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July 4, 2015 … Dancing on the Titanic

By JB Williams


On the morning of April 15, 1912, the ship named the Titanic struck an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean during its voyage from the United Kingdom to New York City. At least 1500 crew and passengers lost their lives in a frigid watery grave that day.

Under the command of Edward Smith, the ship's passengers included some of the wealthiest people in the world, as well as hundreds of immigrants from Great Britain and Ireland, Scandinavia and elsewhere throughout Europe, all seeking a new life of personal freedom and prosperity in North America.

This is a story that has been told again and again in America since that fateful day and many lessons have been learned about the safety measures necessary to protect all who would travel by sea thereafter…

But the story few Americans know is how the ship’s Commander, Edward Smith, reacted to the news that his ship was indeed sinking and there would be nothing he could do to stop it or save more than 1500 of his passengers…

In short, Commander Smith instructed the band to continue playing. The band was to keep playing until the icy water consumed the dance hall, so that the passengers onboard would not panic. The band was to meet their fatal demise while playing on, as they watched the passengers dance on, knowing the entire time that they would all soon die…

The passengers knew nothing different for hours, dancing, drinking, celebrating and living it up, as if life could be no sweeter… The ship struck the iceberg at 11:40 PM the night before. But it wasn’t until 2:20 AM that the ship finally broke apart, capsizing and slipping to a watery grave in the depths of the Atlantic.

Today, our country is in equal distress and the band is still playing and the people are still dancing…

This Saturday, July 4, 2015, the country will again celebrate Independence Day… There will be plenty of food, drink, music and fireworks on display. But unlike previous July 4th celebrations, this one could be our last…

The number of Americans who will celebrate this weekend without any idea what they are celebrating is staggering… It is embarrassing… It is frightening… This 4 minute video will give you just a glimpse into the real state of our union, as a once independent, free, decent and prosperous nation…

Unlike the America I grew up in, this America is divided by race, religion, politics, envy, greed, perversions, competing global interests, ignorance and cowardice. In this new America, children place no value in human life, as a direct result of being taught that their lives have no value… they are mere organic tissue to be discarded for mere convenience of the mother, murdered in cold blood, over fifty million of them since the deadly Supreme Court opinion known as Roe vs. Wade.

In this America, children shoot innocent people in schools, churches, convenience stores and on the streets. Children cut themselves, finding Satan in their search for any comfort from anywhere, belittle and bully each other, just to feel powerful by whatever means necessary.

In this America, we are no longer an independent nation, or fifty sovereign independent states. We are no longer a decent moral society, but instead, a nation of crooks, perverts and cowards.

In this America, words don’t mean what they used to… Marriage no longer means marriage, gay no longer means happy, good is evil and evil is good. In this new America, congress is no longer the elected representatives of the people. Congress is no longer the legislative body. States no longer have tenth Amendment Rights and the people no longer have any individual Rights as legal U.S. Citizens…

But since January 2009, illegal aliens and Jihadists flown in under the guise of Refugee Resettlement programs have Rights that even our veterans don’t have… paying your churches to help flood illegals across the country.

This July 4th, there is really nothing worthy of celebration. Our Constitutional Republic is gasping its last breath… The vast majority of Americans no longer even know what Independence is, most of them dependents of the bankrupt state themselves.

In just the past two weeks ahead of July 4th

  • ·         Congress abdicated its constitutional authority over international trade and U.S. immigration to the Executive Branch that serves a Global interests.
  • ·         The Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare, a law they openly admit is illegal, unconstitutional and opposed by most Americans.
  • ·         The Supreme Court issued a federal mandate in an attempt to force all fifty states, every church and every community to recognized homosexual relationships as “constitutionally equal” to God’s institution of marriage between one man and one woman.
  • ·         The government is forcing the removal of all Confederate flags in the U.S., erasing all true history behind that flag and the fight for state sovereignty and security against an over reaching and over bearing federal government that today operates far outside its constitutional authority.
  • ·         Blacks and ignorant children are gathering in NYC and elsewhere for the purpose of burning Old Glory for Independence Day.
  • ·         Hillary Clinton is committing open acts of obstruction in her circus style efforts to escape responsibility for her evil actions as Secretary of State, acts that resulted in the death of Americans in Benghazi and beyond.
  • ·         As I write, America has a population of just over 300 million, half of them children and retirees, and more than 93 million of the rest out of work… Yes, 93 million…
  • ·         Our national debt has been doubled under Obama and now reaches a level so high that they stopped the debt clock from calculating back in March 2015, without stopping the debt spending as it pushed towards $19 trillion.
  • ·         The current administration has set the entire Middle East ablaze… warning now of ISIS (aka Al Qaeda) attacks on U.S. soil over the July 4th weekend… but how did ISIS get into America, as this administration has opened the floodgates at our borders and welcomed evildoers from all over the globe, openly refusing to enforce any of our immigration laws, including court orders.
  • ·         And even the Oklahoma Supreme Court order the Ten Commandments to be removed from the Capital Square…


