It's Begins! "NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors"

Here is an update for this video. Some folks have told me this man did this a year ago, some say two years ago and some say even longer ago. Obviously I don't know when this mayor did this AND I'm confused as to why some folks thinks it's no big deal now because it was a year or longer ago...........Didn't the second amendment matter back then too?


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Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

COUPLE POINTS!  1. The enemy destroys our buildings killing thousands of Americans (their expense -- 16 airline tickets and 16 box cutters.  Long term Results: all tax paying citizens are harrassed at airports when they want to fly somewhere.  This is a massive cost WITH NO RETURN ON THAT INVESTMENT except for thousands of government jobs that produce NO revenue, only expense.  2.  It has been said that this country will fall from WITHIN!  There appears to be a good start!

True and to the point.  Thank you.

Since when has a muslim been worth anything,never so its only a matter of time and we will get rid of every towel head in our

White House starting with the fraud barry sotoroe aka; muslim jihadist,member and leader of muslim brotherhood and traitor in chief arming al quida against Americans and American soldiers.

The question for the last 6 years why is this bastard getting away with this,he must be stopped and exposed for what he really is "Trash".

Typical Jersey

it does matter. but it is not a new flag. If it is reintroduced then it becomes more reinvent to the fight for our freedom. The fact is we are all trying to stay informed and all info old and new is important to us. And all flags needs to have the proper amount of attention applied. Some threats we need to stop first. then things can be removed to bring us back to a standard that is a safe guard for the Freedoms we fight for. No more cam we sit back .Letting them take our rights away inch by inch. Sweep out the halls of congress. A very untidy bunch of riffraff has dwell there for to long. The clean up will be extensive.

For way to long we have been divided. One gun own against the other. One freedom lover against the other, one sportsmen against the other. People that shoot bolt rifles hating on semi-autos. flint lock shooter hating in-line muzzle-loaders. Long bows hating on compound bows. Compound bows hating on cross bow, and so on. STOP we are on the same team and we need to set the record straight. Weapons are not bad or evil People can be things can't. And I for one  will not lie to myself and that is why I stand where I stand. I know that it will be just as painful if my child was killed by a car, or a horse or hand to hammer, gun or so on the pain will be as gripping no matter if it is one or two or more lives lost. This hysteria about guns killing children is a side-affect of a lie. It matter not what the tool of crime is. But the crime it self is the offense that causes the sorrow. WE need to address the lie that is being told about safety and freedom. The facts are out there for those how want the truth. And after viewing the facts one can only conclude. That there most be another reason they want to disarm the American People. Not even an anti-gun person could stand for that. WE are arguing with the wrong people. We need to show the other side that there freedom they enjoy is at great risk as well. And the Constitution is the line in the sand we need to stand tall at and proclaim That it shall not be crossed.  And that Freedom is the best chance to be safe.       

Booker's a ass & Christy is up Obama butt, & needs to be removed of his duties...that goes for Booker too.

To them it's like Guns matter & people don't !!!



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