Constitutional Emergency


Year after year the situation in America deteriorates...immorality, corrupt government, constitutional abandonment, and God only know what the sub aspects of these three categories consist of.......I have watched, listened, made phone calls, faxed politicians over the years, gone to rallies in Washington, D.C., all in hopes there would be some small political coalition, some news media, that would rebel against the betrayal of just is not going to happen without a "peoples revolt".

Obama has already increased the abortion playing field exponentially, he talks transparency but hides his "second oath" without a Bible, rants about lobbyist and then places one as Deputy Secretary of Defense, will ask Congress to allow open homosexuality in the military, nominates a Secretary of Treasury that purposefully refused to pay IRS some $34K, but he sails through approval in Senate Committee, trillions of dollars willing to be spent on God knows what, no plan...just throw money...our money and our debt...the courts are out of control...the three branches of government no longer pay any attention to Constitutional role they should perform.

The people in America must rise up......and I mean physically...not violent but in large numbers in every town, city, State Capitol, and the Nations Capitol...there must be a signal given now in anticipation of the 2010 elections..we need to shut down cities.....marches, demonstrations, even to the point of arrests.......I'm not talking about violence, I'm talking about 25 or 50 people in small cities blocking major streets during rush hour, and at some point shutting Washington, DC down for a few hours with intent of gaining media attention.....this is the only way we will get the attention of leadership and the media while building a voter base to throw the scum bags out in 2010.......

We're not ready for this yet but can be in a matter of months...this will not cost much at local and State, gets more costly at national level with huge crowds (regulations).

We can lead these type actions and spreading the plan to other groups will find fertile ground of participation......our sole theme for these activist events must be "Constitutional Principles" that lead our nation back to a Republic form of governing with integrity, truth and honor.

Someone convince me there is another way, near term because I don't think we have much time to save our nation with emails and web sites......I'm open to thoughts.........Bo Threadgill introduced me to Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party......he called me today but the bottom line is he does not know what or how to fix the mess we're in.......Mr. Phillips rattled off numerous organizations that are doing good things but none are connected as a "massed force" ready for the attack....just hundreds of patriotic groups in isolation, fragmented, feeding the choir........sorta like we're doing at this stage.......

There comes a time when action can no longer be ignored........we are at that stage in my opinion and I ask all of you to put your thinking hats on, teams/groups working together, brain-storm, come up with ideas, solutions, and a recommended plan of attack.......

I'm sending this out to all subscribers as well as putting it on Patriots For America site, so all your thoughts should be directed at the forum entry.

A Republic if We can keep it

Isaiah 40:31 - But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Take a few minutes, watch

Patriots For America...join up

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Yup that will be easier when everything goes digital....then we can hack away and insert our own videos.
There are other things that we can do. For starters we start busting their wallets, start urging your like minded friends to begin taking max deductions on their W-4 max it out so no money goes to the IRS...remember, most of the people who think like us have jobs. If we can get just 1,000,000 people to do that....if they drop the tax they pay just $100 per month that is 100 million dollars these guys are not going to get....even though it is Fiat think, if we can get half of the people 29,000,000 people to reduce their taxes $100 per month.....beside the jackals can print all the money they is perfectly legal and the B-ho said he was gonna cut taxes for the middle class......then we campaign to get as many people as possible to campaign in their communities to get people to not even file.

Okay as far as people having jobs.....hey there are over 500,000 from last month looking for a job.....I am thinking we are about to get our masses.

Then we have to work on giving credit where credit is due.....a friend and I are going to make a video and show it at the local cultural centers. Have free popcorn, whatever......we have to gain popular support first, without popular support we are will wilt and slip into tyranny....and that will have to last for a while before the peeps get to seething, or could turn out like WWII and require a rescue party.
A Boston American Tea Party!
We need one bad.............
Thomas Jefferson: “It should be remembered as an axiom of eternal truth in politics that whatever power in any government is independent is absolute also; in theory only, at first, while the spirit of the people is up, but in practice as fast as that relaxes. Independence can be trusted nowhere but with the people in mass.6
An excellent overview of politics leading up to the 1st American Revolution.
Harry Riley wrote: The people in America must rise up......and I mean physically...not violent but in large numbers in every town, city, State Capitol, and the Nations Capitol...there must be a signal given now in anticipation of the 2010 elections..we need to shut down cities.....marches, demonstrations, even to the point of arrests.......I'm not talking about violence, I'm talking about 25 or 50 people in small cities blocking major streets during rush hour, and at some point shutting Washington, DC down for a few hours with intent of gaining media attention.....this is the only way we will get the attention of leadership and the media while building a voter base to throw the scum bags out in 2010.......

