Constitutional Emergency

I've have read, "Our agenda begins:  God, Family, Constitution, Country."    Many if not MOST of the post that I read from the leadership stress the need to "come together under God", or "This country was founded as a Christian nation".   So my question is this: Are patriotic, Constitution loving, Atheists such as myself, or persons of some other faith than Christianity welcomed or even wanted in OAS?  I mean, if the plan is to turn OUR Constitutional Republic into a theocracy, than obviously, were not wanted.  On the other hand, if the plan is to TRULY restore our Republic to it's Constitution, then I believe that all persons MUST be afforded the respect and protection implied by the religious freedom clause of the First Amendment.   The USA has never been a "Christian Nation". That would make us a ChristianTHEOCRACY, much as Saudi Arabia is a Muslim theocracy.  Arguments CAN be made that the USofA was created ON "Judeo-Christian" principals, but that in itself does not make us a "Christian nation".    The crux of my concern is thus; Exclude non-Christians at the movement's peril.   This warning should not be needed, it should be self evident, but alas it does not seem to obvious to many. 

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Yes, George: It is just THAT task that is stirring the pot. Who are we here to listen to...uplifting, hopeful, surety, obedience, courage, faithful, loving PRAYERS for all to feast on until we are filled. Our King is allowing/bringing ungodly folks to see and hear HIM thru us. When we pray, that relationship with The One True God is powerful. His Words are Truth and Light.Salvation is His


Lord: You alone love each and every one YOU alone created. You discipline each, direct the paths of the righteous as we do, have done and will do for all of our parental days. Your Days as Our Father will never end and You alone will fill our coffers with Life Eternal.

You have, Oh Lord, our full thanksgiving for giving us so many years in our beloved Nation.We bow our knee to You alone as the true Founder and Keeper.  As that Disciplinarian, we are seeing our lives growing in His Grace,  under His Loving, Watchful Eyes that never sleep. Take us on, Lord God, making us ready for all You Will until the End of the Days. Even songs of praise do not do You Justice, Our Lord, yet we will sing unto You until we have no further voice. In The Name Above ALL Names, Jesus Christ Crucified. AMEN

Ditto.  I am a dedicated patriot and will defend your christian foundation unto death, as long as my Buddhist traditions and practices are given due respect. This is about saving our children, about people, not a religion!

OK Folks, I would say this conversation has pretty much run its course. It's becoming a distraction and we are loosing our focus on the Mission. Operation American Spring is about cleaning out that Washington mess of corruption. What we want to do is to restore our Government to a Constitutionally Free Republic. And a Government that lives within the limitations of that Constitution.

So with that said, I will now close this discussion and return to planning the Mission. Thanks for participating.



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