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Judge Jeanine's observation is but a sample of the evil and traitorous Hilda..................

Amen,  Non  Dare   Call  It  Treason..!!

Harry; i watched her she needs to be the FIRST WOMAN PRES FOR SURE SHE IS GREAT.  

Nothing wishy-washy about Judge Jeanine..........

I like this lady.

Thank God for Judge Jeanine, she doesn't pull her punches. 

I too so agree that Judge Jeanine should run for President!!


Now I would like to know how do we get her statements country wide?? For we know that Hildabeast is going to hide ALL of her wrong doings. Why has she not been brought up on charges for everything she has done?? It is like she is Obama's clone. Why is she untouchable?? Since when are Democrats allowed to do as they wish with no fear of reprisal??


WE the PEOPLE are showing that they do not care. When are WE going to grow some balls?? I am only one and the people I elected into office I thought were going to show they had some. I think I was wrong.

I am slowly learning that I should no longer put my trust in "princes and in sons of men". Since my priest told me that, I have found some Peace for a change. This whole thing has tied me up in knots with worry, even before Obama was elected. I totally went ballistic when he was re-elected.

I thank God for my ancestors, one of whom refused to be intimidated. When General Patrick Ferguson issued the challenge to the "backwater men" (from the western area of N.Carolina which ultimately became Tennessee) that unless their leaders stopped their opposition to the Crown, he would march his army over the mountain and hang their leaders and lay to waste their land. My ancestor gathered hundreds of fellow Settlers and met at Sycamore Shoals and marched (some on foot) through the snow to King's Mountain in South Carolina. They met and defeated the British General and his Tory army in just a tad over one hour. Ferguson met his death that day.

This was a turning point in the American Revolution, that many are unaware of, to my chagrin. Look up the Battle of King's Mountain, if you are interested. I wish there was more of him in me. He was one of the Colonels in charge. Fighting along with him were his four younger brothers and his two eldest sons. 

As for why the Dems get away with it, they take their plays from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. The Dems have been infiltrated (as well as the Republican Party) with Communists. There is a huge agenda going on. We just need to find their Achilles Heel, to bring them down. (Oh, and getting rid of George Soros wouldn't hurt, either.)  Until then, I shall await the coming of Christ.

Alas, this woman has not the political aspirations to become what she would like to see rather than be: the first American President, to begin to repair if possible, all the damage done to this country by the Mulatto American president. The Hildebeast is a lying, treacherous and duplicitous, pathological  prevaricator and  as pointed out in spades by Judge Jeanine, the most self-serving and deceptive by design great pretender since the advent of her predecessor, if she were in fact to win. I truthfully cannot SEE HOW ANY HALF INTELLIGENT INDIVIDUAL WITH ALL THE EVIDENCE AGAINST HER CONCERNING HER ACTIONS BOTH DURING AND AFTER THE FIASCO THAT WAS BENGHAZI; WOULD EVER IN GOOD CONSCIENCE VOTE FOR ONE SO INEPT AND INCOMPETENT! That is bad enough but the callousness of her reply when being queried about her involvement and the result of Benghazi should have been AN AFFRONT TO EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN WORTHY OF THE TITLE; ESPECIALLY ALL THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED HONORABLY IN OUR MILITARY AND PARTICULARLY THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BEEN DISABLED BY THAT SERVICE. It is criminally complicit and outright criminal candidates like her on policy and practice who have so weakened us as a nation that need to be held BOTH  RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS! She is and has at no time: EVER BEEN HELD TO EITHER STANDARD and, most in Washington share this flaw and think themselves above the constitution and the Rule of Law;  DESPIITE HER INFAMOUS AND UNCARING STAEMENT: " WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?'; WELL, HILDEBEAST, IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! May you NEVER see your ambitions met . You should be stripped of your citizenship and sent to one of the Islamic countries from whom you have garnered so much financial support.You are a national disgrace, and one I NEVER wish to see rewarded in any way for being a New World Order statist a most UNAMERICAN manner!

