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Judge delays Fort Hood shooting hearing after defendant shows up in full beard


This jihadi should already be dead!





The Sacramento Bee


McClatchy Newspapers


A military judge delayed a pretrial hearing Friday after Maj. Nidal Hasan, accused in the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood, appeared in a military courtroom sporting a full beard that his attorneys said he grew for religious reasons.

Col. Gregory Gross called the beard, which violated Army grooming regulations, a disruption to court proceedings and halted the hearing, Fort Hood officials said. Gross said a new hearing would be held soon - possibly next week - and that Hasan would have to watch proceedings outside the courtroom on closed-circuit television unless he complied with an order to "appear with proper military grooming standards," Fort Hood officials said.

Over the past two years, Hasan, who remains an active duty service member, has appeared in court clean-shaven and with closely cropped hair. Hasan appeared Friday with a full beard and longer hair.

Defense attorneys cited cases of other soldiers who were granted permission to grow their beards during a court-martial for religious reasons and indicated they would file an exception to the grooming policy based on religious accommodation, Fort Hood officials said. Hasan is Muslim.

Army Regulation 670-1-8 allows neatly trimmed mustaches, but prohibits beards, goatees and handlebar mustaches.

Friday's hearing was supposed to focus on a defense request for a neurologist, various discovery matters and a defense motion to delay the court-martial from Aug. 20 until December. Gross did not rule on any of the motions but indicated he is not inclined to grant another delay in the court-martial, which originally was to begin in March.

Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, faces the death penalty on charges he killed 13 people after shouting "Allahu akbar," an Arabic refrain meaning "God is great," and opening fire inside a busy medical processing center on Nov. 5, 2009.


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This could have all been avoided if the proper course had been taken when the incident occurred. He should have been shot dead like the sorry POS that he is.

Yes, you are so correct. He should have had a public hanging or shot in front of a firing squad. Nothing less would be appropriate.

Better yet.... shot dead on the spot.

Col. Gregory Gross is not doing his job ; that is called  * Dereliction of Duties *
Col. Gregory Gross is a KISS A$$ to the Muslim or MUslime 
Col. Gregory Gross you have 13 dead and 34 wounded Americans on your * Conscience *
Col. Gregory Gross : You the * Military Judge * , You will be ** JUDGED * Too.

Why wasn't he 'double-tapped' when they took him in? Now we have to hear all this sh(-!

I still don't understand how come on a military base no one else was armed to kill this piece of crap?

Edie.......they tried but only wounded and paralyzed him.......he is living through his pain which is a temporary sentence........

Shoud have gone for a head shot

Or re-loaded a few times!

When I was a police officer, I was trained to shoot in a group of 3 - so we owe him two more?

I'm sure he is still receiving military may be going to a restricted holding location.  There is no judgment against him at this point, only allegations and charges.  Until he is convicted and judgment rendered. only then will pay stop. 

Edie as a retired Army person I can assure you that the US Army is one of the most antigun organizations in the entire country.  At one point they even tried to make personnel residing off post to register their privately owned firearms with the base authorities.  The vast majority of officers would be hard pressed to tell you which end of the barrel the round exits.  I once had a commanding officer who didn't know how to fire a revolver which was our standard issue weapon.  During a period of 4 1/2 years in that unit we went to the range one time. I spent more time on German ranges qualifying for German marksmanship medals than I did on US weapons qualification.   During all my years as a CI agent that was the only time I went to the range to fire and that wasn't even for qualification.  The last time I qualified it was with a "shooting gallery" M16.  Unless thing have changed dramatically even the MPs get very little if any "trigger time".  I would hope that this does not apply to current combat arms officers.



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