Constitutional Emergency

After the 12/01/2001 Congressional enactment of SB 1867
to covertly ditch each person's rights
it is appears that there is no other real choice left, no remedy left
except to turn to the Creator of those rights for their defense.

If God does not act to redeem and defend us we have ALL been enslaved.

God can and does act.

It is our time for fasting, repentance and imprecatory prayer for judgment upon those who make themselves God's enemy.


The National Defense Authorization Act, SB 1867, including Section 1031 which
includes the provision for indefinite detention of American citizens by the


The individual is handicapped when
coming face to face with a conspiracy
so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists.” [in the United States]
J. Edgar Hoover

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Dr. RON PAUL and JUDGE ANDREW! WOW, what a team to lead our Country!

The idea did pick my pulse up a bit.

Who else is even close to worthy?  There must be someone - but who?

Alaska, November 2010. Lisa Murkowski wins. Alaska law states 'Write in candidates names MUST be spelled correctly.'

Judge Napolitano said, on Glenn Beck, that they counted ballots with just 'Lisa M.' on them because they knew what the voter meant. The LAW meant nothing to him. I cannot trust someone that thinks the law means nothing.

  They love the law when it works in their favor.When the law works against them,it gets ignored.



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