I could keep going for several pages, but you get the picture… America is in grave distress, like never before in American history… Still, the people keep dancing as the band plays on…

Saturday, Americans will light the backyard grill, put out the spread for family and friends, pop a top off a cold one, share a few laughs, take a swim and watch some fireworks… and most of them will have no clue why, or what they are celebrating, much less that they are dancing on the Titanic as the band plays on…

No, I’m not trying to be a buzz-kill for this weekend’s party… I’m trying to make sure there is something worthy of celebration…

Go ahead, get your party on… Remember to celebrate the free-will God who gave us our freedom, liberty and independence… Remember to celebrate the 56 men who acknowledged that and proclaimed it for America in 1776 and for all their posterity… Remember all who gave life and limb to protect it for us since 1776 and remember to fly Ole Glory high and proud this weekend….

…And when the party is over and the company is gone, remember to stand up Monday with your fellow Americans and reclaim our Independence, our State and National Sovereignty, our freedom and liberty and defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights by JOINING US in a National Conference Call moving the nation towards impeachment of the Barack Hussein Obama regime and all of their evildoers…

The Constitutional Accountability Coalition is hosting its second weekly conference call and it is focused totally and exclusively on impeachment alone…

Scheduled for July 6th, 2015 at 8:30 PM ET …

Call number - 209-647-1600

PIN code - 915138#

Real Americans who know what July 4th is really all about will be on this conference call Monday night. Those who are not part of the solution, remain part of the problem…

JB Williams

"Freedom is not for the weak of mind or spirit..."

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YES, Harold you are correct...just words. GOD may give us the power if we ask...honest men are content to ride out

our downfall with what they possess, unwilling to include General Officers who swore as I to protect

against enemies , foreign or domestic.....many will be persecuted in HIS NAME, yet, we don't fight back.

All this is so true. I can't believe how upside the world is now. I never thought it would come to this. There is no more respect for anyone or anything anymore, but don't despair because God won't forget those of us who are good and believe in the law and respect others.  God is watching all the evil around us and I can promise you that it's only a matter of time before Jesus returns. Then it will be all the demons who will be shaking with fear. Evil will be destroyed and good will prevail. So there is hope. Don't let all this negative bring you down because if you do then Satan wins. I pray constantly and I feel that as long as you have faith in our Lord then nothing can break you and I also believe that he will protect us when the end comes. 

We the People need to arrest and remove from office 1000s in DC who are enemies of our Constitution. We the People need to set up Grand Juries to indict and Courts to convict. Federal  Grand Juries and Courts will not do their sworn duty. I shall be first to arrest or find the appropriate law enforcement officer to do so if any reputable lawyer can confirm evidence suffient to convict. God expects each of us do do everything humanly possible to make the world a better place for the next generation. When we each have done that, God will take it from there. Is any attorney willing to do so?

Attorneys are in deed a large part of the problem.  Esq. (Esquire) being an England "title of nobility" constitutionally prohibited (Art.1, Section 9, last paragraph; and the original 13th Amendment Article aka TONA, now mostly unknown) as foreign agents, serving the dark agenda, many perhaps unknowingly so.  How many so-called gov. "leaders", judges, officials, etc. are attorneys? Most enlightening: the Dissemblers tab @  

If U wish 2 B part of peaceful AND lawful "boots on the ground" Solution ;  media pg. see Mandamuses & Quo Warranto  gone out 2 thousands of "officials" via fax, etc

Blessings 2 all Liberty-Lovers BEing & DOing same in myriad manners 4 good of ALL  :D

Where are the republicans during all this crisis?   Silent.   The Tea party will be the only platform.  Fight for Freedom, Fight the Marxist.