I see you are a likely Sarah Palin supporter by your screen name, another thing we have in common as I think she is the ONLY female candidate qualified to run for president. If you read her books and realized the hatchet job done on her by the lunatic left, and the termites in the GOP, you know whereof I speak. I have something in common with your husband, as well, I have a 100% disability rating with the VA from Dioxin. AO: which did not even manifest itself  until 37 years after my departure from Vietnam but nearly killed me within the first eight months from a variety of disabilities including stroke, cardiac arrest necessitating a pacemaker installation, stage 3 cancer, and type II diabetes  which caused OTHER problems but I have prevailed by the grace of God and an iron will. I am as politically active as possible and  have worked tirelessly in opposition to all things this Administration; the most patently un-American cabal in American history, promotes, mandates and modifies concerning our freedoms and individual choices in total violation of all standard constitutional compliance UNDER THE RULE OF LAW. WHY THIS FRAUD POSING AS A NATIONAL LEADER HAS NOT BEEN IMPEACHED IS A TOTAL MYSTERY TO ME AS IS WHY A CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT AND ENABLING CONGRESS, FILLED WITH PROFESSIONAL PARASITES FROM BOTH PARTIES; HAS NOT BEEN SHREDDED BY THE ELECTORATE! The treatment of our veterans and elders is atrocious as is the preferential treatment given to illegals, Muslims and criminals of all sorts as opposed to that given to native born and legally compliant law abiding AMERICAN CITIZENS. I am a veteran of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade 1968-69, just turned 70 years of age and only hope that I live to see the CONSTITUITIONAL REPUBLIC restored once again before I pass. I am unusual in that I am a lifelong resident of Massachusetts but more of a redneck than those who live and were born on the deep South. I spend large amounts of time in the Shenandoah Valley where I am known by the nickname, "DAMNYANKEE" but, as applied to me , it is one of endearment in an ironic fashion as those who have come to know me well cannot believe by my strongly held and announced views that it was even a remote possibility for me to be a liberal! Hanoi Jane should have been executed for her sitting in  a North Vietnamese Gun Mount in 1972 and acting as if she were shooting down American planes! Her good buddy John Kerry is the current SORRY excuse for a Secretary of State and has tried to weaken us further at the negotiating table as a former hero of the North Vietnamese and senior Senator from MA. They are an affront to those like your husband and myself and ALL who served THIS country honorably; as they did not! It is my opinion that FEW in Congress belong there as opposed to prison for their sorry performance records. God bless you both though it be politically incorrect to say so in THIS country, THESE DAYS!  We MUST ALL WORK TO REMEDY THAT BY MASSIVE VOTING TO REVERSE THE DAMAGE OF THE LAST 6 YEARS IN THE 2016 ELECTION; OR IT MAY BE THE LAST TRUE OR AT LEAST PARTIALLY TRUE ELECTION IN AMERICAN HISTORY! I am an advocate of VIDOL; Veterans In Defense Of Liberty and urge all veterans to support our active military by contributing and demanding that our troops NEVER be denied the right to VOTE as they were in the 2102 election! For that alone; Obama and Holder as well, should have been impeached and I have had a degree in government for a full year BEFORE I served in Vietnam and finished my active duty at WRAMC in Washington D.C. where I had to deal with congress cretins, since they took THEIR medical care there at Walter Reed! and is but one reason I have so little respect for them. I earned mine as did your husband in HONORABLE service few of them can claim legitimately though they do so fraudulently every day, and one thing you can bet is that very few of THEM have ever served in the military since they haven't the guts for it, let alone a sense of duty honor or obligation. People of their "persuasion believe as did Joe Stalin that" The people who vote , decide nothing; the people who Count the votes, decide EVERYTHING ; and we cannot let that continue to be as true as it has been in the recent past: EITHER!

