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My 6th great-grandfather was born close to Harrisonburg, VA, then it was Augusta, which became Rockingham. He did much for this country. He created the town of New Market, which still exits today. Later on, he founded the state of Tennessee. I would give my eye-teeth to be able to wander the Shenandoah. I very much appreciate your remembrance of those who came before us. I, too, am ashamed of my generation. I always thought it was the "Flower Children" taking a wrecking ball to our now nearly late Great country, but it is us.

I pray daily that God in His Mercy will save us from ourselves. We didn't just let the camel's nose under the tent — we let in the whole dang camel! 

For the record, my youngest son has served his country. He spent one year in Iraq.

God Bless each and every one of you who put on the uniform and served and your families, too.

God bless your son and all the sons and daughters who serve this country HONORABLY as most of our elected criminal congress cretins and certain others: DO NOT! I  am quite familiar with the area; Waynesboro, Staunton  and been to New Market, Monticello, Ashland-Highlawn,,and the Michie Tavern.. I am deeply aware of the rape of the Valley by Union troops in September of 1864 in the event known locally as " The Burning,"  which resulted in the Union troops destroying many local farms , breaking up families, killing all their livestock and taking their property, and have always been more sympathetic to the Southern Cause than Ever I was to the Union simply because I BELIEVE IN TRADITIONAL MORALITY, FAITH AND FREEDOM AS WELL AS STATES RIGHTS BEING SUPERIOR TO FEDERAL. I STILL AM, AND THE ATTITUDE WAS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN MUCH APPRECIATED SO I AM KNOWN LOCALLY AS DAMNYANKEE, BUT, IT IS MEANT AS AN ACCOLADE AND TERM OF ENDEARMENT AND I WEAR IT WITH PRIDE! Of course, since I am a Massachusetts native, I take a lot of good natured ribbing but I enjoy the exchanges and give as good as I get.  Our generation is guilty of being too lenient with our leadership and too Hedonistic to be virtuous enough to hold them either responsible or accountable and for that, though I  personally have not supported any of the major changes government has made or it's growth since the mid 60's. I am truly sorry and also resentful since I fear for the legacy that is to be left to our progeny and, though my children are all adults, their futures are clouded and the youth seem not to be aware they MUST combat the evils being predicated or lose what they have and to which they believe themselves to be entitled by their citizenship alone. In this reality April , they should know better. I would be willing to BET your son DOES.I AM MORE CONSERVATIVE THEAN MANY OF THE LOCALS , ONE OF WHO IS PROPRIETOR IF THE CROSSREODS COUNTRY STORE OFTHE SHENANDOAH FARMER'S MARKET ON CARPENTER'S LANE JUST OUTSIDE OF HARRISONBURG AT THE MT' CRAWFORD END OF SOUTH  MAIN STREET. Oddly enough, I will be leaving Harrison burg in late May but not for home; I will be attending my unit's 49th Vietnam reunion in the state YOUR  6th great-grandfather, in Nashville between the 21st and 25th of May. As Disney has said in song: it's a small world, after all!As my friendly shopkeeper says: Brian, you should have been born in the South 'case you're more of a redneck than I am! I take it as a SUPREME COMPLIMENT!

May 14th is a Tuesday. I am not sure what the schedule will be for the tours going into D.C. so I cannot commit to that day for certain. However, if there is any way for us to get in touch We could possibly make the arrangement to meet at one of the venues which I would be touring and the Wall would be the most likely place. I am only about 5''6" tall and look considerably younger than my newly achieved 70 years but, I would be wearing Vietnam ID clothing and the insignia of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. If possible, I would be in the company of some other Vet I will have met at the resort I am staying at which is in Harrisonburg, VA about 110 miles from D.C. If you can , send a short note to a bookstore in Beverly, MA The owner is a friend of mine and we'll see to it I get the note. if you give me a number to call, I will talk to you and your husband and we can see if a meeting can be arranged if that is alright with you both. I am retired and though disabled am ambulatory so I go to the Wall at least once a year and usually in the Spring,. The bookstore is one of the Annie's franchise shops and the address is:

Brian Rich, C/O Annie's Book Stop, 132 Dodge Street, Beverly, MA 01915

The proprietor is a lifetime friend and will make sure I get  the note as soon as it arrives if you send it. I would love tom meet you both if it can be arranged and I am sure Charles and I would have much in common. I am from a Coastal town on Cape Ann about 40 miles north of Boston and am an avid Patriot's (naturally) and Red Sox fan. Hoping to hear from you, and looking forward to the potential meeting, have a great day all my best to you both! Brian (:^- ) !

Well said and I agree with you 100%

Would that the Vast majority of American citizens, who have  shamelessly squandered the freedoms and choices we who served honorably to preserve for them by their inattention to reality, finally redeem themselves at the polls in 2016. But, if they are incapable of that, Then I pray the people at large and the unconscionably treated active military join in revolt to reverse the evils done to us all and punish those who imposed such travails upon us all as the constitutional OBLIGATION and DUTY it would be to preserve all we fought to defend and uphold that these cretins strive to ignore , disdain and abrogate:  IN TOTAL VIOLATION OF THEIR SWORN OATHS!.

We will have to turn out in huge numbers to defeat the dead and illegal voters. We must convince the real Americans that their very lives are at stake, because they are. Let's do it !! Let's defeat the Statists and turn this country around.

Sure - let's once again vote for the least of the evils that are presented to us.  Whoever would do the least amount of damage?  Since they ALL support amnesty, that tells me NONE of them truly care about American citizens first!



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