Constitutional Emergency

It's Arrogant Amnesty for illegal invaders - no matter what new name they call it and try to get us calling it...................................


Notice every "bipartisan" committee always has leftist John McCain and other leftist in the R party? AND Notice the $5600. dollar tag that was put on arresting and removing illegal invaders ....... and that price tag is what they used to justify amnesty? I did Notice they didn't say anything about that high price tag because of their failure and over regulations!!! Once again, Gov. creates a problem, doesn't acknowledge it and makes more regulation that we get to pay for! And what sucks the most is..............WE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many jihadi cells do you think are gonna run forward and meet all regulations the criminals in DC just put out so they can say they are citizens of the US? Remember the blood lusters don't have allegiance to any country but only to death, destruction, satan and their dicks! You got it, none of them will and neither will any of the drug cartels and I'm betting not many illegal invaders will!

And no Schumer and McCain, the public is not softening....the public is desensitized to it!



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The purpose of this is to totally sink the dollar.

"How many jihadi cells do you think are gonna run forward and meet all regulations the criminals in DC just put out so they can say they are citizens of the US"

The roughly, what, 40% of America haters that have aligned themselves with the Obaminator camp I bet never foresaw the danger to themselves that is contained within this one sentence.

How about we let all those who break and enter our homes have a free pass also. While they stand in our home let's make a deal— we can pay for their insurance, education, help pay their mortgage, heat, and help them buy a car as well. What's the difference? Let's suggest that to our intellectual leaders and see if they get it.

Open the jail cells, let all the criminals out....register them to vote, give them welfare and food stamps, cell phones WITH texting and free housing....what the's what we're doing with the illegals, isn't it?  Maybe we can use the money saved on jailing them to pay for everything else.  And maybe our American criminals have something to say to these illegals.....just a thought.

who needs laws anyway? what the hell—let's have anarchy...might be better than tyranny.

It's like this, come to the USA legally, learn English our spoken lanquage, and become a citizen.  IF YOU COME TO THE USA ILLEGALLY....GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY...NOW.  You didn't have the nerve to enter our country legally, then maybe you should go back in a BOX.  And just because you had children here in our country, DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE CITIZENS.  THEY TOO ARE ILLEGAL AND SHOULD BE SHIPPED BACK.  YOU COME HERE TO TAKE OUR JOBS FROM OUR CITIZENS, YOU COME HERE FOR FREE MEDICAL, FREE HOUSING, FREE FOOD STAMPS.  YOU DON'T WANT TO BECOME A CITIZEN.  YOU DON'T WANT TO LEARN OUR LANQUAGE...ALL YOU WANT IS TO TAKE AND TAKE MORE FROM OUR COUNTRY.  GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY.  LET YOUR COUNTRY PAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.  YOU ARE MAKING OUR CITIZENS HATE YOU.  Haven't you realized that yet????  And hate becomes a DEATH WARRANT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES.  Stop crying and saying you deserve better.  What you deserve is not to live in a FREE country like the USA.  GO BACK BEFORE YOU ARE KILLED BY THE CITIZENS THAT ARE TIRED OF PAYING FOR YOUR ILLEGAL BUTTS.

ooooooooooooooooooooh no Geraldine...the kids are legal......................NOT. the thing that gets me is my daughter was born here in the USA and CAN NOT get Insurance because her employers are to small to have it and it will cost to much for her to buy it. but it's ok for these people who came over univited, illegally and they can have everything AND MORE than what she has. something is truely wrong with this system. send them back home in a truck, the way a lot of them came over, walk the river, the way the others came.

Let's face's a takeover by peoples that can't figure out what to do in their countries, so they invade, and will vote for the party that gives all the freebies.

I met a woman once, while with a petition about illegals, and she said she and her husband had to take $300 out of their savings every month  to help pay for his time in the hospital.  The husband and wife were elderly, and saved for a rainy day.  BUT, an illegal in the next bed over, received everything for FREE.  Something is not right with this picture.  We CANNOT save the world, no matter how much we'd like.  

Why is our government allowing foreigners in our country, that we have nothing in common?

This country is becoming as a third world country, and will soon look like other third world countries.  

Bottom line, we have evil people at the helm of our country.

Screw the illegals. Screw the Republicans. Screw the Democrats.

More proof that the slugs in DC are all working towards a Country run and managed by the United Nations. Screw the UN too!

The plan is to bankrupt the country.

Why don't they go through the legal process toward citizenship? I know it takes time and money to do it legally, but don't tell me they don't spend a lot of money to illegally cross the border. Why don't liberals get this? They act like we don't have immigration at all.

This crap McCain, Rubio, Schumer et al are pushing should be dead in the water before it even tries to float.  They intend to put together legislation that requires border security..........hello???   We already have laws that require our borders be secured.......get this done and then...........then other aspects of "illegals" in America can be pursued........

What the gang of eight are doing, and I think some republicans are falling for the trick, is to talk border security while at the same time given illegals a free ride.............and then forget the border security.....

It's a set up......and we should fight this covert "amnesty" with gusto............



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