IT'S TRUMP OR AMERICA GOES TO THE GRAVEYARD...It's that critical, a personal observationl!!!

An Open Letter To America,

Toward the end of my military service in the late 80s early 90s, I came to the conclusion the United States of America could never be defeated militarily and for that matter any nation that could try would never do it. The principle of “assured mass destruction” is still valid.
It was and still is very clear to me that America’s demise will come through internal rot and outside migration without assimilation, with destruction as a goal.
This rot takes many forms but the most damaging is the loss of patriotism and allegiance to our God ordained Constitution, loss of moral courage by those allowed to occupy positions of trust, the total surrender of United States three branches of government oversight responsibility, and the total decay of personal integrity and rejection of Christian principles.
So, here we are at a crossroads in our very existence as a Republic, a nation of laws. We are witnessing chaos in the streets, a political system controlled by self-serving mafia that is battling an outsider by the name of Trump, and a population that is starting to wake-up. Will the wake-up be too late and with too little motivation to reverse the destructive course America is traveling?
As a fox-hole survivor, one who understands what it means to take an oath to the US Constitution, I will never surrender. I pray America has recognized the threat to our Constitution through corruption, thievery, criminal activity in our political establishment, and that we will do everything within our power, everything just short of criminal activity, to elect Donald Trump as our next president.
Donald Trump is not a perfect individual, (most of us live in glass houses) I don’t like some of his antics, but I do like his attitude in support of America, his proven ability to get things done, his no-nonsense and straight talk, his freedom from any campaign support obligation, he hasn’t spent his life sucking the public teat, which is putting the existing political apparatus in panic if not chaos.
The current republican party makes no bones about their displeasure with Trump. They are taking every action possible, bringing to bear every anti-Trump side-show they can dream up, and attempt to destroy Trumps freedom of speech at campaign rallies. Trump does not fit the mold of the establishment and they cannot take a chance on him upsetting their golden goose existence.
Certainly we can understand that when the entire republican establishment is in involved in a no-holds barred to eliminate Trump, he must be someone special. He is scaring the dog-crap out the greedy elites and threatening their free-rides that has been going on for decades. We need a man like Trump “for such a time as this”.
If the establishment despises Trump so much, it’s a sure sign it’s absolutely critical and demanding that we pack the ballot box in support of Trump.
Finally, is it possible the establishment in their panic and chaos are totally overlooking the fact that Trump’s popularity is being heaped on him by “we the people”? Trump hasn’t generated the massive voting for his candidacy, he has tapped into the anger, disgust, fed up America and is trumpeting the message of “we the people”. Cruz, Kasich, or any other others offer nothing but more of the same and we know what that has given us.
And there is another factor regarding Cruz...he is not eligible as a “natural born citizen” required by the Constitution to serve as president...if he were nominated I could not vote for him and dishonor our Constitution again.
The establishment is vicious and will even try to override the will of “we the people” in order to retain their prized positions...we must stop them and Donald Trump is the only hope we have. Trump may be the last chance for America to retain our Republic...we can’t squander this potential opportunity to get our nation back on track.
Let us... democrats, republicans, independents, unify and elect Donald Trump as president who will be no puppet of the vile political establishment, but pursue restoration of Constitutional government, with a refreshing attitude of power to "we the people".

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Judith, et al. I believe we here at PFA are far beyond a group of like minded people, concerning out Government, Leadership, and the state our Country is in.

I believe we are a family, a truly caring family, who for the most part feel not only sympathy for our people, but many also feel empathy. Many of us are of like age, have gone through the same type of life, and the same problems, and losses, and truly understand the feelings of others who do, and have. We have different ideals at times, but this is healthy. Anything worthwhile begins with a idea, then many ideas, which aggregate into a simple thought, and or solution.

It is easy for a person to say " I know how you feel", but unless one has traveled the same road of despair, pain, or loss, there is no possible way for them to know how another feels. Here, our burdens can be shared, our ideas can be shared, our standing in life, can be shared, and there are many who know exactly what they are talking about.

We will always have conflicting ideas, and discussions as to what they are, but we can also have personal problems, difficulties, pain and suffering, which is relative to many here. As a family, we are to stand by each other, reach out, and comfort each other. When we speak of personal losses, difficulties, trials and tribulations, we do not do so for sympathy, but for understanding,, and a willingness to simply hear words of comfort, and like experiences, and how to cope with them.

We are a FAMILY, this is what we do, and I am proud to be accepted into this family of people who do not ridicule, but try to give positive input which can be helpful. Intellect seeks it’s own level.

God bless you for going on, and any words of encouragement which might have helped you get back on the path of recovery, and past the hardships you faced. I Pray that your life, and those others who face, and have faced, and overcome difficulties, through any help of others, will be Blessed, and enriched through words of comfort, and help from Jesus Christ, and the Father, God.

Be rich in your blessings, and poor in your needs.

I'd also like to posit this for your consideration. Everything we experience in life can be part of the learning process if we approach it correctly, attentively, and critically. I have had some of my greatest learning experiences from my negative experiences that from my positive ones. In fact, some of my greatest trageties have lead to my greatest victories. My life experiences show me its all about my approach. Being faced with others opinions that I disagree with have forced my to further research my position to see if I am indeed correct. And when I'm open and honest there are times I've had to change my opinions and beliefs. "All things work together for good". If I keep this in mind I can turn my failures into success, after all life is a learning process.



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