Constitutional Emergency

Judicial Fiat From the Bench - Changed the Meaning of/in the Constitution - Natural Born Citizen

They got to the judge!



Watch how fast "lawyers" will run in and try to tell us this assessment is wrong!

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First off - - I want to thank TWANA for AGAIN knocking my gyro straight this afternoon earlier; seems like I got the two blogs on this issue confused and responded, (unecessarily), to her in the defensive.  Just for the record, (as most of us do know0, she and Harry call'em right about 99.999% of the time.  And NOW to drop a real GOODY; it's second hand say so but anyway Judge Mahili pronounced Maluhhigh is Ostensibly an ARAB.   GAWRSH, Golly whilakers and Twisted Dervishes.

Well, just fits doesn't it ??????

There is no evading TRUTH ... History has a way of shredding the light beyond the veil....

The zero man and his administration are setting themselves of up for capturing the worst segment of

this great country's record .....

If one does not know about yesterday one certainly can not create a new tommorow


Annapolis, Maryland

Michael........Here's an interesting bit of research on Judge Malihi........who is he?  Might be Obama's half-brother, who knows?  All the plaintiff attorney's are preparing to file appeals to Malihi's ruling.  We keep on with the legal battle and prepare for the worst.........

Let her know just how you feel !!!!

Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi
Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings
230 Peachtree St. NW, Suite 850
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Email of Judge Malihi’s case management assistant, Valerie Ruff:
Tel: (404) 651-7595
Fax: (404) 818-3751

Attempting to send and email.  Soon as my "server" will allow me I will send it out.

email finally went out!!

Yes, Michael there are plenty that will join you.  This mess will not go away like they would like it to. We are in it til justice is served and the Constitutional Republic is Restored.

I guess he didn't read what Tim had to say with any understanding the Supreme Court already defined NATURAL BORN!!!

I give you credit for sticking to the issue and with documentation......since I'm not a legal nor constitutional expert, I cannot refute nor support what you say with authority.  I'm not sure we gain any ground in the basic effort to hold Obama accountable by continuing a"legal minutia" fight on this issue on PFA  If this particular issue needs to go further, then please start a new forum entry. . 



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