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Jared Kushner Is Upset Because His Panties is Giving Him a Wedgie

Trump Will Unveil Kushner's Dangerous Immigration Plan

posted by Lady Rose

 Kushner's family are not natural born Israeli. They migrated into Israel from the EU. Kushner's past has all ways been hidden and his agendas never spoke of, with the global elite.

 President Donald Trump will unveil a new plan Thursday to overhaul the existing U.S. immigration system with a program developed by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, that stands little chance of passing Congress.

 The proposal calls for some of Trump’s promised border wall to be constructed while ignoring key Democratic priorities, including legal status for millions of immigrants brought to the country illegally as children.

 The plan would rank would-be immigrants by metrics including age, English proficiency, an offer of employment at certain wage levels or in specialty jobs, or vocational training, according to three administration officials. The officials asked not to be identified discussing the plan ahead of Trump’s speech.

 The proposal includes construction of Trump’s promised wall at 33 “priority” locations along the Mexican border, and higher immigration fees would finance continuous upgrades of infrastructure along the border and at ports of entry. The White House would also overhaul the asylum process in a bid to reduce claims for refugee status at the border, after a surge of migrants claiming danger in their home countries overwhelmed immigration courts.

 The White House says the system would attract more skilled immigrants who could boost the U.S. economy, while reducing the flow of illegal immigration. But Kushner’s plan seems unlikely to gain traction on Capitol Hill — the administration officials declined to name even Republican lawmakers who would support it.

 The proposal does not address how the administration would handle millions of immigrants already living in the country without documentation. It would eliminate programs championed by Democrats, including the diversity visa lottery, instead offering additional ‘points’ under the merit system to citizens of certain countries. The officials did not say which countries would be favored.

 The plan is silent on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which offers deportation protection for immigrants brought to the country as children.

CNN Politics and Jared Kushner

 White House adviser Jared Kushner's proposal to reform the US legal immigration system will be broken into two parts: one focused on border security and the other on legal immigration, according to a senior administration official.

 The first part of the proposal deals with border security. This would include constructing physical barriers where needed and modernizing ports of entry in the north, south and on the coasts -- so that every person, vehicle and cargo container is scanned to prevent anything illegal from coming into the country, and that trade is facilitated more quickly. This proposal, the official said, would protect rights and respect due process while also preserving the right to detain, adjudicate and remove any individual if need be, especially people trying to circumvent the legal system.
 All of the following countries are signed into the UN Global Migration Compact.
 The second part of the proposal asks what should legal immigration look like. With 185 different kinds of visas, the system right now is easy to game, the official said. This proposal would for now keep the level of immigration at the same level it is currently, and work toward a merit-based system based on the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand systems.
 Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, has been a sounding board on legal immigration reforms.
Kushner insisted that he and senior adviser Stephen Miller, an influential voice on immigration in the White House, have "not had any fights" and said he is putting together "a really detailed proposal" to reform the US immigration system, but did not reveal any of the components of his proposal.
"The President asked me to work on this topic," Kushner said. "This isn't one of the topics that I came to Washington to work on."
 Kushner is reaching out to the experts within the administration to try to form a proposal, the official said. For instance, Kushner has reached out to lawyers throughout the administration and career professionals at Customs and Border Protection and said, "forget about what politicians think -- what do you think? What do you need to do your job? What does a detailed proposal look like?" Kushner has also reached out to allies on Capitol Hill and, quietly, some Democrats.
 The goal is to produce a plan that the White House thinks is defensible, the official said, rather than have a proposal that is a mishmash of compromises. Kushner has been working with Kevin Hassett and the Council of Economic Advisers to make sure that by bringing in more high skilled workers the US would not lower wages.
Kushner said Tuesday he and his team will be presenting the latest version of their proposal to Trump later this week or next week and Trump will likely offer changes.

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OK, So all of that sounds reasonable. What part of that prompted the title of this thread Tif ?

Kushner's panties in a wadgie"???
What part of the immigration (snippet) don't you like Tif ?
The fact that Kushner is jewish?
Or the fact that he is reaching out to others who may know more about it?

I think you answered your question as to why she doesn't like him; Jewish.

She can claim she's married to a Jew all she wants but I'm seeing a lot of anti-Semitism in her posts and comments.

Just sayin'.

