Constitutional Emergency

Jamie Glazov Moment...........A Real Threat From The Muslim Brotherhood.........

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Yes.....that is the gravity of the situation. This link helps understand the ideology of not only Islam, but the Muslim Koran itself..... . The training camps for domestically grown terrorists against the United States are plentifully here already..... And this site does not name all the locations, as there are ones inside Georgia, too. This was featured on the Bill O'Reily show. As the link says....Islam is not here to integrate. Islam is here to dominate. This Muslim leader is voicing the teachings of their holy book, the Koran. Our Holy Book, The Bible, says, the enemy is here to kill, steal, and destroy.....speaking of Lucifer. How amazingly similar those two ideologies are...!!!

Jerel, I believe you are absolutely correct that islime was inspired by Lucifer.  It clearly was NOT inspired by our God no matter what else one says about it.

SInce it is apparent to any honest person, which leaves out most politicians, what can be done to force the traitors in government accept the fact that islime IS at war with us? After all, protecting America is the primary duty of all government personnel, elected or appointed, so failing that one duty means they have failed at their most important duty which, in my view, proves they are unfit for office.

Mike. Your ABSOLUTLY correct they have failed in their Primary responsibility to keep America safe along with the military commanders who as Col. Riley posted are more concerned with gender reassignment and delivering babies aboard Naval ships than on combat readiness.
One has to as the question: "Why". The only conclusion that makes sense is to weaken America so it can be transformed and more fully intergrated into the New World Order not as a leader but simply as another "Nation Player". Formally America was too strong, too Independant to transform. They knew this change could not come about from without but had to come from within. So, using the banter of political correctness, gender equality, and excoriating all opponents as Homophobic, Islamiphobic, sexist and biggot they are fast at work at eating away at the very fabric which defines a free nation, a nation that has stood for freedoms given not by man but by God. Trump needs strong Commanders from top to bottom to reverse this weakening and ultimate transformation or we will simply cease to exist. The left are NO friends of America and our Military Commanders are sell outs caring more about their pensions than the Nation they took and oath to protect. If you think our military is weak now, imagine this next spineless generation of hot house flowers who cry for their safe places in uniform along with transgendered and females. Marine Recon, Delta Force, The Green Berets, Navy seals all SOC will be a thing of the past. Boot Camp will have rooms for the recruits to play with play dooh and puppies to restore their hurt feelings by the "Bad" words spoken to them by Drill Instructors. The few that manage out of high school to go into military academy's and special operations will be hog tied to fit into the staus quo and go along to get along. I repeat, this transformation could only come about from the "Inside" by traitors to the American Ideal and it's way of life. If you want a glimpse of America's future you only need to look at this next generation as those running the country.. SAD, very SAD......


There are alot of nuts running around out there.

Trump broke another campaign promise by saying his administration will not be investigating Hillary Clinton.

This is an irritation to me also Lee.  I intend to send a series off "tweets" to @realDonaldTrump  and remind him of his law and order commitment.  It's one thing to be forgiving but there are consequences to criminal activity.  Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for her lawlessness.........we need to tell Trump to do the right thing.

Several are in prison for committing much less regarding classified information exposure........Hillary Clinton deserves the same Grand Jury action.....if the Grand Jury does not bring an indictment, then that's one thing but she should go before a Grand Jury....maybe even a special prosecutor reinvestigating her as well as the so-called "foundation".

What other campaign promises will be broken?  This is why I was so reluctant to support Trump in the beginning and my vote for Trump was a vote against Hillary Clinton as I suspected Trump would begin to renege on his campaign promises if he was elected.  He has softened on many promises already.

Unless and until we rise up against this unconstitutional federal government things are only going to get worse and I support the dissolution of the present federal system and complete restoration of the Constitution as intended by the founding fathers.  At this point the only viable way to do that is what many of you on this forum will disagree with - total rebellion and revolution; let the blood of patriots and tyrants flow. 

What do we have to lose? 

My life is meaningless without life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness within the confines of the Constitution as originally written and established.

Just for the record..... Trump did not say "His Administration" will not investigate Hillary". He said He would not. The AG and Dept of Justice could still go after her apart from Trump. HOWEVER, if Obama pardons her all is for naught. Maybe he thinks that saying he will not go after her Obama will not pardon her, if he does it will only confirm people's suspisions. HOWEVER, if he does pardon her she is not out of the woods. I believe various depts of Justice are looking into her and Bills involvement in Petaphilia along with many Hollywood elietes. What Trumps statement does is put Obama between a rock and a hard place, he's damned if he does and damned if he dosent!

Then Trump needs to keep his mouth shut for once.  Why the hell does always open up a can of worms...apparently no one can break his fingers or shut him up..........

We fell for a turd because the other turd stunk far worse.

OMG!  People, people, people!  Trump hasn't even taken office yet.  Good grief!!!



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