Constitutional Emergency

It’s Official: The Muslim Brotherhood Declares War on America

Dangers of Allah

Erick Stakelbeck has been a correspondent and terrorism analyst for CBN News since 2005. He covers the global war on terror, U.S. national security, the Middle East, and the growth of radical Islam at home and abroad for the CBN News Bureau in Washington, D.C.

He produces and reports feature stories for CBN’s nationally televised news programs on issues such as Al-Qaeda’s worldwide operations; Iran’s nuclear program; the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; Hamas, Hezbollah and existential threats to Israel’s security; and Islamic radicalism in the United States and Europe. He has interviewed numerous lawmakers and international diplomats, as well as Islamic terrorists.

Are you listening, Obama administration? A vitally important piece here by my friend Barry Rubin. As I showed in my recent special series on the Brotherhood (watch here and here) strategies are beginning to form outside of the Brotherhood-enabling U.S. government about how to counter the MB threat.

But time is short and getting shorter. Here’s more, from Rubin Reports:

Here we go: The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has endorsed (Arabic) (English translation by MEMRI) anti-American Jihad and pretty much every element in the al-Qaida ideology book. Since the Brotherhood is the main opposition force in Egypt and Jordan as well as the most powerful group, both politically and religiously, in the Muslim communities of Europe and North America this is pretty serious stuff.

By the way, no one can argue that he merely represents old, tired policies of the distant past because the supreme guide who said these things was elected just a few months ago. His position reflects current thinking.

Does that mean the Egyptian, Jordanian, and all the camouflaged Muslim Brotherhood fronts in Europe and North America are going to launch terrorism as one of their affiliates, Hamas, has long done? No.

But it does mean that something awaited for decades has happened: the Muslim Brotherhood is ready to move from the era of propaganda and base-building to one of revolutionary action. At least, its hundreds of thousands of followers are being given that signal. Some of them will engage in terrorist violence as individuals or forming splinter groups; others will redouble their efforts to seize control of their countries and turn them into safe areas for terrorists and instruments for war on the West.

Read it all. And pray the U.S. government gets the memo. Soon.

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Semper Fi, Jack!
Nah! 150 gr HP makes a bigger mess. FMJ you have to hit solid or vital area. Zips right through soft. 7.62mm going in and 7.62mm coming out. 308 HP= 7.62mm going in and 13-16mm coming out.
(Only a Spec. 5 when I got out. Army Aviation A-Troop, 3rd Squadron, 17th Air Cavalry, Scouts, July 69- July 70, Viet Nam.)
FMJ does go through car doors better than HP.

10 Nov 2010,,,It takes one helluva good outfit to be around that long,,,,,,,,,,,,,Semper Fi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jack
A few days after 9-11 a poll was taken of Muslim born American men ages 18 to 40. A full 1/3 approved of both the 9-11 attacks and suicide bombers in the name of Allah. That was before we attacked in Iraq and Afganistan. Can you imagine what that number is today. Add that to all the OTMs that have crossed our border from Mexico and South America, mostly from the middle east and we have a big problem. We had all better be ready to protect our Families, homes and towns because our government has it's head in the sand and can't or won't do it for whatever reason. You pick one, Obama's a Muslim plant, they want a crisis ( we can withstand another terror attack ) so they can impose martial law, they are traitors backing the New World Order or they just sold out for the bucks. It really doesn't matter which one it is, their Jihad is coming to a City or Town near you in the not too distant future so you had better be ready to protect yourselves. Anyone who thinks the Nation of Islam can be reasoned with is a fool or part of the plot. Another example is the New Black Panther Party, nothing more the the military arm of the American Black Muslims, most of whom were converted in our prison system. When the s**t hits the fan you had better be ready, I am
in 1991 MB wrote a memo on how to defeat America without violence. This is the playbook from which they are working. The memo was read in as evidence in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial. Read this and if you want to learn more read Milestones by Sayyed Qutb. It's all there in black and white.
Picture a suicidal bomber at the Mall, the day after Thanksgiving. (I hope I'm not giving them ideas)
I think they actually declared war on us quite some time ago, and people are just now getting the pieces together to understand the nature of that war; and how it's being waged against us daily in our own nation, and has been being for over a decade on our home soil, but it began overseas first and they got away with most of their attacks, so were emboldened by that to launch them right here at home.
Your video is no longer available unfortunately, but you're right about the brainwashing and distractions, which are compounded by media propaganda, which is in fact what mainstream media reports ARE!
There are some FEW Muslims who actually don't believe Shariah is right or that jihad means killing everyone who doesn't follow Islam, but they are VERY few and far between. One, an MD who served in our Navy and now is heading an organization of Muslims for Democracy in the US, a Dr, Jasser, is trying to speak out more publicly, but finding venues hard to come by. His group is on-line, American Islamic Forum for Democracy; and he has denounced openly many of the things we keep wishing to hear Muslims denounce. Check it out and see what you think for yourselves. On the other side of the coin, the Raufs and others tied to most of the Muslim organizations are literally trying to take over our nation as much as they are in Europe too, and seek to kill all non-Muslims, it's true. So we need to be a little careful about condemning all of them. Hasan gave clear warnings he was jihadist extremist, long before he opened fire, but the PC atmosphere within as well as without the military held most who knew it silent until after the fact! THAT needs to change; we need to feel free to report people who are behaving and speaking in ways that advocate violence against Americans, whether it's against Muslim women for wanting to choose western ways and to be independent of men, or against non-Muslims for being such, or whatever! That's especially true of the military; we have many Muslims serving on active duty now; and some may well be Hasans waiting to "go off" too, while others may truly be fighting FOR the American way of life, as many of us served to do.



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