This type of civil disobedience may be good to get local attention, but it no way to win the hearts and minds of ordinary people. When you are identified as "right-wing radicals" or "patriot militia nuts" by the media, the people will be turned by what is called "manufactured consent." It is the way that the FedGov will use the media to turn all good intentions against those who exercise good intentions. The result will be that our fellow countrymen will become hostile toward the patriots.

Please read the Patrick Henry statement below. Patrick Henry understood the vanity of simply assembling the people to protest. He would say "Without your arms, you become merely an easy target for the oppressor."

We must raise up militia groups across the land. They must be unorganized (with respect to the state's control) but well-disciplined. They are NOT the national guard, nor are they the state guard who fills the vacuum of the national guard when it is deployed (illegally) by the federal government.

Build your militia groups quickly. Select level-headed and clear thinking people to speak for the group. Above all, remember, "If you want peace, prepare for war." Let your enemy know that you are willing to fight and die for what you BELIEVE in. Our enemy will not be our fellow countrymen, but rather the paid mercenaries who will come out against us. They will fight because of external motivation (money, power, possessions) We will fight because of INTERNAL motivation.

Norm Olson, Co-Founder and 1st Commander
Michigan Militia

Patrick Henry's Quote on 'Ambuscade and Treason'By Bernadine Smith

Patrick Henry saw in the Constitution many loopholes, which horrified him. In 1787 he called it a "crazy magazine" and vehemently opposed its adoption. He never let up till 1791, when the people's liberty became somewhat safeguarded by the Bill of Rights.
Henry had fought in the long war to establish liberty and he did not intend to let this Constitution "trample on your fallen liberty!" It granted power to the new government, but it held no safeguards for the liberty of the people. Henry saw many dangers in the document signed even by George Washington, and he railed against it.
Henry's insight told him that what was being done with the militia was sheer madness! Art. 1, Sec. 8, Clauses 15 & 16 turned the militia over to Congress, and Art. II, Sec. 2, Clause 1 turned the command of the militia over to the President to be its "Commander-In-Chief...when called into the actual service of the United States".
"When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of Americans was different; liberty, sir, was then the primary object," Henry fumed.
To turn the militia over to the very people who had to be watched, the ones who, he predicted, would "seize all power unto themselves, and convert the states into one consolidated government," was foolhardy! He predicted that the presidency would someday lead to treason. "Your militia will leave you and fight against you!" he warned.
Henry declared that the government was being granted too much money and too much power; that the power of the federal courts would enable the president to swell the patronage rolls; that the people were negligently suffering their liberty to be wrested from them; and that the treaty-making power of the president was one of the Constitution's most fearful features and would lead us into the most ruinous of foreign engagements.
He advised the people that the Constitution was being written as if only good men would take office. "What will you do when evil men take office?" he demanded. "When evil men take office, the whole gang will be in collusion! They will keep the people in utter ignorance and steal their liberty by ambuscade!" he warned. He added: "Your laws on impeachment are a sham and a mockery due to mutual implication of government officials!"
He expounded for twenty-three days in the Virginia statehouse on these and many other weak points in the document. As a result States began to refuse to ratify the Constitution.
"My great objection to this government is that it does not leave us the means of defending our rights, or waging war against tyrants. Have we the means of resisting disciplined armies, when our only defense, the militia, is put in the hands of Congress? Your guns are gone! What resistance could be made? Will you assemble and just tell them?
"Even if you could assemble, how will you enforce rightful punishment when due? Oh, sir, we should have fine times, indeed, if to punish tyrants, it were only necessary to assemble the people. A standing army we shall have, also to execute the execrable commands of tyranny."
Henry continued: "Let Mr. Madison tell me when did liberty ever exist when the sword and the purse were given up from the people? Unless a miracle shall interpose, no nation ever did, nor ever can, retain its liberty after the loss of the sword and the purse! Congress, by power of taxation, by the raising of an army, and by their control over the militia, have the sword in one hand and the purse in the other. Shall we be safe without either? Congress has unlimited power over both: they are entirely given up by us!
"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty! Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel! Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force, and whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined! When the government
Mr. Olsen has the right take on what must happen in order to force the majority of elected officials in this country to make the enforcement of the U.S. Constitution "the priority" in American governance. When the Government in any country has no fear of the righteous anger of it's Citizens; that countries Citizens will live in fear of their Government. That remains an absolute historical truth.

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty! Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel! Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force, and whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined!
Patrick Henry

Avoiding a fight is to commended and should be the first choice in our efforts to guide our Government back into submission to the precepts of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights; at the same time we must remain aware of the facts. Freedom isn't free, folks. The Socialists and Leftists, now in power in Washington, do not value our welfare, our opinions or our lives nor the lives of our families. We constitute a direct threat to their power base and as such, we are absolutely a dispensible impediment, best disposed of sooner - rather than later. Pelosi, Reid, Obama and all the other Leftists, Federal,State and Local are confident in their power and convinced that they can "Rule" as they please. Note that Barry Loetero and his coterie never speak of the "One" in terms of helping to "govern" this Country; the word they use is "Rule". They intend to "Rule" the American people. My children and my Grandchildren; and yours. Like hell.

