It is time to choose our side - OAS has made a choice

It's time to choose our side not just for this battle, this war against our freedoms and the future of our country, but for the sake of the future generations

It is time to choose our side

By Doug Hagmann (Bio and Archives)  Thursday, May 1, 2014
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The American Revolutionary War, or our war for independence from the oppression of the British that officially began in 1775 and birthed our nation, was a most pivotal time in our nation’s history. Many men and women of average means and intelligence rose to become celebrated heroes and heroines.

They placed everything on the line, from their families to their businesses to take up the cause of freedom to form the greatest nation in the world. In doing so, they risked their own freedom as well as their very lives. We can learn much from these wise and brave people, and owe much to their courageous actions and sacrifices. While many American heroes were created by their acts of total selflessness and fighting on behalf of all citizens of the American colonies, there were others who chose to sit out the fight… or worse.

One of the most villainous names in U.S. history is that of Benedict Arnold. So reviled were his traitorous actions that his name has become synonymous with betrayal. Once an important and very effective leader in the American cause, he turned his allegiance to the British at a most critical time in our war for independence. Some historians speculate that his betrayal against his own country originated by his hurt feelings that he was betrayed himself. Some accounts suggest that he felt personally slighted and unappreciated for the sacrifices he made and the battles he fought and won, during which his leg was badly injured, forcing him to walk with a limp for the rest of his life. Many historians suggest that he sustained a much deeper wound—a fatal wound to his pride that led him to turn against the noble fight for the freedoms and liberties for all Americans.

Today in America, there are an increasing number of men and women who see the ominous parallels between the pre-Revolutionary War days and the present day. Instead of an overt foreign enemy, we are facing a more insidious threat spoken of by not only some of the heroes of the Revolutionary War, but warned of by Communist insiders and defectors: the threat from within.

Only those buried deep in denial or their own normalcy bias refuse to see the increasing oppression against the citizens of America by their own government. Only those who are completely clueless or complicit cannot see or vociferously deny that the clouds on the horizon are not storm clouds, but the dust clouds of an approaching enemy selected and elected to retake our freedoms. Only those who have been effectively brainwashed believe that those currently in power reflect the true will of the people. History, it appears, is about to repeat itself as the overreach and aggression of an out-of-control government is ramping up their attacks against our God given freedoms and rights as enumerated in our Constitution.

Today, we are in the midst of a propaganda war where the contemporaries of our pre-Revolutionary history, the true American patriots who hold the principles upon which this nation was founded near and dear, have been openly identified as enemies of the leaders of our nation. There is no ambiguity in the statements or intent of those leading our country. There is only their resolve, where they are unified in their objectives to subjugate us to their royal ambitions at the expense of our rights and freedoms.

We, as the contemporaries of our forefathers, are now the domestic terrorists. We have been declared the enemy, in speech and in writing, and there is a willing army forming at their hands to create two classes of people, those who are in power and those who are their subjects. Again, there is no ambiguity in their words and deeds.

If you do not—or choose not to— understand and call out the traitorous and seditious actions of those in power and their complicit media lapdogs, along with their resolve to use everything in their arsenal to marginalize and vilify the outspoken patriots who are fighting to stop further oppression while regaining lost ground, then you deserve what’s coming as that’s exactly what you’ve earned.

Just as no ambiguity exists in the statements made about and against true American patriots by our current oppressors, there must be no ambiguity or lack of resolve on our part. There cannot exist any gray area or middle ground, for it is just such compromise that has contributed to our current state of affairs. We must fight this propaganda war head on, and call out those who have betrayed us and are betraying us for reasons that range from complicity to pride, from promises of seats at their table to the assurances that they will live life unscathed by royal mandate.  Whatever the reason, whatever the cause, there exist those who have turned against the greater objective of restoring and maintaining our freedoms by attacking those who are staying the course.

It is time that we must publicly choose the side for which we stand, be it for freedom as it was intended, or to be subjugated to the will of an elite ruling class who will decide what Constitutional rights we may retain that were won by the sweat and blood of our forefathers, for they are watching.

It is time that we must publicly question the motives of those once described as patriots in this fight for freedom and the future of our country, much like Benedict Arnold.

Recently, the American ruling class sent their foot soldiers to a small Nevada community named Bunkerville. It was there that the globalists dispatched a heavily armed contingent of federal agents and their mercenary supporters to face down a small group of patriots unwilling to be bystanders in an overt and aggressive overreach of power and control. The corporate media intentionally and with malice, mis-portrayed the intent of both sides and efficiently convoluted the true issues behind the stand-off. War and propaganda, however, are rarely simple in their public portrayal. When one side loses, however temporary the loss, they must exploit public opinion and perception to their favor. And that is exactly what is taking place today.

Although we know that the federal government will indeed return to Bunkerville, it will likely be with the orchestrated support of many Americans who have, or will have, fallen victim to the tactics of the enemies of freedom. Many have already acquiesced to the false narrative that demonizes not just Cliven Bundy, but those who actively support him in deeds and words. Despite their perceived intellectual prowess, they have either fallen for the lie, or worse, have already chosen their side.

It is with this spirit that I felt heartfelt sadness as I read and heard the words of self-proclaimed patriots and lovers of freedom such as Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media and Glenn Beck who, in this author’s opinion only, seem to be fueling the propaganda war by attacking those who are putting it all on the line for what is right and proper.

It is with great concern for every freedom loving patriot that I find myself questioning the true motives behind their Alinsky-style tactics of diverting the issue and marginalizing those who refuse to compromise our rights and freedoms that appear to be employed in this covert propaganda war. It is their ad hominem attacks against other fellow patriots, and their attempts to deceptively mischaracterize these messengers of freedom. Their shameful tactics are as transparent as those of the captured media speaking on behalf of the oppressors.

