John Stossel Asks: Would You Vote For A Muslim President? Take The Poll HERE!

24 September 2015

John Stossel Asks:  Would You Vote For A Muslim President?  Take The Poll HERE!: 

[Fox News Video and Poll available at the following link:] 

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Please tell me where Jesus said "Kill all those who don't convert". I must have missed that in my bible reading. And you might as well stop, you'll never convince me The Muslim Religion is somehow correct, decent or explains the Word and Will of God.

"Please tell me where Jesus said 'Kill all those who don't convert.'"

Please tell me why the Qur’an says just the opposite.  I reiterate: "Allah forbids you not ­(meaning Muslims are supposed to do this) – with regard to those who fight you not for your faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them..."  Keep in mind that Islam also views Jesus as a prophet of God.

"... you'll never convince me The Muslim Religion is somehow correct, decent or explains the Word and Will of God."

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."
~ President John Adams, 1770

Maybe you should tell the Muslims that liberated that ancient Christian town in Syria from NWO puppets or the Muslims that are supporting Putin and Christian Russia that they are doing Islam wrong...

Michael....he is a troll and void of any true understanding. You are correct in your analogy.

Thank you Forest. I felt like I walked into a black hole after reading his posts!!

Regan, you do realize that thoughtlessly rejecting logic and evidence is why Jesus was sentenced to death in the first place, right?  Muslims killing fellow followers of God simply because NWO stooges make this sound like a good idea clearly has nothing to do with Islam, but...

"... if a person does not love the truth, he will never change his mind whatsoever. Facts, evidence, logic and consistency sometimes are useless precisely because the person is not open to the possibility that his ideology could be wrong."

Love the truth, not ideology.

Michael M. Regan,

You are spot on with your analogy. 

According to the poll, there is some good news for America, 97% of the votes that were cast indicate that they would not vote for a muslim president.  And there is some encouragement that Americans are not going to put up with an islamic coup:

02 October 2015

Global Rally For Humanity:  

Thanks for the stats Morning Star. And because of them I think that's why Obama has opens the door wide to Muslums because at this rate it's only a matter of time before their numbers increase to the point that they can sway public opinion just by shear numbers. We really need to stop this immigration fiasco.

Michael M. Regan,


POTUS has certainly upped the ante by pushing through the UN Agenda for a Global Police Force.  He sees the writings on the walls.

I have great safety concerns about the Global Rallies to soon take place around the world that will have to encounter the Global Police Forces. 

This is a dream come true setup for the typical Socialists' movements - to create the chaos and literally crush the citizenry with weaponry of mass destruction and forced immigrations. 

Morning Star. I agree.. If you notice all the foriegn nations that oppose us are rising up against us and the administration is doing nothing. They are consentrating on taking our rights and creating false flags to aide in that end. I think the majority of Americans agree that Obama has weakened America not strengthened it since he became president. He has sold his soul and is content to be the one to go down in history as the person who destroyed America and unless people unite together he will succeed. What's amazing to me is that there has to be hundreds if not thousands of people who know the truth of what's going on and they are all silent!! For some reason rhey are willing to remain silent and watch America fall than speak out. This is one of the things that confounds me the most.

The following web site tells us how the Muslim population dove tails into our conversations......I have posted it before but it bears repeating for those who do not understand what the American people are up against........

Make sure you click on the titles at the bottom of the article that you first open.....additional information can be garnered from each title.

Forrest Jane Cline,

Thanks for the great information link about islam.  I'll pass it along. 



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