I assure you I own sufficient weaponry and conviction to ensure that anyone with the intent to "rule" over me or mine will find me, at the least, a momentary diversion. Free men are not "ruled". The shredding and immolation of the Bill of Rights into smoke and ashes can not be met with platitudes. Leftists are Socialists in drag; Socialists are Communists in drag. Communists operate with one primary "Rule"; they win and their opponents die. Ask Stalin or Mao. Ask Pelosi or Obama. Ask History.

Am I advocating insurrection or sedition against the Constitution of the United States. Absolutely not.. What I am advocating is, as Mr. Olsen has factually detailed, we must remain aware, remain armed and create an association with like minded neighbors, family and friends. Informal, well-disciplined, well-armed non-government aligned, Patriot militias are the only true lever we have left to us. The day may very well soon be upon us, when you will have to decide - give up your weapons or make a stand. Lie down before tyranny and the final breaking of our Constitution or pick up a smoke-stick & rock n roll. When that day comes, surely there will be some few terribly misguided, un-ruly compatriots that will join me in my refusal to comply. At that point the Government will label us all criminals and terrorists. Ask History.

We must in truth apply both designs, mentioned in this conversation, to the problem we have. We must gather support, for the "as written" enforcement of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as expeditiously as possible by every peacefull means available to us. We also must gather together those men & women that love Freedom and Liberty into a viable ad hoc defence force, just in case the unthinkable were to actually overtake us. As Mr. Olsen remarked - there may not be much time for us. If just two more States pass legislation calling for a U.S. Constitutional Convention - the Socialists and Democrat Party in Washington can call for a Constitutional Convention and then designate every single individual that gets seated at the table. A Constitutional Convention would allow Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Rangel and the rest of the Democrat/Leftist cabal to abrogate and dissolve the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution and replace them with whatever terms of Government they please. Should that happen - I assure you that there will indeed be a war; right here - up close and personal. All they need is California and Hawaii; then all bets are off. Pray it doesn't happen.

Different individuals have different strengths and talents and inclinations. We must harness the potential we share; support those that might persuade folks to our viewpoint and help them plan & execute the PR / Civil Action portions of our intitative. Those of us, such as myself, heck - we're going to "cling" to our weapons, regardless and we can focus on collecting as many of our fellow "clingers" as might be interested in going to play in the woods and shoot some innocent, non-offending targets to dollrags, among other things. Both aspects of this effort are important to the single outcome of directing Government back to the Rule of Law, under the precepts and standards of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

As for myself - I'm going to buy another brick or two of long range diplomacy and call some friends of mine for a BBQ & prayer meeting. Give us a chance to practice a little Patriotic paranoia, don't ya know.

Dwain Cleveland
Amen Dwain, amen! The tribes are gathering in the name of liberty, that precious jewel that has been approached, if there is a constitutional convention, it will only be held by the people, if it is held by public servants, they themselves wish only for the abrogation (destruction or annulling of the law) of the constitution.
I think we need to get in touch with State and Federal Congressmen and women who support the Constitution and are as upset with the current Governmental userpations as we all are, then we need to pressure them to join or be considered against us. We need to gather polical powers who favor Constitutional Government, we need them to join us and give us a voice. We must APPEAR wanting CHANGE like what has been touted by Obama. Obama has made a fuss about our Founding as a Country trying to sound Patriotic and for the COnstitution, we need to agree with him and run with it in it's true direction to achive our goal that is different then his objective. When this new enemy emerged, many, many years ago, they got to it right away. They acted as if they were Conservitive and Patriotic and Liberal but Patriotic, then once they got to sufficiant numbers in Government, the John McCains and Nancy Polesi's let it hang out in the open, they are all Neocons controlled by the true enemy (More about who the enemy is later). The point is in WAR you can't be honest with you enemy, you can't be who you are least exposing your agenda, we have to be stealthy like low crawling to the enemy's fox hole at night to cut their throat, you can't anounce your coming with your message on your sleave if you wish to conqure.

When we get Politicians involved who are sypathetic to our cause and they see this strategy they would be famillar with, they will join us. This is how people in other countries have gained political power and got a larger voice.

Imagine, the headlines: "New group supports Obama for reforms of the Constitution " But our idea is different from his (Destruction), Obama administration may promote us since we will seem like we are supporting him and we need to be slow to show our hand, just little pieces at a time that would be supported by the majority. When opposition comes from obama it will show how anti-constitution the obama administration is, it will back fire on them we just need to make sure to be there to hold the magnifying glass.

