Constitutional Emergency

IT'S TRUMP OR AMERICA GOES TO THE GRAVEYARD...It's that critical, a personal observationl!!!

An Open Letter To America,

Toward the end of my military service in the late 80s early 90s, I came to the conclusion the United States of America could never be defeated militarily and for that matter any nation that could try would never do it. The principle of “assured mass destruction” is still valid.
It was and still is very clear to me that America’s demise will come through internal rot and outside migration without assimilation, with destruction as a goal.
This rot takes many forms but the most damaging is the loss of patriotism and allegiance to our God ordained Constitution, loss of moral courage by those allowed to occupy positions of trust, the total surrender of United States three branches of government oversight responsibility, and the total decay of personal integrity and rejection of Christian principles.
So, here we are at a crossroads in our very existence as a Republic, a nation of laws. We are witnessing chaos in the streets, a political system controlled by self-serving mafia that is battling an outsider by the name of Trump, and a population that is starting to wake-up. Will the wake-up be too late and with too little motivation to reverse the destructive course America is traveling?
As a fox-hole survivor, one who understands what it means to take an oath to the US Constitution, I will never surrender. I pray America has recognized the threat to our Constitution through corruption, thievery, criminal activity in our political establishment, and that we will do everything within our power, everything just short of criminal activity, to elect Donald Trump as our next president.
Donald Trump is not a perfect individual, (most of us live in glass houses) I don’t like some of his antics, but I do like his attitude in support of America, his proven ability to get things done, his no-nonsense and straight talk, his freedom from any campaign support obligation, he hasn’t spent his life sucking the public teat, which is putting the existing political apparatus in panic if not chaos.
The current republican party makes no bones about their displeasure with Trump. They are taking every action possible, bringing to bear every anti-Trump side-show they can dream up, and attempt to destroy Trumps freedom of speech at campaign rallies. Trump does not fit the mold of the establishment and they cannot take a chance on him upsetting their golden goose existence.
Certainly we can understand that when the entire republican establishment is in involved in a no-holds barred to eliminate Trump, he must be someone special. He is scaring the dog-crap out the greedy elites and threatening their free-rides that has been going on for decades. We need a man like Trump “for such a time as this”.
If the establishment despises Trump so much, it’s a sure sign it’s absolutely critical and demanding that we pack the ballot box in support of Trump.
Finally, is it possible the establishment in their panic and chaos are totally overlooking the fact that Trump’s popularity is being heaped on him by “we the people”? Trump hasn’t generated the massive voting for his candidacy, he has tapped into the anger, disgust, fed up America and is trumpeting the message of “we the people”. Cruz, Kasich, or any other others offer nothing but more of the same and we know what that has given us.
And there is another factor regarding Cruz...he is not eligible as a “natural born citizen” required by the Constitution to serve as president...if he were nominated I could not vote for him and dishonor our Constitution again.
The establishment is vicious and will even try to override the will of “we the people” in order to retain their prized positions...we must stop them and Donald Trump is the only hope we have. Trump may be the last chance for America to retain our Republic...we can’t squander this potential opportunity to get our nation back on track.
Let us... democrats, republicans, independents, unify and elect Donald Trump as president who will be no puppet of the vile political establishment, but pursue restoration of Constitutional government, with a refreshing attitude of power to "we the people".

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Good Luck Old Rooster. Keep us informed on what you find out.. I lived in Texas so unless the people have changed I think you'll find their more willing to stand up and take an offensive stance. They are proud of their State of Texas that runs deep unlike people say who live in California or here in Nevada. I'm not saying others arnt proud but Texans are a differant breed. It would be good to ask those in authority those questions, wondering if they wouldn't just give lip service to the question. Your right about D.C. It's fortitude to the 10's... You also might ask them if they are aware of what's going on what their doing about organizing with others. Good Luck and God Speed.

Texas is not what it used to be, though there are many here who do think along the same lines and who would stand up when the time came. The traitors in government have been too effective at controlling: a, what they call "education" which is now indoctrination, b, illegal immigration, c, the courts, and d, the tax scam.

Still I believe we COULD change the situation but only if millions firmly commit to whatever it takes for as long as it takes. So far, I have seen too few willing to make that commitment, though it can change given the right impetus.

Sadly, my experience has been that when I ask so-called "conservatives" to do ANYTHING, even to send an email to complain, less than 10% even reply, much less act. When I asked them to file charges of Treason against Ovomit as I did, no one I know followed through. Seems like most of the "patriots" are all hat and no cattle as the old saying in TX goes.

@Old Rooster,   Yes, ran into the same mindset here in Michigan.....I practically begged the militias to support OAS and , as it seems, they were all misled to believe that they would waking into a "Blood Bath"...I have lost respect for the Militias in Michigan as they are missing the point concerning the duties of the militia and their responsibility to the Declaration of Independence to REPLACE a Tyrannical Gov, What ever that may take !!! Do they not see a domestic enemy?  God help us all.......Illegitimus non Carborundum.......

 So then the question is who will rise up to be the leader. I ask if Colonel Riley will step forward. I among all these others are willing to work with him to see this through. Though we need to start working on plans instead of just talking. What we saw in Nevada is it takes someone stepping up, making the stand so others will rally to their side. One of the problems for militias is they never know when one of their members could be an fbi or cia plant. Then when they say something the government sweeps in in the middle of the night and they end up like the patriots in Oregon locked up in solitary confinement; or worse they die from drone strike and police have a murder case that never gets solved.

I have suggested we need to get onto more blog conversation sites and take our conversations to where others will read and possibly join in on. We could start posting ideas and our thoughts onto our social sites like facebook and twitter.

Since Cruz won Wisconsin last night, things are looking more like a Contested Convention.   If that happens, I wonder if Trump would be going Independent in order to get elected.   I would love to see the establishment lose.  They are controlling our elections.  Cruz got so many delegates in Wisconsin.  It is like he stole most of them.  Trump was not that far behind him in the election.   I am sick of these elites or these so-called rich people who think they are elites controlling everything in America.   It is no longer what We The People want, it is what the establishment and filthy rich want!

Anybody think the GOP establishment has learned to rig the ballot box like the progressives have?  The GOP could care less who wins this election for they are allied with the NWO forces as the DNC is.  The fix has been in for many years folks, kiss the Republic good bye before the November election.  This entire drama is being played out to divert attention from the true NWO intentions.

Sadly, all the evidence supports your statements.

Quit falling for the economic divide the NWO is using to take control.  I know many "rich" people more conservative than some on this discussion.  How does one define "rich"?

I really wish they would support Trump. If he runs independent the democrats win. I don't care for Cruz, but anyone is better than what we gave now. If Clinton or Sanders wins we are beyond screwed.

Clinton or Sanders might spark a revolution?

We have now.

Are we ready for this ??? Really ??
This 2016 Presidential election is coming down to a choice between a devout Communist or the Cuban.

REALLY !! - ???


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