Anti-Semitism, was created by people who are Jewish, as well as the word Nazi.

 And who are you to even challenge my husband. Ohh poo!!! that right I slammed you theory on the basic foundation of God and our Constitution. And that God is a Christian God.

 My god, that means my two children are White,Tribal, Jewish, and Red Neck, its the end of the world as we know it...:)

 When I first meet my husband, he was so overwhelmed with my ways, then he asked do I have a issue with him be Jewish? To me at that time it was like Da!!!! I did not have a clue of the hate toward Jews. So I just said to him as long as you don't have a issue of me being me...:)

 And yes I am very cute, sexy, and I love my husband, so take your anti-Semitism and put it in your pocket, with all them fake federal notes...:)

 Then you really do not know what he is connected to. And you do not know he got busted cross dressing. Do you want to know more of how he is connected to Soros and the Rothschild?

I don't trust Kushner, can't put get a handle on why but there's something I just don't trust about him besides him being a globalist. I think having Kushner in the White House is a serious flaw that President Trump has made.

Don't get me wrong on my reply to Tif Lee, I never said I like Kushner either. But unlike you - I KNOW what I don't like about him. YES - He's a globalist, and he worked for one of the big Globalist banks in NYC.
But even with that said if he comes up with a good immigration plan then I'll support it. But it's going to have to be a real plan with good ideas and intentions. Of course the Democrats will all claim it's dead on arrival in D.C.
But the more they squeal bitch piss and moan the better is it.

We'll just have to wait and see.

BTW - I don't care if Kushner is Jewish or not. That's not how I measure people.

There is more to Kushner that we're not being allowed to see and that bothers me. He is a globalist and that's enough for me to have an issue with him in the Trump administration, which gives me pause with the Trump administration. Trump appears to be doing what real Americans want but he would not be President if the powers that be hadn't approved him to be the Republican nominee and that troubles me greatly, and he has been a long time friend of the Clintons. Mankind is wicked and evil... every race, creed, color, etc.

 The topic missed in the blog, is this, to create a migration of people into America like, All of the following countries are signed into the UN Global Migration Compact " The second part of the proposal asks what should legal immigration look like. With 185 different kinds of visas, the system right now is easy to game, the official said. This proposal would for now keep the level of immigration at the same level it is currently, and work toward a merit-based system based on the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand systems".

 Then of course, you may not follow the trend of whom is being migrated in America? So I invite you to find out how many EU whites or Jews on a percentage, vs. Hispanics, Africans, and Muslims being immigrated into America?

 Millions of of them called brown people, and I really can not find where Jews and whites are allowed in under immigration.

 I see the look in Kushner's eyes at Trump, I also seen the same look at JFK, as he removed the Fed from printing Americas money.

  The look to me is like obey your master....

 I do not have any masters, called man, this government is not my master.

Tif, Do me a favor here please. Quit bashing Jews as a whole, be specific about who, put some names or positions to who you want to bash, and then it's fair game - go for it. Apparently your husband is Jewish, Guess what - I don't care. Good for him if that's what he believes and likes. No skin off my nose, as long as you're happy with him, good for you..

Now if you want to bash the crap out of George Soros (The JEW bastard NAZI) I'm all for it, and I believe Lee Vail might agree with that also.
but be specific about who you are bashing, I don't really like Kushner either. But Jewish people as a whole I don't see any problems with. I have several Jewish friends and they are good people. I also might add that many of them are American Military war veterans who have fought FOR this country.

Now you want to talk about the English banks, the bank if Scotland, Bank of England,the Builderbergs, Rothschilds, and our US Federal Reserve banks owned and run by Jews and English,,,,,,,, Go for it, be specific about it.
I think we should hang them all.

 The term I used was biological Jews, and by the way there was only one man who was Jewish appointed into position at the Federal Reserve, that changed it to something normal, he only lasted  a little over a year and they removed him.

 And by the way, Lady Rose, is a full blooded Jew, so, I do not blame all for what some are doing. Rosie is my best friend in the whole world, except my husband, thats different.

 LOL Tif

 PS, the federal reserve is not ours.

I'd prefer to hang that Jew bastard Nazi Soros, or a .45 ACP 'tween his eyes, or... anything to make that bastard suffer immensely before his heart stops beating.



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