We need this to be a different group not directly connected to this one with a different name. That does not mean we abandon this group in any means, just that we have camofluge and use this group as a magnet to gather members for the other group.
Hi Jon -
The problem we have is that we will certainly not be granted years, to capture the good will of those few elected officials with the cojones to work our side of the street for us. In truth there may be as little time as a few weeks or a few months. Before the 2010 election cycle, the control by the Democrat/Leftist Congress must be consolidated or they will lose the current numerical control over the House and Senate. The continuing failure of the U.S. economy and extant failing world affairs, as will affect the U.S. will ensure that the present Democrat majority loses political ground in the 2010 election cycle. Recent history shows this particular cycle to be a self-fullfilling prophecy - time after time. The Democrats know this to be true and can not afford to miss this opportunity to leverage the situation so as to gain an insurmountable advantage. This they must accomplish before the election cycle pendulum swings the other way.

The Democrat/Socialists fondest hope is to get a Constitutional Convention called prior to the 2010 election cycle. There is a better than even chance that they will succeed in that effort. At that point all the Minority Party politicians in the country won't do us any good. None of them would be allowed to participate in any Constitutional Convention caucused by the Democrat powers that be; nor would any non-Democrat Party citizen be invited.
Since the Democrat/Socialist mob can not absolutely guarantee they can pull the Constitutional Convention off - they will also seek to push through Un-Lawfull Federal / State legislation curtailing the 1st Amendment via "Hate Speech"legislation; curtailing the 2nd Amendment via "Federal Licensing & Procedure" legislation; along with Federal legislation curtailing the availability of ammunition & ammo loading supplies; Federal legislation instigating short shelf-life munitions & powder and increasing the cost of ammunition by single round ID requirements, along with extreme taxation of both weapons and ammo. At the same time they will be working on "Weapons Confiscation" legislation, on both Federal and State levels and boosting taxes through the roof in general, on those of us that work regularly. One way or the other the Democrat/Socialist portion of our Government is going to go for broke, in their effort to take down the Constitution and it's protections, sometime in the near to immediate future. They will not let this opportunity pass. There are not enough "Blue-Dog Democrat" and Conservative Legislators left to stop them.

Another problem is - the number of Constitutionist Politicians in this country can be counted on the fingers of both our hands. Ron Paul said it best - Republicans, as a rule, are not to be trusted to do anything that does not profit them in some way politically or personally. Half of them will throw in with the Democrat heathens, if forced to make a really hard decision. Go figure - not a single Republican Senator has placed a "Formal Hold" on Eric Holder, that would effectively neutralize his being appointed as Obamas selection as U.S. Attorney General . Do you think the Republicans are NOT aware that Eric Holder was Janet Reno's blood-dog & point man in the Waco disaster ( two dozen dead American children - because Reno ran out of patience - during an unlawfull police action ) and the shipping of that child in Florida back to Castro. Not to mention Pardons of terrorists and rich guys with influence. Any U.S. Politician in the country could have stepped in the line of fire on any of these issues, and any of a dozen others of similar import, and made a stand. None of them have or did. That is a direct reflection of the character of the individuals you think to ally with. If they would not step in to save childrens lives or to protect a little boy from Castro - do you expect them to step in front of the Democrat juggernaut now, on our behalf. Not bloody likely, that. How could you trust them - even if there was time to fool with them???

It won't hurt to beat your U.S. elected representative at every given opportunity, on the subjects of Freedom and Liberty. However there are numerous other Patriotic organizations that have been hammering them for more than just a little while and to date they have accomplished less that stellar results. GrassFire and RedState, and others, have made some significant succesfull efforts on some specific issues. Amnesty for illegals is one. Several bills were handily defeated. That was before the Democrat election takeover of both Houses of Congress and Barry Soetero's ascent to the "One-ness" of the White House. The future will almost certainly reveal a changed paradigm for those type of efforts.

Most Politicians despise being told what they need to do. They tend to believe they know best; after all "we" elected them to be in charge - didn't we??? The minority of good politicians in Washington and at the State & Local levels are already doing their best. The others are not going to be interested, unless they are in fear of their positions or their butts. There are no easy fixes coming down the pike and most Polticians are part of the problem, not the solution. If you have no leverage over them, they might listen politely, but then they will do as they please or as they are paid to do. And probably tell the "dis-loyal" opposition all your hopes and the plans you just made to thwart the "disloyal" opposition.

Think I'll go look and see if I can afford any more of those little brass "paranoia beads".

Dwain Cleveland

I think you have made an excellent case as to why we want to political involvement, no politicians involved.....the minute we introduce politics, this movement collaspes..........we will accomplish the mission of raising the US Constitution and our Republic to their rightful level of importance with the voices and participation of the "American people"....that's what it's about the people......the incestuous political system we have in America today is destroying a great experience in freedom........will another Tea Party be needed? That's yet to be seen.......



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