Constitutional Emergency

IT'S TRUMP OR AMERICA GOES TO THE GRAVEYARD...It's that critical, a personal observationl!!!

An Open Letter To America,

Toward the end of my military service in the late 80s early 90s, I came to the conclusion the United States of America could never be defeated militarily and for that matter any nation that could try would never do it. The principle of “assured mass destruction” is still valid.
It was and still is very clear to me that America’s demise will come through internal rot and outside migration without assimilation, with destruction as a goal.
This rot takes many forms but the most damaging is the loss of patriotism and allegiance to our God ordained Constitution, loss of moral courage by those allowed to occupy positions of trust, the total surrender of United States three branches of government oversight responsibility, and the total decay of personal integrity and rejection of Christian principles.
So, here we are at a crossroads in our very existence as a Republic, a nation of laws. We are witnessing chaos in the streets, a political system controlled by self-serving mafia that is battling an outsider by the name of Trump, and a population that is starting to wake-up. Will the wake-up be too late and with too little motivation to reverse the destructive course America is traveling?
As a fox-hole survivor, one who understands what it means to take an oath to the US Constitution, I will never surrender. I pray America has recognized the threat to our Constitution through corruption, thievery, criminal activity in our political establishment, and that we will do everything within our power, everything just short of criminal activity, to elect Donald Trump as our next president.
Donald Trump is not a perfect individual, (most of us live in glass houses) I don’t like some of his antics, but I do like his attitude in support of America, his proven ability to get things done, his no-nonsense and straight talk, his freedom from any campaign support obligation, he hasn’t spent his life sucking the public teat, which is putting the existing political apparatus in panic if not chaos.
The current republican party makes no bones about their displeasure with Trump. They are taking every action possible, bringing to bear every anti-Trump side-show they can dream up, and attempt to destroy Trumps freedom of speech at campaign rallies. Trump does not fit the mold of the establishment and they cannot take a chance on him upsetting their golden goose existence.
Certainly we can understand that when the entire republican establishment is in involved in a no-holds barred to eliminate Trump, he must be someone special. He is scaring the dog-crap out the greedy elites and threatening their free-rides that has been going on for decades. We need a man like Trump “for such a time as this”.
If the establishment despises Trump so much, it’s a sure sign it’s absolutely critical and demanding that we pack the ballot box in support of Trump.
Finally, is it possible the establishment in their panic and chaos are totally overlooking the fact that Trump’s popularity is being heaped on him by “we the people”? Trump hasn’t generated the massive voting for his candidacy, he has tapped into the anger, disgust, fed up America and is trumpeting the message of “we the people”. Cruz, Kasich, or any other others offer nothing but more of the same and we know what that has given us.
And there is another factor regarding Cruz...he is not eligible as a “natural born citizen” required by the Constitution to serve as president...if he were nominated I could not vote for him and dishonor our Constitution again.
The establishment is vicious and will even try to override the will of “we the people” in order to retain their prized positions...we must stop them and Donald Trump is the only hope we have. Trump may be the last chance for America to retain our Republic...we can’t squander this potential opportunity to get our nation back on track.
Let us... democrats, republicans, independents, unify and elect Donald Trump as president who will be no puppet of the vile political establishment, but pursue restoration of Constitutional government, with a refreshing attitude of power to "we the people".

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I understand Loyalty, it’s concepts, realities, truths, and reasoning’s. It is a absolute, which we begin to learn almost from birth, and seems to even be a part of our human automatic system in most cases, where is is just simply understood, and practiced in our daily lives. It is a living, breathing part of our makeup as human beings. We are loyal to God, Family, Country, and friends, at least in the truest form of the realties of each. There are other things which loyalty plays a part in, in our lives, such as Job, affiliations, organizations, opinions, and decisions, are largely based upon loyalties. I GET IT.

What I do not get, is Blind, misguided, misplaced, and ignorant Loyalties. We are all subject to these, as well as those truths, obligations, and desires acquainted with the term, and it’s meaning. If I had a Father, who went on a shooting spree, killed or injured kids at a school, it would definitely effect my loyalty to him, as a thinking human being, I could not stand loyal to him, in this terrible act. So, loyalties can be altered, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the use, or need of them.

