Constitutional Emergency

It's Begins! "NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors"

Here is an update for this video. Some folks have told me this man did this a year ago, some say two years ago and some say even longer ago. Obviously I don't know when this mayor did this AND I'm confused as to why some folks thinks it's no big deal now because it was a year or longer ago...........Didn't the second amendment matter back then too?


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Dont forget that bho`s terrorist will have free run of the USA if he take our guns, Then only the crooks and muslims will have arms....

Where did you get the money, asshole? From legal, law abiding citizens that DO NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO PISS IT AWAY! 

The way the criminal justice system is, I would guess that there will be many "set ups" just to secure the cash! Like, turning in a minor with a junk weapon. He won't be charged, and the money will still be paid. What a dick.

Semper Fi fellow Marine!  It appears your and my statement is similiar.

The Liberal Fascists are not going to confiscate 300 million guns from 100 million law abiding citizens. If they try to do it, by force, they should expect to see revolution in the real sense. It is horrible that 26 people were killed by lone imaniac in Newtown, but it was horrible too that 6 million Jews and 7 million Christians were disarmed and then systematically murdered by Hitler's Nazis military. They were children, babies, grand parents and whole families. No!!!! Obama and his demon legion are not going to disarm us. NEVER AGAIN!

Bart, I am sorry, but is not true. It would be if the confiscation is done by decree for the  country everywhere at the same time. That will never happen. Government traitors are not stupid. It will happen gradually. Small community here and there, later the counties and through the strict censorship you will hardly know, what is going on. One they you will wake up and you see that nobody has any means to defend themselves. No more guns and stiff sentence for having one, which will be good for nothing, because almost nobody will have one.


Fuck you

Booker has anal-cranial inversion disease. What's the money for? BUY DRUGS???

This man is lower than an arse-wipe. I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY GUNS. I HAVE A RIGHT TO DEFEND


The Nazi Germany rat out begins.  People seem to forget that taking away arms from the law abiding citizens is how every dictatorship in history started.  
  An honest and just government has no need to fear an armed population.  

Did anyone notice in mayor's first statement that he would give $1000 to anyone reporting someone with a gun.  Then later toward the end of his statement he stated that they would give $1000 to anyone reporting anyone with an ILLEGAL gun.  This is a scam based upon false information.  Also, who's money is he giving away?

I hope that somebody will report NJ Mayor and we will see what it is going to happen. Anybody for the thousand bucks? There was one snitch per ten citizen in former communist Czechoslovakia. Every dictatorship is run by the secret security, KGB, Gestapo etc. It is heavily dependent on the snitchers. That is how they can control population. You just say that you do not like regime to your friend and he will snitch on you. You finish in some labour camp FEMA at the best. So go and make your thousand, till they are willing to pay. Later they would not have to. They will just tell you that if you want to have your children admitted to High School, University or you do not want to have your name published as snitcher, or any other of the thousands ways to make you report even for free, because it is your duty for your socialist country.

How about paying people to turn in their Drug dealing neighbors instead. This would curb over 50% of crime in this Mayor's City. Moron!

On second thought... The Mayor may start a gang war he cannot stop when the so-called citizens are the Drug dealers turning in their competition. I can also envision a massive rush to turn-in people just because they don't like the person, or simply for the promise of $$$. No matter it turns out, it's going to be a Nationalist type move that is sure to end in disaster.



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