It's Begins! "NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors"

Here is an update for this video. Some folks have told me this man did this a year ago, some say two years ago and some say even longer ago. Obviously I don't know when this mayor did this AND I'm confused as to why some folks thinks it's no big deal now because it was a year or longer ago...........Didn't the second amendment matter back then too?


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You are a sorry excuse for a man....

Remind anyone of Nazi Germany??

It exactly reminds me of Nazi Germany.  It's like the printing of more money in the Weimar Republic. 

Exactly, History repeats itself.  Welcome to the Revolution!

Why does this video sound like ( translated ) to what HITLER did to Germany. Like turning neighbor - family member's against each other. Will this country ever wake up?

I could have sworn that the man said, "Illegal Gun", sounded like a blurring of the words.  Scare tactics really get to me when

used to complicate an issue.  If it is so, we have jhoined the ranks of the enemy.

Hey idiot.  How many armed body guards do you have?

Come on down here and try and take asshole scumbag.

When they are done only the crooks and muslims will have guns.. Just like they are doing in Egypt....

Don't you mean when WE Patriots are done? If these fascists give the order to confiscate guns, that will be the start of the second American revolution. Let them draw first blood - we will finish it.

of course, booker is mayor of the high crime, high welfare, low education, low achievement city of NEWARK,NJ.  he has been a completely ineffectual mayor - his city is out of control on many social issues.  

most recently, he is trying to angle to run for senate - i guess he has given up on newark - and is trying to become the darling of the left.  what better way than to pull this leftie stunt.   does he really think that the criminals of newark will either give up their ILLEGAL guns, or rat out the ILLEGAL guns that their neighbors have?

all that booker is doing here is trying to curry favor with the party bosses ................. screw you booker

It's called the Peter Principal.  He wants to be promoted to the level of his incompetence.  That accounts for the vast majority of the elected officials and bureaucrats in DC.

So this means he no longer has armed bodyguards? 



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