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Source: Amil Imani - (12/27/10)

Muslims, by belief and practice, are the most blatant violators of human rights. We hardly need to detail here Muslims’ systemic cruel treatment of the unbelievers, women of all persuasions, and any and all minorities across the board. To Muslims, human rights have a different meaning, and its protective provisions are reserved strictly for Muslims - primarily for Muslim men. Just a couple of examples should suffice for now.

Oppression of women, for one, is so systemic in Islam that to this day women are, at best, second-class citizens under Islamic law. Saudi Arabia, the custodian of Islamdom, denies women the right to drive, vote or hold elective offices - the most basic rights of citizens in democratic societies. Arabs and Muslims are masters of double-acts. They do all things in private, yet the public display of morality, decorum, and even piety is something you wear as you would your Keffiyeh even under the sizzling sun.

In model Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, for instance, women do not dare complain about their Allah-decreed chattel status. If they protest in the least, they are beaten by their husbands. And if they dare to demonstrate in public for equal family rights with men, they get severe beatings by the police and are hauled to jails for additional indignities and violence.

One may wonder then why is it that millions of Muslim women meekly submit to their subservient rank and thank Allah for it. These women are virtually imprinted by their parents and the clergy from birth to adopt the gender inequality as well as the entire pathological Islamic ethos.

Islam can be a “forgiving” religion, specifically for the male. If you neglect to say your prayers or you simply don’t want to, you can hire someone, preferably an imam or a mullah, to pray on your behalf. Going to the Hajj is too onerous and takes you away from the pleasures and comforts of your life? You can deputize someone else to go in your stead. You have a few drinks of the forbidden brew and it is time to say your prayer? Simply rinse your mouth and go ahead with praying. But, always remember the will of Allah and serve him. Do your duties to vanquish the unbelievers, promote the rule of the Sharia, and make the earth Allah’s.

In Islamic societies, freedom of expression, worship, and assembly are taken away. Women are indeed treated as chattel. Young girls are subjected to barbaric genital mutilation to make them sex slaves and birth channels without the ability to enjoy intercourse. Minors are executed, adulterers are stoned to death, thieves have their limbs amputated, and much much more. Isn’t that everyone’s idea of paradise?

Women, by the very nature of their second-class status expressly stipulated in the Quran, are occasionally allowed a token high position in government, while non-Muslim minority citizens are virtually barred from securing any positions at all.

“Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the others and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you take no further action against them. Allah is high, supreme.”
Quran 4.34

This misogynist religion of Allah is custom-made for the savage male. A faithful follower of Allah is allowed to have as many as four permanent wives-and replace any of them at any time he wants-as well as an unlimited number of one night or one-hour-stand that he can afford to rent. But, woe unto a woman if she even has a single love affair with another man. Nothing less than death by stoning is her just punishment.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran and under the Islamic Sharia that became the unofficial law of the land, a religiously sanctioned ceremony immediately filled the void. Many mosques provided the service of Seeghe - temporary marriages -. Women interested or forced by circumstances beyond their control to seek this type of ‘marriage’ would register with a local Mullah. Men seeking a temporary wife would contact the Mullah and specify what kind of woman they desired and for how long. Depending on the marketability of the candidate woman, a fee is levied on the man and the Mullah pronounces them husband and wife for a stipulated duration. Once the patron satisfies his urges, the same Mullah simply annuls the marriage. Viola. No problems. The pair parts company and the Mullah, a replacement for the former pimp or madam, pockets his fee.

Thanks to Western technology, the Seeghe business has also joined the 21st century world. In some of the bigger cities and Tehran, a man can pick up a woman and call in for a Seeghe authorization which is granted over the phone and the fee is charged to the patron’s credit card. Islam is a custom-made religion for men. Well, as long as men rule and the rule serves them, the horrific plight of women plays out. It is a great deal for men.

What is incredible is the gall and audacity of Muslims in demanding that Western and other democracies legalize Sharia in their societies. Due to large populations of Muslims, mostly recent arrivals, in countries such as Canada, Great Britain, and Sweden, these countries are experiencing the insistent demands by Muslims to have Sharia rule their Islamic communities. This is just the beginning and it may seem relatively harmless to the simpletons in our midst. Yet, once Sharia is recognized to any extent, it will reach out to rule not only on matters that concern Muslims, but also those that may involve a Muslim and non-Muslim. Under Sharia, a Muslim man married to a non-Muslim woman is able to divorce the woman at will, automatically have custody of the children, and literally toss the wife out of “his” home with practically no compensation.

“Death to the Islamic Republic, Stop stoning women, Death to the Criminal Mullahs and Democracy for Iran, are the banners read almost routinely in most European countries by the Iranian ex-patriot sympathizers condemning the Islamic Republic’s brutality against women. They demand equal rights and treatments for the largest oppressed minority in the world.

As the world turns, we become convinced that the Islamic system is custom-made for men, by men and for the pleasure of men. And the men in power, the clergy, the prime beneficiary of the system, do not intend to voluntarily relinquish their privileged status.

There is a hope that Muslims themselves may leave this Bedouin slaveholder religion. Yet, the hope is slim. Islam has a stranglehold on its slaves and will neither let them go, nor do the Muslims seem to have the insight or the will to leave it in large numbers. But hope, as slim as it is, keeps me sounding the alarm before the fire of Islam engulfs us all.