OK, this said, I get to the meat of what this writing is actually about.

I find it most difficult for Democraps, Left, Liberals, each and every one standing firm behind a man who is destroying this Country. He is clearly the enemy from within, with self serving agendas, and a forward thinking plan of becoming our Dictator/King. He sides with our enemies, while breaking ties with our allies. He makes it no secret that he hates this Country, the People, and our Constitution, and wants to destroy all of it. So, how is it possible that every single person under his administration, and those who are Democrat in the populace, can ALL possibly be loyal, or hold loyalties, to a man with such a terribly wayward obsession and end game?. We know that some Democrats have deserted the party, and have crossed the isle to the Conservative side, but just how many are truly tired of his deep hate of this Country, and all it stands for?. How many can we believe will actually jump ship, from the America hating enemy sitting in our Nation’s most powerful seat?.

I know if I were a Democrat, or leftist, that I could not possibly remain loyal to a man with such evil intentions, who so openly is destructive of the Country in which I, my Family, and friends live and have prospered. I know that at some point, the PC agenda perpetrated upon this Country and People, will culminate in his absolute rule of this once great Country, so just how far do I allow my loyalties to remain, with a man who proves daily, that he is completely anti American?. How far does one’s loyalties extend, at what point does one say I have seen and heard enough, and I no longer want to be a part of this treachery?. I believe there are a large percentage, truth be known, who have figured out just how evil this man is, and who when push comes to shove, will shove themselves away from the complete evil of the man who they have followed. I believe there are still good, although misguided, and deceived, people within the Democratic party, who have decided that they are riding on the wrong train. I believe when the moment of truth comes around, that they will rebel against their party, and vote for America, instead of the man who hates it. I also believe that most, if not all of those who’s thoughts are being re-arranged, know in their heart of hearts, that Hellery is merely a female extension of the demon we are now saddled under, and ruled by. So I see the possibility of their votes going to the Conservative candidates, instead of the business as normal, Democratic party.

We must hit the polls with 100% of our registered voters, All Christians, Judeo-Christians, and any who are of a Conservative mindset. We must be diligent and monitor the polls for any who might be there to intimidate, We MUST be watchful for any signs of irregularities in the voting machines, and make sure that the candidate we vote for, actually receives the vote, before moving forward.

If we are on a machine which will not allow us to vote the candidate of our choice, but keeps switching the choice to another, we must immediately contact a voting official, and make our claim of a malfunctioning machine known, LOUD and CLEAR. If they cannot get the machine to vote for your choice, demand that they shut that machine down. Do not accept any vague excuses, such as Well, we have had a couple of problems with that particular machine. Shut it Down. Stay in pairs as much as possible, as there is safety in numbers, plus two complaints about a machine are better than a single complaint. Be prepared to watch each others backs, and if possible, go to the polls in groups of at least 6 people.

We have only one chance to make this right, and if we fail, our Country and all within it loose. Let’s do it right, but above all, DO IT.

The left will be out in force, I believe machines will be rigged, and they will do and try anything, to win this one. It won’t hurt to take a few extra minutes, to stay around and keep watch on things. If these elections do take place, it is a do or die situation for both parties, and we cannot afford to let this opportunity slip away, because we don’t feel like going out to vote. A stay at home, none of the above, or written in candidate is a vote for the Liberals. This is what they want’ do not give it to them.

Also, it is not just the Presidency at stake, We need to vote out each and every non Conservative who's name is on the ticket as well. Take them all out, while we are at the polls. Do your Jobs, Conservatives. Make your VOTES count on every front, against all who are against us.

Go Conservatives, God Bless America, and help us in this our most crucial time of need, Your will be done.

Excellent points, observations, and suggestions FF...........