Hello.  I heard the version that the death of the Titanic was planned. After reviewing the archives of the Navy, the researchers found the twin of "Titanic" - superliner "Olympic", which was built in the same period and at the same shipyard as the "Titanic." Both ships were owned by the owner of the company "White Star" and the owner of Morgan's and shipyards Pirrie. Construction of luxury ships are conceived to strengthen its financial position. However, misfortune pursued the "Olympic" and its owners since launching the ship into the water. October 20, 1910 "Olympic" crashed into a dam. Repair and reparation cost a huge amount. Losses grew, Morgan and Pirrie threatened to ruin. Then there was an idea - to flood the money-losing "Olympic" under the guise of "Titanic" to imitate the shipwreck, and get a million pounds of insurance compensation. In March 1912, the courts have changed the secret side plates and items with the names of ships. A 9 April 1912 previously uninsured "Olympic" named insured "Titanic" came out in flight. In collusion with the owners of the ship captain's ship was deliberately sent to the ice field, which collided with an iceberg and sank, taking more than 1,500 lives. As for the "Titanic", it was completed by another name and is leased to the British Navy, which sailed successfully until 1935. Company has insured the "Titanic" - Lloyd and Allianz, paid the owners of "Titanic" a colossal sum for those times. Furthermore, insurance contracts were covered by an incredible amount of value on board and insured by different companies. Litigation by their insurance benefits last until now. As for the payments for the life of the dead passengers (1,554 persons), the insurers then have fulfilled their obligations. And today, almost 100 years after the tragedy, some relatives of the victims are still receiving money on insurance payments. Scenario sinking of the Titanic has been taken in the novel «Futility, of the Wreck of the Titan» Morgan Andrew Robertson. Today, Obama leads America ship icebergs. It executes the orders of their masters. Stop it is urgent, or death of passengers will be inevitable.

But I love the day July 4th. July 4, 1776 the birthday of America. July 4, 1970, my birthday. On this day I see myself at a party, the most dear to me. And I wish all who read these lines, even on July 4 your dreams come true. Let this day bring good luck, joy and happiness to you and all those you love. Sincerely Evgeniy.

Biek, you are on the right track ,yet realize the entire system is corrupted , All must be removed..POTUS / SCOTUS

lawmakers / state dept./ federal judges, THE FEDERAL RESERVE shut, a national currency ..

one million honest men are required , a planned coup.

Where do I sign up?

I am replying to say... i am so proud of reading something that makes sense.. ! This country is filled with looney people.
They have no respect for our country,,, our decency, morals or values..! But we out here that do love the country,, and are patriots.... just heard... all the voting machines may have been hacked.!!!! This could not be worse..!
I am asking everyone out there... call your state rep... and everyone... to validate we have a honest hack proof voting in place.!
Last time we voted for president... people said.. they voted for one candidate and another one popped up on the machine.
and what about the town.. that voted for Romney and then when votes were in... there was not one vote for Romney and 100% for Obama.. ! and people came forward and said... " where was my vote"? Also, what about the dead people voting... and i know of one lady that voted 10 times.!!!!
AND NOW , we know.. that they do not want voter I.D , they already have that covered. ALSO. you do not have to prove your a citizen...? in some states...
ARE THEY CRAZY ? Why not just give the votes away...? We have more then corruption in this country,... we have a complete breakdown , with our government okay with that. WE have 14 months folks.. we have to fight if we want our country back. ! they won't be happy until they take our country over... with liars.. cheats and churches closed.. and a complete take over, and if we do nothing... we will get communism, a marxist country.. look at history if you do not thnk its possible. call every public servant you can ..!!!! get your message out.

CommieCore did not start with BO but it will end with BO or "We the People" and our Nation is finished...PERIOD!  God help us, PLEASE!

Excellent article & analogy.  What to DO?  Peacefully and lawfully become part of the We the People Solution, CLGJs, whose administration has been reconstituted in all 3100+ counties, actively working to educate and issue Orders ie Mandamus, & Quo Warranto, recently fax noticed & otherwise noticed to thousands of "officials" & media.  See specifics @  - see media page

ANother peaceful lawful informed good work:

Blessings 2 all Liberty-Lovers peacefully & lawfully BEing & DOing same in myriad manners 4 good of ALL :D

Yes, Sir, the United State is in dire straits, and a 4th of July celebration, recognition of our independent Truth, our Soul Body, having secured, and Governed One republic, must celebrate the planting, and harvest. Ripe, and in full bloom, the Wheat has grown strong, advanced, and prepared servers, for serving, both the Sword, and the grain, without fear the tares, will be included with an abundant harvest. Having separated themselves, of their growth, and branches of burden, it's not like One could accidentally include them with the nutritious Stock, being United, of Our Advantage. 

Game, set, and Match, those tarrying can't serve, or be served, just has their collection, collectivism, has communed them in separate plots, grounded just where they lie. Fruitless, rootless, and immobile, they'll be baked, without, has the Wheat is Gathered of an Abundance, having been planted, and grown, just has Designed. Definitely celebrate the fact of its matter, its Loving, Spiritual Truth, and Strength, as its majority of One has been planted from coast, to coast, surrounding the grand illusion of left overlords.



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