Amil Imani


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A few decades ago, such American men were known simply as "male chauvenist pigs" .... now, even though many Muslims are aliens, they come forth and hide behind their so-called 'religion' or 'way of life' to obtain the same goals ... control over females and the punishment for their 'crimes.'  All women everywhere should be on their toes, unless they have some deep-seeded need to live as those in 'the foreign desert' do, under the 'auspices and ownership of man."  American women will never be subjugated.  Those few who have fallen for this ruse, to date, have simply never had their acts together before they joined this foreign sect.  We must always remember - Muslims are the true non-believers in our country, and they should be ever reminded that they are the 'strangers in our land; on our soil.'  They need to take their 'Islam' home, to where the roots of their alien beliefs began.  Remember the old Ann Landers saying?  "You can only be abused if you allow it."  We must not allow alien belief systems to abuse our citizens - on American soil - or in American courts.  Ever,

Los Angeles City Council Passes Islamic Law Resolution: (Sharia) Blasphemy Enforcement

When I go to L.A. and tell the truth of Islam I will brake the Law!
"Islamophobia" is enforcement of Islamic blasphemy laws.
Islamic law (sharia) commands that there be no candor, no criticism
of Islam. Blasphemy laws.
And stop telling us how many Muslims don't commit jihadi acts. Of course they don't. So what? I
don't believe in rewarding people for doing the right thing. I don't
believe in congratulating people for not committing acts of violence
against people outside their religion.
The LA Council's recent passage of a resolution that opposes
"Islamophobia" and "repudiates" random acts of violence against
Muslims is a step back centuries into the dark ages. According to
the FBI, "hate crime" against Muslims is at its lowest in a decade,
but acts of jihad are accelerating at warped speed. No resolutions
against jihad, honor killings, misogyny, gender apartheid, Islamic
antisemitism, kuffarophobia, etc.
Sharia is un-Constitutional. But will a Judge in CA please stand up
after bending over for prop 8?

The stuff in that video is laughable. At the end they show a chopped up video. Meant to fool people into believing we opened fire on a group of innocent Iraquis. But if you watch the entire video,you can see the reporters carrying weapons and helping the militant insurgents. Here is the uncut Apache Video.

This week I watch my mother bury her husband of 54 years and see the Love that they had together, the mutual kindness and respect. My Stepfather was a hard man but he suported and protected my mother. No one ever dared to disrespect my mother as they knew that her 6ft4 Navy underwater demolition trained husband would take them apart. When they met my mother told him if he wanted to date her he would have to go to church with her. He did and found God and for 54 years took her to church every Sunday. He taught Sunday school and my mother played the piano or organ for the services. How any man could want to mistreat a woman is beyond me. The muslim faith is a child of Satan. I do not push my religion on other people but I can tell you this, if a muslim tried to beat his wife in front of me he would have a definate problem with me!!! It is sad but hell will be full of muslim men even though they were brainwashed by satan.
I like how Islamic women dress but I ABHOR how they are treated. I think it was a Al Quida person that said America's problems were its ability to obtain drugs, alcohol and that it's women dressed proactively. They are right you know. Our women do dress provocatively and it is disgusting. It is thanks to the feminazi movement that they are "allowed" to do so. In the Christian Bible it tells women to dress modestly NOT unlike their Islamic counterparts but apparently Christian women have become chase like crazy with the teachings of the socialists and communists.

Excuse me but the Bible DOES state for women to dress MODESTLY like Islamic women do. To NOT dress like Babylonian whores which seems to be the fashion these days and why America is a LOT like Soddom was. It is HIGH time they were beaten and told to dress modestly like oh the Amish, Mennonite and that controversal Later Day Saint sect women dress. God wants women to dress MODESTLY and NOT like a Babylonian whore. Go read 1 Timothy 2:9.


They do by NOT flaunting what their MOMMY gave them. That is the similarity between them. No it is WOMEN in the church he is talking about. Islamic women do NOT flaunt. Mennonite women do NOT flaunt. Amish women do NOT flaunt. But some women who DARE call themselves Christian FLAUNT and they should NOT be doing so.
All should be talked to then we wouldn't have Islam pissed at us. One of their leaders of either Al Queda or some such sect who is AMERICAN born complained about the women dressing loosely. I knew damn well it wasn't our freedoms that they hated. It was the fact that our women dress like skanks and it influences their women to want to do such a thing. Notice how there are NO Hooter's in Islamic countries. Maybe we should adopt that idea here.
Yes we DID bring it on ourselves. We INFLUENCE the world which INCLUDES the Islamic world as well. No wonder they have to have MORALITY police and declare all things from the WEST which means US is ungodly and immoral and should NOT be allowed within their boundaries. You can NOT buy a Barbie doll in an Islamic country for even that is deemed immoral.
Where? Pray tell, is the ACLU, and the National Organization of Women on this issue!!!  It would appear to me that their silence on this matter is as deafening as a broadside from the USS Missouri's sixteen inch main Batteries fireing all nine guns simultaneously!!!!!!
NOW is chock full of your butt ugly lesbians and bull dyke types. They are NO help to REAL women whatsoever. All they care about is bashing ANY thing male since they are jealous they were NOT born a man. So they could care less about the women of Islam. ACLU could care less about violating the Islamic man's rights. The only men that can't seem to have rights here in America any more are you STRAIGHT WHITE CHRISTAN and CONSTITUTIONAL LOVING type.



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