It's not bad enough that the Republican "elite" are working so hard to get Trump out of the lead, the fact that the Mexican government is so scared of him winning the Presidency that they are using their consulates here in America to train legal Mexicans to become citizens and able to vote (supported, of course, by George Soros who just wants his henchlady to win).  They don't want to be forced to pay for "the WALL" and to have all those trying to sneak into the U.S. to end up in his backyard.  The more I see about what is going on in the race that I know that Trump is definitely the right person to not only be nominated but to win in November. Harry is totally correct in his letter.  If Cruz, Kasich or anyone else get the nomination, the country might as well dig a big hole, jump in and then cover themselves because it will indeed be the end of the country those of us who served and took the oath to protect are able to look back on as we grew up sixty or seventy years ago. 

Show me ONE incident were the Established Republicans, the Government owned news media, CPAC or the grass roots have given Trump a fair shake! They ALL are dedicated to destroying this man. I'm ashamed of them all. Trump doesn't act like a politician because he's not, but that certainly doesn't make him a bad President. We have had enough politicians, that why we are in this mess. BTW... Cruz is NOT a duel citizen of Canada. He was born in 1970. Canada didn't adopt duel citizenship until 1977. He was born on Canadian soil and is a Canadian citizen only! That makes him UNELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! Both the Established Republicans & the Democrats know this, so does Cruz! By the way, his wife has worked for Golden Sachs since 2005. She DIDN'T quit when her husband began his run for the presidency, but took a leave of absence. They will let this fiasco continue until Trump has no chance of winning the primary. At that time both Parties will let the ineligibility bills come out against Cruz. Right now there are 5, there will be more. This will put Cruz in litigation for years. That doubt with the American people will be the reason that Cruz will lose to Clinton, the habitual lier and worse OR Sanders, the self proclaimed Communist. As for Kasach, he just got a $202 million dollar donation from George Soros. BOTH are in bed with the Establishment, big banking and want amnesty. Beware! Our country is being destroyed from within without firing a shot.

Cameron, all you have cited is truth, and the corruption is being exposed, and boy, is it an ugly mess!!     Seems to me, the Voters need to get to work, and elect a man to clean up this mess.      Like a nest of slimy, slithering snakes, these people are without redemption.     Maybe, the good that come out of all of this,  will be finally the American Public will get a good look at these people.  I can count very, very men or women worthy of Re-Election.

This is truly the Election of Raw Exposure, and it took a Non-Politician to point it out, and it is a good enough reason for me, to continue doing all I can to promote Trump.  He's the man for the Job.

Excellent observation Harry !   I agree 100% with everything you say in your post. Trump is not a perfect candidate ,...because there aren't any and never will be. There was only one perfect man on Earth ,...Jesus.  Trump is however,... an extremely competent administrator . You don't build a multibillion dollar real estate business and brand by being incompetent . What attracted me to Trump was when he said our Country is being led by stupid incompetent people . SO TRUE !   I have felt this way for the last 8 years. Our government has become what our Founding Fathers warned us about ....a huge, wasteful , tyrannical , bureaucracy that is ....certainly no longer FOR the legal citizens of the United States. Trump knows how to deal with incompetent organizations ...that is how you become successful in business.  He has at least brought all the enemies of our Country to the fore front ...because they are all out to stop him .

When the establishment steals the election, Where do we go from that point forward...Many of us including myself will give up on the election process , as a way to restore our country , and the constitution. The establishment actions have already made us see Cruz as an establishment career politician. Hie is not liked, but he is a career politician who will drink the bilderberg cool aide.. I hope we have a lot of retired military brass who can lead a revolution...Might be time for them to start making a plan.

Kevin, may I suggest you say restoration of our lawful Constitutional Republic rather than revolution, which we do not want? A revolution too often leads to unintended consequences which historically have done more bad than good. If we make it our mission in life to restore our Republic, we will be pursuing a lawful course that was envisioned by our Founders, which is why I support that approach over yours.

Mike, it may take that to restore  our "lawful, Constitutional Republic".......How far are you willing to go to do that?   Trump is our last hope to bring this about, if not, we are looking at some serious times ahead......

If they can't do it one way, they will stop Trump another way - delegates!!  Trump has also written a letter to the editor in the Reno Gazette about this - I have posted a link, I believe, but will post it again.



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