Constitutional Emergency


Year after year the situation in America deteriorates...immorality, corrupt government, constitutional abandonment, and God only know what the sub aspects of these three categories consist of.......I have watched, listened, made phone calls, faxed politicians over the years, gone to rallies in Washington, D.C., all in hopes there would be some small political coalition, some news media, that would rebel against the betrayal of just is not going to happen without a "peoples revolt".

Obama has already increased the abortion playing field exponentially, he talks transparency but hides his "second oath" without a Bible, rants about lobbyist and then places one as Deputy Secretary of Defense, will ask Congress to allow open homosexuality in the military, nominates a Secretary of Treasury that purposefully refused to pay IRS some $34K, but he sails through approval in Senate Committee, trillions of dollars willing to be spent on God knows what, no plan...just throw money...our money and our debt...the courts are out of control...the three branches of government no longer pay any attention to Constitutional role they should perform.

The people in America must rise up......and I mean physically...not violent but in large numbers in every town, city, State Capitol, and the Nations Capitol...there must be a signal given now in anticipation of the 2010 elections..we need to shut down cities.....marches, demonstrations, even to the point of arrests.......I'm not talking about violence, I'm talking about 25 or 50 people in small cities blocking major streets during rush hour, and at some point shutting Washington, DC down for a few hours with intent of gaining media attention.....this is the only way we will get the attention of leadership and the media while building a voter base to throw the scum bags out in 2010.......

We're not ready for this yet but can be in a matter of months...this will not cost much at local and State, gets more costly at national level with huge crowds (regulations).

We can lead these type actions and spreading the plan to other groups will find fertile ground of participation......our sole theme for these activist events must be "Constitutional Principles" that lead our nation back to a Republic form of governing with integrity, truth and honor.

Someone convince me there is another way, near term because I don't think we have much time to save our nation with emails and web sites......I'm open to thoughts.........Bo Threadgill introduced me to Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party......he called me today but the bottom line is he does not know what or how to fix the mess we're in.......Mr. Phillips rattled off numerous organizations that are doing good things but none are connected as a "massed force" ready for the attack....just hundreds of patriotic groups in isolation, fragmented, feeding the choir........sorta like we're doing at this stage.......

There comes a time when action can no longer be ignored........we are at that stage in my opinion and I ask all of you to put your thinking hats on, teams/groups working together, brain-storm, come up with ideas, solutions, and a recommended plan of attack.......

I'm sending this out to all subscribers as well as putting it on Patriots For America site, so all your thoughts should be directed at the forum entry.

A Republic if We can keep it

Isaiah 40:31 - But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Take a few minutes, watch

Patriots For America...join up

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Been ready for a Tea Party for a while now. Not quite as spry as a few years ago, yet still ready to ruck up again. Many of our citizens have been drinking the Kool Aid for too many years and don't have a clue as to how or why they enjoy the freedom they do have. Freedom they may soon lose if our country doesn't remember it's founding principles.
John Healy remarked I think we need to get in touch with State and Federal Congressmen and women who support the Constitution and are as upset with the current Governmental userpations as we all are, then we need to pressure them to join or be considered against us. We need to gather polical powers who favor Constitutional Government, we need them to join us and give us a voice.
To which Harry Riley correctly observed I think you have made an excellent case as to why we want to political involvement, no politicians involved.....the minute we introduce politics, this movement collaspes..........we will accomplish the mission of raising the US Constitution and our Republic to their rightful level of importance with the voices and participation of the "American people".

Once we get political we will lose our power. Believe me, I KNOW! I was one of the chief architects of the Militia Movement in the 90's. But to understand the entire movement, it would be helpful to understand that the community of patriots known as Constitutionalists are divided into three groups. There are the Religious Right (Pulpit pounders addressing groups in order to drive Christians to do the right thing), and the Politically Active (Jury Reform, political action groups, putting pressure on politicans, etc.) and, finally the Minute Men. There are those who sincerely believe they can bring around change by influencing the polticians. I can sympathize with their desire, but it doesn't fly when the host of elected officials are concerned only with gaining power and getting votes. No politican will risk his political ambitions to taking up the cause of liberty and a strict adherence to the Constitution. Better to compromise (it's the political way).
If you want to get the word out, YOU MUST Re-Activate your militia groups. Then you need to send a few press releases to the hungry media who will come running. HEADLINE: "Militia Groups Re-Emerging In The Face of Coming Social Upheaval."
News of the re-emerging Militia will spread across the land like wild-fire. If hundreds of groups emerge, the echo of the 90s will not only set the Feds on the Defense, but also bolster confidence that patriots are not alone.

Get yourselves the right propaganda people to write the press releases and watch the movement grow. DO NOT HIDE YOURSELVES or shrink back into the shadows as "leaderless cells" Leaderless cells are not trustworthy for they lack identity with the cause. BE VISIBLE, Stand Up.
If you know you are right and the cause is just, stand up and declare it!

Norm Olson
Sir; I am totally with you, however spiritual warfare is a lot of the problem. If you get a lot of people praying and fasting for this country, you will move this mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN, AND FORGIVE US FOR ALLOWING THIS MESS TO GO ON FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM READY TO TAKE BACK MY COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the powers that be would be more than happy to watch us starves ourselves - saves them a lot of trouble
I'm not afraid to say that there has not been a day that has passed since last Tuesday, 20 January, that I haven't almost burst into tears. Why? Because of what is happening to the United States of America, its founding documents and to the innocents that we, soldiers, sailers, Marines, and airmen took oaths to protect and defend. And what are we to do about this disgusting predicament we find ourselves in?

I have become very vocal over the past ten years or so. I've called my senators and representatives when I thought they had swerved from the path this country was set upon over 200 years ago. But it appears that most of our leadership has gone over to the "me too" side. Washington has slowly chiseled away at the God given rights that are clearly stated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The lobbiest, the special interest groups, the real baby killers in the form of Planned Parenthood, A.C.O.R.N. the pro-openborder groups and more are benefiting from GOVERNMENT, the to detriment of the CITIZENS, WE THE PEOPLE.

Revolution is sure to come. Maybe sooner than later. That was the thought that came to me as JD Hayworth played the swearing in of Mr. "I don't have to pay taxes" Gietner this afternoon. I will tell you now that tears did leak from my eyes as I listened to his short acceptance speech. For, in my mind, I could see the death of American as I have always known it. I could see the death of my country, the country that my generation went off to war for and still many cannot be accounted for. Yet a lone HERO of that war used his hero status in an attempt to gain residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In my opinion, and I know I'm not alone, the election of George W. Bush was the last real election of an American president. Barack Hussien Obama is the first foreigner to be elected to the Presidency. This alone could spark a revolution. But as each day goes by and as congress lines up behind his selections for cabinet positions and behind his daily issuance of executive orders, the danger(?) of revolution grows stronger. Could there possibly be a military coup? Who knows, we'll just have to wait and see, Colonel. In the meantime I'm keeping my cashe of items handy. I will also spend some time on my knees appealing for Divine intervention because it's not going to come out of our nation's capital.



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