"Joint Chiefs chairman to retired military: Stop slamming Obama!" <---Spineless Career Politician General

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Penned by Jim Kouri,

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what a jerk this Dempsey guy is.  I don't care what his rank is, he is pure stupid or a dye hard Obama the Muslim fan  He is a disgrace to the Military.  I am sure it is self serving why he made this remark.  Maybe Obama is paying him.   What a jerk and a disgrace.    

Martin Dempsay is a boot licker! He is as bad as these idiots!


                If any of the (ALLEGED) top brass had to fight WW2 all over again,and with the same resources,it is doubtful that any of them would have the slightest idea even where to begin. Three cheers for General Patton,and Omar Bradley.

   Americans are going to trust the Navy Seals verses a brown nose , bun kissing Officer to the idiot we have in charge. This Pres is selling out our Men and Women who serve this country with Pride and Honor as we can't miss seeing he doesn't like the Military. We need Ike, Pattons and MacCarthurs today.

Twana and Harry:

Do all of us patriots and retired soldiers who still honor the Oath they took.

REMOVE the picture from your website of "Dempsey". 

thank you,

Done.........Kenneth.......I agree with you........he is disgusting to look at...........


LTC Reade, Jr.

Sounds like to me it would have been an honor to serve with you,

CW3 US Army Retired.

LTC Reade would you please go take this mans job , how shall I say it with total respect, this most senor man Army Gen. Martin Dempseyngs,  job sir. I applaud you.!!! YOU ARE A TRUE PATRIOT.!!!, one to whom I would have liked to have as my leader. . God knows we don't need him ,

If he considers the military neutral,  then he also considers us second class citizens or lower.  Maybe he should think and remember back when he was a butter bar, when he had to take one side or the other.  My how time causes one to forget. I read the replys to his message, some refering him  as jerk, boot licker ect, thats being kind!  He, along with his other staff members,  need to return to reality, get out of politics, and do everything possible to protect both ACTIVE and RETIREES.

The Gunny    

It's my observation that Dempsey reflects the most partisan CJCS in my memory and over 34 years of military service.  While he condems veterans, retirees as partisan for speaking on issues they believe important., Dempsey totally overlooks his own lop-sided public pronoucements in support of Barack Obama.....Dempsey is a betrayer of his oath to the US Constitution...there is nothing is his oath that puts the Constitution below his knee-bending to Obama....his oath is a direct requirement to the Constitution.

I say again, Congress should ask for Dempsey's resignation as he is the one that is bringing our military service disrespect. A four-star General that makes nonsensical statements, degrade the service of veterans, acts as a partisan while on active duty and fails to stand for our warriors, is disgraceful at best.

It's useful idiots like General Dempsey who surround Obama and do his bidding to destroy our nation.

I would like to seek Congress strip him of his grade and drum him from the service.  He deserves nothing less.



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