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Jamie Glazov Moment...........A Real Threat From The Muslim Brotherhood.........

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Watch this video and CHILL OUT, for pete's sakes!!!!

Patriots are leery of being burned again Judith.........Trump could help by closing his mouth, lay off the keyboard and let things settle out.....He apparently hasn't gotten it yet that his every word is distorted, mischaracterized, garbled, so it's hard to figure out what's accurate, what's false.............

We won't get behind the power curve and let any more Washington leadership run amuck.............which includes Trump.

He is PLAYING with the media, Harry, and completely by-passing them.  As far as I am concerned, he is trusting we, The People, to not go off on some hairbrained tantrum!!!  Not to mention, Jeff Sessions has said himself that as AG, he will prosecute anyone who deserves to be prosecuted.  It is entirely inappropriate for the President to get involved with these issues and if he does, the MSM and left-wing will scream to the rafters that it is ALL politically motivated.  Did we not all moan and groan about the Muslim-in-Chief involving himself in such issues and yet now we bitch because Trump isn't????  All I can say is: make up your damn minds!!!!  For pete's sake, give the man a chance!!!

Here is his latest message to the American people: 

A Thanksgiving Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump

Trump hit a raw spot in my soul when he talks about "Hillary has been through so much", "feels sorry for her" "wants her to heal" without citing all the damage she has done to our country, all the pain she has caused mothers of dead Americans, lies she has told to the faces of grieving Hillary Clinton does not need to be coddled.  Everything she has suffered she has brought on herself and she owes the American people and accounting for her criminal behavior.  Most people don't realize the damage she did to our nation, our national security, and the lives of our citizens...she ranks with the worst traitors in the history of the United States.

No one should be mean to Clinton but neither should there be any suggestion she should not face consequences of her criminal behavior...

Just convince Trump to measure his statements and remember if he didn't mean what he said that got him 60 million votes, he has deceived us.

In short he's acting like a politician..........that gives me pause....I don't roll over easy after being crapped on for several decades.

I spent over 34 years defending our Constitution, some of it in combat fox-hole duty, and truthfully I didn't realize the rottenness that had taken over our nation until I retired and started investigating my local politicians.  I was sick over the lives lost while these greedy, self-serving bastards were helping themselves, bleeding "we the people"...........when Trump showed up my heart lunged for joy, even though some of his campaign behavior was repulsive. I want him to do what he said and knock off all the b.s game-playing. 

If Trump has something to say that is important, say it.  Other wise shut up.


I watched Alex Jones covering his ass, that's about all that was, and trying to save face.

Take off your rose colored glasses of Judith.  Trump is breaking campaign promises and on top of that giving key positions to RINO's like Romney.  We've been duped.

Time for some of to get down to the business of restoring our Republic or die trying.

You really need to stop listening to the MSM!!!

Not MSM, so called conservative sites are where I am getting much negative reports on what Trump is reneging on.

Thank you Harry, for expressing it more eloquently than I can.


Relax Lee, we've still got 27 days left before the Electoral College votes.
THAT may be the final signal.

Trump is the head of "His Administration" so he is a liar already and he's not even taken office yet.

In a way it kind of looks like what many of us have been saying here for years that the eliete and the international bankers control both parties and their agenda continues regardless of who's in office or whoevers party is in control.



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