Will future historians write about Beck, Kincaid and others who appear to be turning against the very objectives they proclaim to promote much like what has been written about Benedict Arnold? Amid the white noise of diversion and orchestrated attempts to divide and conquer, I believe we must choose a side, right here and right now. We must choose the side of truth and righteousness, and shun those who want us to devolve into divisiveness and mire us in attacking our fellow patriots.

As we near an event, or events not of our choosing that will likely forever change the course of American history and the future of our families, our children and all future generations, the side we ultimately support will forever be recorded in the annals of history. It will determine whether our ancestors will visit our graves with deserved admiration or equally earned contempt.

It’s time to choose our side, not just for this battle, this war against our freedoms and the future of our country, but for the sake of the future generations. It is up to you whether your ancestors will walk across your gave without reverence to that of another who had the will, the courage, and the integrity to stand up for truth and the preservation of the rights bestowed upon us by Almighty God.

Choose now, or accept the future you have so rightly earned and deserved.

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very outguned because he failed to take ours. I know , no guns at the rally.but each member should have a means of haveing them delivered in case thay draw first blood. Or is that bad thinking?

My reply would not go through.

Just an everyday citizen of the USA here. My love of and for the USofA, the land of my birth, w/2 generations before me and 2 generations after me, w/many family members who fought in WWII and since in each and every war (by whatever name given to active duty deployment into combat) right into today's. If we as citizens do not stand up for the USA at home against harm from within as our military does overseas, then we can hardly refer to ourselves as patriotic citizens w/in each of our states and country. I'll be there as a freedom-loving, USA land-loving individual, to stand for our founding constitutional form of government and for the sovereignty of each and every one of our 50 states. Hope to meet some of you in D.C. on the 15th, 16th and 17th. 

Awesome article.  Thank you Doug and Joe Hagmann for posting.

I have chosen. I will obey God, then fight for America until my last breath.  I pray for a peaceful resolution to the corruption in DC, starting with Operation American Spring which I am attending.  Please get involved for as a true Patriot said many years ago, "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country". 

As the author said, there is no longer any middle ground!

I served in the Army 1969 to 1975 and lived to tell about it overseas is no fun but it keeps us free in the USA. I am old and gray now and may die in this one But I Still Stand for America and Our Freedom so I Stand With OAS All The Way To My Grave.

East Tn. State Leader

David Gurley

Walland, Tn.

We are on God's side - and He knows that! 

We must pray for these good men and women.


Try having a housemate who is a Marxist/Socialist!!!

I don't have time to convince the unwilling.  Most will run from any discussion about what's really going on OR believe  the propagandist lies put out by the real criminals.

Aggressors will aggress & insist upon violence. 

I am a Buddhist Patriot & insist upon peace. 

To defend one's gift of life is understandable.

For God, Liberty & Republic,


My personal feelings to those that want to complain and sit on the side line. You must enjoy illegal aliens flooding our contry, taking American jobs. You must enjoy the government having more say about how your children are raised than the care yoy can give them. You must care that our government can arm the very people that want to kill us but can't afford a well equipped military to protect our homeland.. You must enjoy  having Allah for your god rather than stand for the God who has blessed America for nearly two decades. You must enjoy having no rights of your own but becoming slaves to obey the politician whom have nearly stipped our country of pretty much all of our rights. You must enjoy not being able to succeed but knowing that in the place you are at, at this very moment with little or no hope to do any better for yourself, your family and generations to come.. You must enjoy being weak in the face of adversity while through little effort your chance to shine in the eyes of your children the opprotunity to be part of one of the greatest events in America within the last 50 years is at hand and you won't even ask somebody what you can do to effect  a return to a way for America to prosper once again and reclaim that which we have allowed to be taken from us. Let me  say it like this; the sissification of crying about not bullying is turning your boys into sissies. There was a time that we took care of bullies by standing up to them and even if you took an azz whoopin the buly knew that he didn't give it to you, you fought for it. A bully can only succeed when you don't stand up to them and our leaders have become bullies and we need to do what we taught our sons; stand up to them and they go away. A bully will take everything they can from you if you don't stand but when a bully begins to understand that he has to work to get what he wants and you didn't cave, he'll eventually go find someone else he can bully who won't resist. The truth hurts and I make no bones about speaking it so if it hurts then cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.

Those who are going have chosen.  This whole situation is becoming a replay of 1775-76.  No taxation without representation-the whole oppression of the Colonies by the British King and where so many only stood by and were afraid to risk their comfortable lifestyles under British rule for "Freedom" and let a comparatively few risk their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for this cause.  We will do the same.  Our battlefield this time will be one where we will not carry any armor but our Faith, it must be resolute in our cause and it will succeed.

For me there is but one stance, God, Country and Family. Any other position is not in my being, nor will it ever be considered. I follow my God and the oath I swore to when enlisting in the Marines 49 years ago this 25 May. Nothing has changed except the amount of hair on my head.

Semper Fidelis
Washingtonians are not looking forward to our "crowding" of the streets via car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian. They are already bitching about operation American Spring flooding the mall, Capitol and White House areas. I want to go to Rayburn office building where all CNN, Some Foxes, CBS and HLN do all their interviews. One time In Washington I heard you can't directly speak to a Sinistor or Congruessman because there is a "no disrespect" rule. I guess you have to be a reporter. Remember to bring a cue ball for your Joe Biden autograph session. Bring signs, bring bull horns, bring drums.
Congress will not be in session until the following Monday or Tuesday. I wish Davy Crockett was coming.
Remember to keep calling your local talk radio shows telling all Patriots to come to Washington DC. May 16th. Let's Roll !



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