Penned by Harry Riley, COL, Ret.

An Open Letter To The United States Congress

SUBJECT:  Israel – Freedom’s Last Hope?

Now that the State of Israel has become the last hope of freedom in the entire world, should “we the people” of the United States seek Israeli protection? 

In fact, should the United States Congress petition Israel through an agreement, treaty, or other appropriate vehicle, request Israel come to the aid of America should we be attacked?  Should the United States seek “umbrella protection” with Israel?

The rationale for seeking Israeli protection is quite apparent.  They are the only nation in the world that stands for freedom, has loyalty to her people, is willing to fight for principle, has integrity and standing throughout the world, and is a nation that can be trusted to do what they say they will do.

The United States, once the unquestioned “shining city of the hill” of freedom, strength, integrity to friends and enemies alike, has become a nation of distrust, deception, deceit, cowardice, immorality.  A reflection of everything our Founding Fathers hated.  And most importantly, America is standing in open opposition and rebellion to God, shaking fists at God, declaring America is god and will “do it alone” without God…which also adds a measure of intellectual stupidity.

It is well documented, that elected officials such as Barack Obama and most members of the US Congress and Supreme Court are treasonous to the core,  glorified liars, power hungry gluttons, insatiable money changers, self-serving thieves, in general, a destructive threat to the longevity of the United States of America and the thin strings of hope for freedom-loving citizens. 

How long will it be before the United States burns as Rome, is only a guess…an educated guess would be “not long”.  How long will God put up with a nation that should apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah...only He knows.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret.

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I now live in Israel for the last year and I can tell you all that I believe if Patriots will fight for America and against the tyranny that is now destroying that "Shining city on the hill" and rebuild the USA that my nation of Israel would be there for all of us.

Dont worry America, Israel has your back!

God Bless Israel.

Well said, my friend, well said!  It is ironic how over time, things changes; black becomes white, good becomes evil, right becomes wrong, and the big guy (country) has to depend on the little guy (nation) to watch his back.

Think, shepherd boy, David, and the Philistines.  Then, King David...

Sodomy: good --- killing millions of innocents: good ---radical muslims good--- speaking against any of the above (as in Evanelical Christian or devout Catholic)---very bad and a danger to our nation ????

Haven't we read somewhere about the end results of calling evil "good" and good "evil".

Without question our only hope as a nation is a full fledged national repentance and cry for Divine mercy.

God Help us !l

I have been thinking the same way. I loved the speech Netanyahu gave when he visited here (and Obama shamefully shunned him!)
I was thinking- gee, we need Netanhayu here!
I also like Daniel Hannon, MP of England, when he spoke out in 2009, and said not to go for universal healthcare.

AMEN!!!  Col. Riley, you sir, have spoken the unvarnished truth!!!!! 

Well spoken, Col. Riley.  We'll see what comes of the talks that bozo is supposed to have with Israel this week.

I'm not going to hold my breath for anything positive. Ob has alienated all our true allies and cozied up to our enemies to destroy us. I hope the ignorant idiots who voted and supported him will be happy with what happens to them once he finishes his agenda.

Amen Harry but Israel has her hands full.  We are a shameful nation and I don't recognize my country anymore.  I really think WE THE PEOPLE cannot stop this train wreck.  It will be through divine providence only that we get our country back and I don't think that will happen either because I believe we are in the last days.  Have all the protests, letters to Congress, emails to Congress, phone calls to Congress, voting done anything good? 

Since our govt has turned it back on Israel, we will no longer be blessed our under God's protection.

Our voting system is also a sham.  Corruption is so deep and so widespread.  The enemy is infiltrated everywhere.  This is pure evil. 

All I can say is prepare and pray and do soul winning.  Be ready for the rapture and get right with God. 




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