indigenous populace for support and presence.

Dividing and inducing defection among enemy forces.

Winning the support of the uncommitted.

Preserving and strengthening friendly civilian support.

Developing unity among the UW force. (should this become necessary)

Maintaining motivation in the UW force. (Ditto)

God bless us everyone and god save the constitution!
It is not always how much you do but the importance of the job u do. How many people have one day a week or two to take off. There are so many with time they dont know they have. It took me months to prepare to get down to the border when me and my lady was down on the AZ with the Minuteman and Chris Simcox. We had plenty to do in the rear operations. It takes about 7 people to put one person in the field. You can email people there is so much that needs to be done. There will plenty of people who will be able to be in the field. Fundraisers to help those who need help to go to major events. Believe me there will be encough. Chris Simcox started with 40 people and we are growing faster than he did because of your love of our country.

Financial----This is simply an example.

4000 patriots who can average 5 dol a month. that comes to 20,000 a month, lets see that is what, I think around 124,000 a year



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