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Finally, someone with courage speaks the truth about the liar-in-chief.

Thank you, Judge Pirro.

I wish it would do any good, but until the GOP can gain a majority in the Senate, this is all a waste of time and breath. We MUST take the Senate in November!

It takes 67 votes (two-thirds majority) to vote impeachment in the Senate.  I don't know that that will be possible, given the corrupt Democrats who are enjoying their power. control, and open corruption under the Usurper-in-Chief.

Bang,  my  call  sign  in  air control  was  `dog,  will  sniff  around   myself,  connecting  with POI,s  Spec.  dogs  with  high  quality  clearances..  Certain  treats  can  alert  most   anything  Salute..!! 

    I had read that but wasn't sure about it. It seams to me that if it is true it should have been kept quiet  in order to protect his life. I also read that some Capitol Police have joined OAS movement. Haven't tried to confirm it.

From what I've read from just a basic search on this, the 'report' on Justice Roberts came out around the first part of April and is a hoax. Yeah, it'd be nice if he would just DO something to protect We the People and our Constitution...but he's got kool-aid stains on his lips, along with all the other RINOs.

An IQ would tell one that Roberts is ANOTHER GOP mistake at the Supreme Court. He is a Boehner-type coward and traitor. As for Pirro or any talking head, investigator, academic or professional, talk is cheap. Has anyone's talk or observations got YOU one damn thing? Patriots, do NOT count on tough talk. Most of it is so-called conservatives making a living, marketing, profiteering from patriot's agendas. Why not wait for proof of action, positive results, what have these people done besides talk on TV, write books, produce novelties for sale. Hannity, Beck, O'Reily, etc., etc. are just lining their personal nest with lies, promises, hope. Sound familiar? True patriots are Ms. DeLong you got Justice Roberts tagged correctly. The rest of you people wake up, do something, act, supply, train....and do some intense praying.

The story is that he is being blackmailed by the White House because he illegally went through South American to adopt 2 Irish children - which is against the law in Ireland.  This is probably why he made it possible for ObamaDon'tCare to become law.

Yes the story is true on the adoption, they were claimed to be from I think Brazil, and the children were instead blond and very light skinned and someone did search and found out the truth. Children are not permitted to be adopted out of the country in Ireland so the mothers leave before they give birth and have the children adopted that way. That is why Roberts looked like had been crying.  He was against the  Healthcare Bill and was even trying to get I think it was Kennedy to change his vote until Roberts was bribed.

Ms Teresa Smith . . .After reading your above posting to this discussion concerning "

Judge Pirro Call's For Obama Impeachment

I was forced to go back and watch the entire video again.  Why?  Because of your comments under this topic.  I was looking for something about "adoption" Brazil, children, Justice Roberts, etc.  

Get my point Teresa?  Either the web site is totally screwed up and is randomly posting comments wherever they want, or you missed the proper place that your comments about some abortion topic in Ireland.  Either way . . .it doesn't belong here.  Delete it.  

What you are suppose to be replying to was Judge Pirro and the Benghazi scandal.

And while I'm at it, please write better.  You make way too many references to something that only you know about in your head.  Intelligent people like me find it difficult to follow your thinking.  

Example:  "He was against the  Healthcare Bill and was even trying to get I think it was Kennedy to change his vote until Roberts was bribed."  

OMG . . .What is all this rambling about? ?  Sentence structure . .fragmented . . punctuations is non existing, etc.

Sorry, but somewhere you missed your afternoon nap and now I have a head ache.

Nah . .but thank you Jean Rena. . . .I don't have time to piece meal threads that are 2-3 weeks ago.  

  I still think her comments are misplaced.  They should have stayed back in the "thread" talking about abortions and brazil etc. and not carried fwd to this topic about the Judge's video on Benghazi.  Not faulting Teresa completely, but probably more of the Web site manager's responsibility to keep things sorted out and pertinent to the current discussion.  It will certainly keep folks like me from getting all tangled up in a threads that days old.

Even so, I have to admit, I have trouble following "unidentified pronouns, thought shifts,  and sentence objects" when dangled in front of me with no visible reference in sight.  Example:  "He (?) was against the Healthcare Bill and was even trying to get (I think it was Kennedy) to change his (?) vote until Roberts (?) was bribed. Way too cumbersome to even try to sort it out.  

Even without my added parenthesis, it's difficult at best.  

Teresa has probably very good thoughts, but just to awkward to follow.  Sorry bout that.



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