Shrillary is WORSE! Hanoi Jane thought what she was doing was right though she like most of those in Hollywood who protested the war in the streets had not the guts to be at least loyal to our country, Shrillary is a fraud, always has been and always was. She is even MORE unfit to be in any position of power and her finances have come in large part from Financial sources in the Islamic world and are questionable at best , treasonous at worst and Constitutionally uncomfortable by any reasonable standard. She is unfit but so is her predecessor and, NY state is looking to allow illegals to vote, and Jose Serrano (D) NY has submitted for the umpteenth time since 2009, a proposal to repeal the 22nd amendment to allow the Emperor with delusions of Godhood to run for and be elected by fraud to a 3rd term. Our laws mean NOTHING and neither does the constitution. ISIS is training along the boprder to the South, our military has been deliberately reduced in capacity and will as well as numbers,  he has so purged the field Generals and subsequent commanding staffs that along with the utterly hand tying ROE'as our troops cannot easily defend themselves, let alone the citizens of this country. And, Congress, crinminally complicit and overflowing with cowards and cretins does nothing but enable more diminishment at every level EXCEPT in the addition in leaps and bounds to our debt. Bush is not at all like his father or brother and not to be trusted by American citizens as I perceive him to be a counterfeit Republican in Democrat clothing. IN MY HOME STATE OF MA ALL OUR REPRESENTATIVES THROUGH THE 2014 ELECTIONS WERE CARD CARRYING MEMBERS OF THE DSA , DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA! THEY ARE WILLING TO MANDATE ALL YOUR FREEDOMS AND CHOICES SOLELY AS A MATTER OF YOUR OBEISANCE TO THEIR SUPERIORITY AND THEY CAN GO TO H**L. WE WILL ALL HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE IN THE NEAR FUTURE: EITHER SUBMIT TO THIS  N.W.O.  CABAL OR STAND AND FIGHT. I WILL UNEQUIVOCALLY DO THE LATTER UNTIL I CAN NO LONGER DO SO. IT WAS AND REMAINS MY DUTY, AND I WILL MEET MY COMMITTTMENT AS I DID 47 YEARS AGO!  If the elections are held in 2016 and are NOT totally fraudulent, there will be a change in spite of the media and the U.N. and the traitors in congress who have betrayed themselves and dishonored THEIR oaths of office. In any case: I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ANY PARTY POLITICIAN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE BECAUSE WE WILL NEVER ESCAPE THE NECESSITY OF VOTING ALWAYS FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS, BY CONTINUONG A PRACTICE PROVED SELF-DEFEATING! We need New Blood and so, While there is some political acumen involved I will vote for NO democrat and as far as Republicans go; only those who are only affiliated because to run, they have to be. that would include Scott Walker and Ben Carson, to a lesser extent Allen West and , if Sarah Palin WERE to run, SHE would be my choice bar none because she will; do as she says she will and her opponents KNOW it and are scared to death of her which is why she and all her pro-American traditions and beliefs are so feared and vilified, by the hordes of treasonous trolls now infesting Washington, D.C. like the terminal cancer: THEY ARE! MY BEST TO YOUR HUSBAND. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS IN ARMS; WE WHO SERVED HONORABLY AS THOSE WE HAVE ELECTED IN GRIEVOUS ERROR NEVER DO. THEY WILL BE DEALT WITH ON THE DAY OF RECKONING.  This is OUR country, not anyone else's and those inimical to it have no place here. period!

I will be in the Shenandoah Valley for 3 weeks residing in Harrisonburg , VA during which time I WILL make a pilgrimage to The WALL and to Arlington . I do this each time I go to the Shenandoah; once in the Spring and once in the Fall to pay my respects to those who did not come home and to silently apologize to them for the country we have become and for which their sacrifice was so terribly wasted. To me and to their memories, the current cabal and collection of criminals and misfits running us into ruin are a living breathing dishonorable and malfeasant as well as derelict in duty affront to all who served THIS country honorably. You can rest assured however, that as I did in St. Louis two years ago I will honor those in my unit by reading their names at the Memorial service we have at each reunion. I will; be thinking of all those I do not know contending with the same problems caused by an uncaring country or people who have no concepts of duty , honor or obligation and should not be American citizens simply by the accident of birth. But, my thoughts will be most deeply entwined with the eleven men from my hometown, most of whom I grew up with who did not come home; a large price for a small town in a war none wanted but served in to the best of their ability to fulfill their citizenship, call to duty, for duty's sake. There are not so many now as once there were, more is the pity.



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