Jeb Bush and the White House Cabal..............God help us, Jeb Bush is part of the cancer..........

On Sunday, August 9, 2015 4:46 PM, :

You are missing the picture if you aren't aware that Murdoch and FOX are doing WHATEVER is necessary to get Jeb Bush elected.....who will they have Megyn sandbag next??
Here they are....the WH cabal:  Valerie Jarrett, Rupert Murdoch, and Jeb Bush tonight at #WSJCEOCouncil
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if you're not prepped by now you're a fool!

This is what everyone has to realize.  The "Conservative v. Liberal" dynamic is a "straw man" a diversion so we wont see that it is all one Elite Kibuki dance- You are seeing it in this picture-that is why nothing was done in DC after we gave them the House and Senate-Trump or any Non Politician (Fiorina, Carson)has to be used to destroy the process. Trump is especially useful because he wont "owe" anyone-he wont be a Donor Ventriloquist Dummy.  All of them are either ineligible or outright pawns of the Donor Class-They are still pushing Rubio even though they are aware that he is "ineligible" and that if he or any "ineligibles" (Cruz, Jindal, Santorum)were to win HRC would raise it with the Scotus and it would be over anyway-but guess what-They don't care-they win either way.

As they said at Thermopylae-Fight ON-

Trust that the Lord is in control.

Organizing is one of the ways to subvert the current tide from continuing.  Small contingencies must be organized and readied when it is time to act.  Not only will they act against the status quo, but against the invasion of the southern and northern borders.  Violence is not the answer.  The strength and threat of revolt will cause attention to needed change.  However, action is a possible reality.  Not only will there be a call for civilians, but also for the military who to stand up for patriotic and Constitutional change.  The disguise of the dance between conservatives and liberals is a phony distraction to weaken the real cause.

AMERICA can never be great again , Homosexuals / Cannabis / Corruption rule b( ruin ).

I agree for the most part but WE need to be very careful who we pick for our side. Frankly I think Cruz or Florina are good choices even Carson but not the mouth Trump, he is just wrong for the job I believe that with all my heart. Yea he talks a good job but listen to what he says, even HE admitted he has bought a few politicians in his time WHAT? Geeze avoid that clown like he is the pick pocket he really is. Trump is NOT the man for the job. Now I don't want another Bush in there either and that clown from NJ needs to go away as well. Ok I will shut up now since I'm sure I have pissed off a few.

you my friend are such an idiot, but it IS your choice!!!~

Jeb Bush is the problem . him and people like him is whats wrong with our country

It would have been nice if it hadn't been so obvious as to Fox's intent.  The venue was a debate to determine a qualified President but just how many questions were substantive to what is ailing our country.  About the only thing we really found out was how Kasick took Ohio out of the pit, which really isn't that true.  And, it looks as though many agree with most of us in that the polls didn't change that needle for their preferences, in fact, from what I read it backfired.  Where has Bush, Rubio and Walker ended up. Although Kelly's questions were not ones that merited a Presidential Debate, there were one that really stuck in my throat, her question to Cruz about God.  The relationship between a man and his God is personal and this venue very out of place. 

I've known since he announced that he's part of the 'cabal'. I don't want him in the Oval Office. I'd rather have somebody fresh and I have a few ideas. 1) Carly Fiorina 2) Ben Carson or 3) Donald Trump. None of these are career politicians and this may actually be to their favor. Of the politicans I like: 1) Ted Cruz 2) Scott Walker or 3) Kasich. These three have records to run on. I would dismiss the rest and send them home with a complimentary box of chocolates.

Carly Fiorina: Islamic Civilization was “Greatest in the World”
Carly Fiorina stood with Republican Establishment AGAINST CRUZ in 2013 government shutdown
Carly Fiorina is open to legal status for adult illegal immigrants, citizenship for their kids

you left out Huckabee an experienced governor and an ethical man. 

Agree Debrajoe.



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